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  1. I get the question from others of rarity. I generally assumed about a 25% fatality rate tp put the number of the eprit turbos (7900+ produced) at around 6000 survive and I know a little over 2900+ came to north america. I guesstimate the number running around n. america at 2200+. I quote people that close to 700,000 porsche 911 variations have been made and ferrari produces 3500-5000 cars per year. So the esprit is a rare bird < 11,000 made in a 30 year production run. I had never seen one in person until I went looking and found mine. The JB movies with the white esprit coming out of the water burned the image of my dream car in my brain in 1976. I finally made a trip to London and southern England in October (got to come back only had 4 days). did the usual tourist things but also went across southern england via stonehenge to bath and back to London. I saw lots of Aston Martins, Jags, etc. but not a single LOTUS in my time there. Likely the rarest car (at least to my limited knowledge of cars) was a TVR Tuscan S. Thanks for your feedback. Brian A very interesting question.
  2. i know for filming MI:2 that 30 triumph motorcycles gave up the ghost...does anyone know how many esprits were sacrificed filming both bond movies, basic instinct and pretty woman? esprit's are rare. any reliable figures on how many survive today? turbo and non-turbo models? :crybaby: brian
  3. ditch the camera and get a telecaster and the babe.....don't walk alone at night in the frisco' castro district w/o pepper spray and/or taser 2wheels
  4. congrats to both of you! a lotus nothing makes abetter family sedan... brian
  5. twowheels

    smoking poll

    yes. regretably i smoke in the esprit. they are addictive- unless you smoke a pack a day, sorry your not a smoker!!! had quit for 5 1/2 years, but in august 03'- picked up my new honda interceptor- 300 miles from home- 3 hours later, 89 miles later and hitting a really stupid pregnant doe at 65 mph -i made like superman and defied gravity and the asphalt for 75 feet before it and reality bit me in the ass, tumbled another 80-90 feet and ended up in uncut 10" grass on the side of the road-ordered a new bike the next morning when the shop opened- while waiting for the paramedics they offered me one and i guess in shock in sounded good and i was hooked again!!! cigarettes and tobacco are the native americans revenge for stealing their continent by the various european nations. brian
  6. simon, don't know about your sanity...but if you take your esprit out into the coal mining area of wales and drive the esprit in circles a lot (doing donuts) maybe you can create an updraft and the soot/coal flakes will be lifted up under the esprit and bind with the viscous qualities of your leaking oil and creat a patch to solve your oil l leakage problem! bring along your mums hair dryer so you can heat seal the whole underside to create a better patch and bonding of the particles...hmmn what ya think? good luck. brian
  7. what's a high mileage 1990-92 mazda miata going for in england? fun car...other thought late 80's corolla 16 valve, corrado 16 valve, scirroco gti 16 valve, 89 suzuki 16 valve, an old honda crx or the qualude...lots of choices jap cars more reliable...might cost 2 much, but the 94 subaru svx would be nice.... good hunting! brian
  8. thanks for your well thought out reply evil dr. fish and teigan. as for being a B) sucker for a fuel-ionizer that and wearing a copper bracelet and putting a magnet on the passenger seat should also take care of any arthritic pain for me and all creaks in the 20 yo lotus! i was thinking along the lines of aftermarket pipes has anyone out there tried any for a modest 7-12% boost in hp? brian
  9. any way to cheaply boost the ponies in the 1986 esprit turbo above the 215 hp? will this car accept a chip? brian
  10. a civic smoking an esprit in the straight aways? toua have you been huffing some premium petrol vapors again? brian
  11. the previous rubbish has been removed. brian
  12. nice car patpong. welcome to the forum! brian
  13. average would be about 20-25 per day. really 50-65 miles 2-3x per week. 56000k and doing fine. brian
  14. yep got to have a HEAD! 18 yo headless corspes don't count and how did this thread go from james bond to necrophilia and sex w/sheep? new subject: brits living in the usa- what's better for getting the women/headless 18yo corpses(but well built)/sheep or whatever your fancy....the british accent or the esprit? brian B)
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