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  1. Tony, Sit down with the car, open a beer or two and have a frank conversation with each other. I do this with 0134G regularly, and we rarely have a fall out............ Look forward to seeing you there. ATB Scott.
  2. Great "practical" shots Tom. Just as the man said, will be fine for small chlidren - pictures show this to great effect. Aplogies for the fact I did not get the chance to talk to you; as you probably gathered it was an extraordinarily busy day! I reckon something had brought a few people in.......... Thanks to the team at Hethel for getting it into us. Feedback from those who saw and sat was very, very positive. ATB Scott.
  3. And for anyone else interested! Good friend of mine organises this event. I've been before and was lucky enough to be judging Lotus Concours. The event is a huge success for charity, year after year - and it keeps on geting bigger. This year those at CECF have arranged some great entertainments, including Sebring, and the late bashes are a hoot. The road rally in 2007 meant a section of escorted freeway with no speed limits.....sunshine, a borrowed Elise, and no limits.......... We need a 2-Eleven there! Manny, can you help? ATB Scott. [email protected] or let Bibs know.
  4. Factory order form states that the radio was an option. Had this have been specified at time of build, a manually retracting aerial would have been fitted to the base of the A pillar, just before the door mirror. Many dealers ordered the car without, hence a fabric blanking plate sat in place of the stereo. These dealers then often fitted aerials to odd places........mine has electric aerial on OSR wing, probably fitted by Roger Clark Cars - supplying agents. Not ideal, but not as bad a place for as the roof! Very period though - lots of cars of the 70's had them here, bit like everything in the 90's had to have a rear mounted bee-sting a la Golf Gti's. Nice car this - know the seller. Notice rear tonneau missing, centre caps incorrect. I'd also have Mr Fulcher make up a new gaiter for the gear lever. What's it worth? Find another.......I reckon
  5. Talk to me know I take part exchange! Not on this one, but I have to say, 2-Eleven is an easy car to repaint - Lotus have such a fantastic racing heritage with a myriad of schemes; detail is EVERYTHING however. Happy to do "replicants" or any other scheme.......always nice to provide a client with a car personal to their choice and this can be done retro. Right then, who's up for the Indy / STP "Rocket Red"...? Thanks to all for the nice comments - I did it for me, the way I wanted it. Nice to hear positives however. Cheers! ATB, Scott.
  6. Have regulated the small bit of my right foot, and can't fault the brakes. I reckon they are spot on. Biggest thing I notice is variance in bite on cold tyres and cold tarmac. Up to temp, it all just works so very well. Did a demo this morning; damp, cold road - freezing fog, the 2 pots snatched a little too early, ABS working hard. Chap came back later mid afternoon - sunny, cold, but dry roads. Brake feel, ABS actuation totally different. Chris Harris raved about the brakes @ Anglesey, and reckoned these were a contributory factor to the car mashing some lighter competiton on it's lap time. Prefer the feel of the 2 pots, but now need to learn on the four pots - find 'em a little grabby, but crikey mikey do they haul the speed down. ATB, Scott.
  7. Bibs - as well as lens man, please may I appoint you as Head of Security? My chariot is overshadowed by a fantastic display from Classic Team Lotus that include: Senna's 97T - under 500 kilos and over 1000BHP - in the wet! THE most beautiful Type 25 - R4........say no more Ronnies stunning and original Type 72......almost brought a tear. 49 R10 - driven by everybody who was......... There's a great selection of clothing. merchandising and you can walk through the new race transporter - spot ACBC's famous hat in the truck, very amusing. Best stand there - emotional overload when you think who worked the tillers of the cars there........ Anyone going - enjoy ATB Scott.
  8. Evening all. The wheels I did like this for two reasons: Pastiche accuracy - maybe on one car only, but it's my fave wheel combination that was fitted to 72/5. Ran out of black paint........No, because it's different and I like them like that. Makes the fronts look smaller than the backs. The drawings looked ace, and when I fitted the wheels to the car ( which was before the graphics went on. ) I stood back and wondered what I had done. Graphics on, and plenty of time to view the car, I love the wheels as they are. Maybe it's an Esprit S1 carry over.......different wheels front & back? I think Bibs is up there tomorrow, and he's a pretty good lens man, perhaps other angles may work. Or maybe I'll just blame it on the Stella........this and Crayola's are a dangerous combination. ATB Scott.
  9. Embassy No.1's - Cool. Very Seventies. That has seriously got me thinking......Aspen White, bit of Bordeaux Red here, some Ardent Red striping there........................ Scott.
  10. Finished it finally. After telling 'er indoors that I'd sold No.21, she asked how I was going to sensibly invest the money. I told her I'd do it again........ Build No.211 SVA Supercharger Pack ( 260 ) Sport Pack Phantom Black Black Leather Sports Seats 300mm Alcantara Momo Q/R wheel. Stage 1 silencer AP big brakes Towing Eyes Polished Intercooler Pipes Extinguisher Lotus Sport Forged Wheels As the car was based on Emerson's Type 72/5, things fell into place very easily, I had the design done by the third rendering, and looked . Thanks must go to Clive Chapman for his input and supplying the nosebadge. To Paul Banham who worked over Christmas supplying the correct fonts, texts and colours for all the graphics, and the fitting. To Nick Adams and the team at Lotus Sport & manufacturing for conceiving the car in the first place, and for building it. To Lotus Sales & Marketing for putting up with calls asking how it was getting on. To Rimstock and Classic Capsule for the Wheel centres. Bibs for the idea - ( saying I could do it became saying I would do it! ). To Armourfend for not scratching it whilst fitting the film. To Corgi for the model I had as a kid, and to whomever it was who thought that a Black & Gold fag packet would look cool.......... Glad to be back. ATB Scott.
  11. Hello and welcome. That is stunning..........I expect I'll see you at Moroso? ATB Scott.
  12. I appreciate all the effort and creativity that has gone into this, and it looks well executed, but do Lotus not already produce something off the shelf that's very similar - and that also adds a soft top...........the Elise? One of the things that gets me about the 2-Eleven is it's two finger, slightly "mad dogs and Englishmen" attitude to comfort, yet somehow it rides well, and with the right gear on the right day it's not only comfortable but is simply hedonistic! I'm worried that adding weight, and offering the screen takes a lot away from the raw appeal of the car........especially as a concept so similar exists in an off the shelf package as in the Elise, that in itself can give 230BHP, can be tricked up with the correct footprint, OHLINS, brakes, plus offer air con, soft / hardtop, stereo............ For total weatherproofing and something more focused than the Elise, theres also an Exige CUP 260........... Apologies for any apparent negativity; I admire the effort and the execution - just not the concept. It's a bit like seeing an original Type 23 with an Elan Type 26 screen frame and glass, you'd have to wonder why? Perhaps another approach with a ligtweight bubble perspex, full length canopy as seen on the Streamliner Type Elevens, this would offer the benefits of weather proofing, aesthetics, and not compromise on weight - it'd also look where's me pens? Good luck with it anyways! ATB Scott.
  13. Bit of a way, but welcome all the same........Bell & Colvill PLC. We collect and deliver from Gatwick too! We have three here at the moment, and are taking one to the Autosport show. I believe Nick Adams is there Thursday and Friday, I'll be there later in the afternoon on Saturday, and am there all day Sunday. The 2 Eleven will be on the Club Lotus / Classic Team Lotus stand so say hello, grab a coffee and we can show you 'round one. As Bibs says, your best bet after that is a factory visit - we can arrange this too. ATB Scott.
  14. Well it's finally here - even though there's much work to do. Build Number - 211 SVA 260 "John Player Team Lotus" Scott Walker Surrey Off for a polish........ ATB Scott.
  15. scott


    Cheers James! Will spend the day trying to peddle my wares in the wet, and I'll visit the S1 in storage later. ATB Scott.
  16. Welcome Rob, Told you it was a good idea.............fabulous car. Glad to see you found the site. Cheers! Scott.
  17. I will not sleep tonight, this will lead to nightmares............. If it were mine, I'd remove the panel, get it filled and only local painted by a good touch repair specialist. Replace the graphic with a fresh one. Panel is easily removed and it's an easy paint repair; graphic available from Hethel, or the supplier. Hope the dead mouse was single and living alone.............. ATB Scott.
  18. Ha! Well spotted! Not mine, - this is a car I believe has been retailed to a private customer of Castle's, and was built to his own spec. I am visiting Hethel next week to collect invoice for mine and to pay for it. At the moment, it's a blank canvas in Phantom Black, the graphic content & colours have been finalised and work will begin once the car is here. Got a pure Chrome Orange one here that needs to be completed first though. I'll get some images up of mine, probably in the new year when it's completed - but it'll look very different to the Castle car shown in the back of the image. ATB Scott.
  19. One that looks like this.......... ATB Scott.
  20. I'll save you the bother Jo - Woolworths do these for a quid. ATB Scott.
  21. Nice pictures - save for the last one! Perhaps I do have some obsessive, compulsive car cleaning disorder................ah well, it could be worse, I could have unclean cars! ATB Scott.
  22. How can I man a stand, and get coffee? Better idea - you get the coffees, I'll keep people out of the car! Partial to small Illy cap with two brown sugars ta. Chocolate cookies always welcomed. Look forward to seeing anyone from here, there. ATB Scott.
  23. "Passenger" ride? ATB Scott.
  24. Adam, sorry to hear of your woes! The cars all do this especially during initial learn periods - No.21 did this regularly during initial running in, and much less frequently afterwards. In fact, 2145 miles of varying use around Spain in two weeks, and the car never did it once. When new, they have all done it; in / out of showrooms, after being driven - yours is not an isolated case. The car is still ( just - 02.10.2008 ) covered by warranty, so we are happy to run a diagnostic - I think there's nothing wrong and perhaps it's a thought process within the map and data store - but I'm no tech! If the check lamp was on and it was happening at every junction / traffic light, then clearly there would be an issue. Exige S - never seen it personally and I've had a few of these as company chariots; older cable throttle 111R's - always! There was a software upgrade for these early cabled cars. Are you letting the ECM record before you switch off? For diagnostic, call me @ work - or as you are not far, call Rowland in Lotus Sport, get an appointment and take it to it's maker! I'd be more concerened about how clean it is.............. ATB, Scott.
  25. Thanks Rob - you'll love driving and owning this car........... We'll get to work on it after the weekend and make sure she's spot on. Thanks again. Scott.
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