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  1. The team at Hethel also catered for the purity of the earlier cars, with a White S1 in Design Studio whilst in the Retail Space we added a Yellow S1, and a stunning 1 owner Red S2 - though due to various constraints the Turbo had to do the job for 1980 – 1987. There's beauty in all of these. Mr Giugiaro was delighted to be reunited with examples of his earlier works, and his visit provided me with an opportunity to personally thank him for styling a car that I’ve thought about, perhaps every day, for 45 years. A Genius of his craft, and a Gentleman.
  2. Well done that man! Lovely car that and well priced too. Look forward to seeing it at Horsley. Best Scott.
  3. Anthony, SJ Sportscars do one that's been good enough to use on both the Orange and the Yellow restored cars. If yours still has the material bonded to the casing remove and refit to the the new one for some added authenticity. cheers Scott.
  4. as per title, Mike @ Star Cars has booking for a pretty big Bond event in Milford Haven this Saturday. If any has a White or Copper Giugiaro S3, or a White S1/S2 and fancies being part of a parade and display please contact Mike Barr @ Star Cars - 028 2858 3500. all costs are covered and there is a hotel on Friday that's I think is also paid for should someone wish to travel on the Friday. In addition there is a payment also, so nobody should be out of pocket. If you can help, contact Mike directly. Many thanks Scott.
  5. That's an S2 downpipe, preliminary silencer and rear silencer if I'm not mistaken Paul. If you are putting a system on your S1 - get the pig iron manifold off it; I know it's original, but if you want the "throaty, off the ferry" sound as in The Spy Who Loved Me, you'll need the SJ branched manifold - with the S1's standard (just one) silencer it sounds awesome. TNR160R has this and it just sounds terrific. ATB Scott.
  6. "to see The Lotus Group as an engineering company that also builds cars"............ I'm no engineer, just a humble retailer - but I like the potential marketing perspective in this statement. There's some romantic perception for you! ATB Scott.
  7. Having "done" a JPS car, I think it could have been more considered graphically, and also with regards to it's choice of interior trim and wheel finish. I suppose the aesthetics took a second place to the engineering; surprised it's not faster though. Glad to see the old girl in the "spotlight" - still a fabulous car, and a nice idea too.
  8. As a specialist, I can only say what I see happening inside these four walls. I've just sold two S1's and sold them for figures that some thought completely unattainable. They sold quickly, and made their asking prices. They also drew more interest than any other Lotus currently on my books, and the counters on the Pistonheads site confirm the hits per ad. S1's have huge interest at present; I had received enquiries from Japan, USA, Australia, France, Belgium. If you remember that 205 were registered in the UK, that made them rare then. Now, how many survive? How many people have fallen in love with the car over the years, and are in a position to own one, or buy one and restore it? Proper restorations at rate, are perhaps £50K. So, with a diminishing car pool, a rise in interest then the prices will go up. And why should they not? We have ust seen a celebrity car enthusiast buy one, and another has been sourced by a famous CEO. People pay £25-30K happily for a Europa Special. Elans have broken £35K, and I reckon they'll be £45K before too long. But for some reason, the Esprit has always been overlooked. Perhaps it's an age thing, that second time 'round sensation where a certain generation can afford to buy the car they used to push around the carpet as a kid. Don't know. But an S1 Esprit at £35-40K versus an S2 Exige S at the same money.....well, people seem to have no problem with buying the second car. Yet the Esprit at that money seems outrageous! In my mind, an S1 Esprit at that money makes a fine choice as it will probably not lose anything, and may increase further. The modern will still be subject to depreciation, and this is a cost that people seem happier to accept. I can't stand losing money on cars! Different things carry different values to people. I'd never pay £20M for a Ferrari. I don't care how special it is, whose had it, where it's been raced. But I'd pay handsomely to own my dream car which just happens to be an S1 Esprit. I reckon Esprit is at a time where values will increase. Some much more than others, S1's, Essex, Early G Turbo, S4S, Sport 300, and 350 all tipped for good times, good S2's and anything else low mileage/exceptional will follow suit. Depends what may happen with the brand, and for sure if and when the new one appears, it may boost "oldtimer" prospect and carry demand and values further. I just hope someone starts to remanufacture some of the more elusive parts for them all so we can keep enjoying them for a long while to come. Cheers! Scott.
  9. The roundels do indeed come off! We can also supply a replica set if need be for the future keeping. I don't think the original owner is a forum member, but he also went from a 111R to this - I sold him both new. Cheers! Scott.
  10. Argh - not good. Specialised are superb. They are my paint partners and paint all my cars whenever needed. In fact, Alan was on the phone last night asking for me to keep an eye open for some wheels for you. As Bibs has mentioned, SWS may help. and I think from images that these just may be salvable. Rest assured on Specialised though - they are top notch, and Alan is a Lotus man. Best, Scott - Scott Walkers.
  11. If it's a help I have space near Gatwick, and a 3.5 tonne Luton........... Scott.
  12. 600LOT was featured quite heavily on "Lotus Esprit - Addiction for life". I love Bobby Bell's comment, "a Maser would give 140, and a Ferrari would give perhaps 150 - we felt we needed to give the Esprit an edge" - B&C still have every press cutting and road test for 600LOT, getting great publicity at the time. Forgotten the SU carb size, but there's an engine bay image in the Robson book . One came up for sale on Ebay a while back, an S2 in solid Green with Yellow wheels, but I've never seen another - in the flesh or advertised. Internally they were known as incinerators! ATB Scott
  13. Yes....Nick Fulcher is doing these, I'm sure.
  14. Yes Tony 'twas me - it's a Yellow S1; when the weather's like this it's a great commuting car!I'm looking after a mate's garage in Burstow for a couple of weeks whilst he's in OZ, and have access to a workshop, so it makes sense; car's been in storage for a while. ATB, Scott.
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