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  1. Thanks - useful page for me. Just trying to get my head around the changes!
  2. Awesome, Xtrac UK is about 2 miles from me! I think UN1 will be my preferred choice if I stick with a 910 engine, though looking around now I'm starting to wonder wether I should just forget that idea and go down the V8 route!
  3. You forgot to mention the 1000BHP Stage 3 option! Definitely a little too pricey for me, and in all honesty I can settle for a little less power too! I'm thinking of just updating the 910 engine, or dropping in a newer 910s, which would be my preference, to keep life easier. The question for me though is how much can the Citroen box with Quaife LSD handle, or is it better to go for a Renault UN1, in which case do a inboard conversion for the box or convert to outboard with arms from a newer Esprit.
  4. Awesome, I'm guessing this is a bette resolution than converting to outboard brakes? Though has anyone else ran a UN1 with inboard conversion like this, anyone foresee any issues doing it like this?
  5. I've been looking about for info on moving brakes to outboard, but can't find much out there. What exactly is involved? I'd definitely consider fitting a UN1-027.
  6. Good news for Lotus, and good for those "socially responsible" amongst us who want to make sure not all the worlds resources aren't used up in our children's lifetime. But you can't help feel a little sad that being a petrolhead will one day be a thing of the past!
  7. Seeing the terrifying footage on TV here brings back some vivid memories of the 1985 Mexico quake which I was in, though the destruction left by the tsunami is just on an entirely different level. I watched through the morning on sky news, and yes I did think the reporting was very sensationalist, publishing exact number of the dead but constantly reminding us that this number is set to rise. I didn't really pay attention online but can imagine that twitter, facebook and forums probably played events out in a far more dramatic way too. However as long as you take what you hear/read with a p
  8. I'd best get out there and do it properly this time. Fingers crossed will be a simple rocker cover removal job then. There was some oil in one plug well. Where's the best place to disconnect the fuel pump from?
  9. I have a lot of oil over the manifold, but no obvious sign of where it's coming from, turbo oil drain pipe is fine, and I'm not sure oil would end up getting to the manifold from a leak in the head gasket. But I did wonder if it could be a rocket cover gasket leaking as a result of the head gasket going and leaking pressure in to the oil forcing it out at the rocket cover?! The reason I think I think it's the head is because this happened suddenly and now it's a pig to start and won't idle. I tested one cylinder at a time with the other 3 plugs in, but I did not have the throttle wide open.
  10. Having just done a compression text I've got a reading of 60-70 on every cylinder, what should the PSI reading be in a healthy engine?
  11. At that price it probably makes a lot more sense! I'll do some phoning around next week, as there's a few other bit's and pieces I'll be wanting at the same time.
  12. Is there a manifold extension that replaces the wastegate adapter piece, or do you need to replace the manifold + wastegate adapter? I'm in a similar boat John. Engine coming out for a bit of an inspection - I have 1 holy piston! While it's out I want to do a few mods which don't drastically change the car but improve it's reliability.
  13. Ouch! Well my upgrade plans are to increase longevity of this baby, not do something to instantly end it, so I shall do my best to learn from others lessons. Once I've had a proper look I'll decide if I should get new liners, but I'm hoping to find some forged pistons to fit the existing liners. If new liners are needed and the block boring, anyone got any ideas who might be up to the job? Alternatively I could do with a donor car with all the spares I need, then if I f**k anything up then it's no biggy - anyone feeling generous and want to donate to this worthy cause!? I'll throw in a
  14. What exactly went wrong for Ambrose then - something at the machining stage, or when it was being given a run in? Suddenly I'm having second thoughts!
  15. So how have you been geting on with fitting all this - and what are you going to do about that gearbox?!
  16. Thanks all - so as I feared the block would have to be bored, which naturally I'd only let someone with plenty of experience do! Need to decide if that's the route I should go down, or purely get some forged pistons and an HC head. Just looking around for a head at the moment....
  17. To cut a long story short, due to financial reasons and no free time I've neglected my car and it's been in the garage the past year. With the kids now sold to slavery and no real job for me to go to, I've found myself with a few quid and a bit of spare time to get the Esprit back on the road before complete and utter financial ruin. I have a nice list of fixes to be getting on with, some of which will mean lifting the engine out. So I started thinking about upgrades I could make at the same time, especially if the engine ends up in pieces. I quite fancy the idea of running a tiny bit more
  18. No smoke for the purpose of this thread! There are some other problems which I'm sorting, fingers crossed the adapter won't be one of them.
  19. Well the good news is that there is smoke out of the exhaust, I'll find this week if there is any oil sitting on it. I have plenty of degreaser!
  20. Compression test will be good enough for me to start with! I'll PM you later find out when you're free Back to the adapter.... Looking at the part numbers listed for the adapter - C910E1389, D910E1389 and E910E1389. Is this because there is a difference in the wastegate fixing?
  21. I did see the one on ebay and realised it was for turbo's with built in wastegate, shame otherwise I'd be bidding, even if just to get a spare. I won't rule out and oil leak until I've had a proper look, but I really don't think that's the cause. Sadly no time today as on my way to a christening. John - might have to take you up on your offer, you don't have a compression test kit do you, got a feeling I'll be needing a new head gasket too.....
  22. No pics unfortunately as some idiot had the digital camera in his back pocket when he sat down! I've not had it out yet, but doing the best I could today without it on ramps I could see smoke rising from the top, somewhere near the exhaust manifold end.
  23. I'm looking for a wategate adapter that sits between the manifold and turbo - mine appears to be cracked. Anyone got any ideas where I might get one from?
  24. I'll give it a run this afternoon. It will be the last chance I get for a while as away on business for the next week. I also still have the problem of finding an oil leak, which strangely there is no evidence of at the moment, though before I cleaned it up there was oil sprayed everywhere!
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