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  1. With a great image of No.2 and a Crossmess in tow, and the line; "The Lotus shifts the acquisition of serious pace into a different register" This has been framed and sits by my desk........ ATB Scott.
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    Hello & Welcome Rob. Surrey.....I must be your local dealer - in fact I think I emailed you on Wednesday: without wishing to advertise, feel free to call me, email me, PM me - may have something of interest. ATB Scott.
  3. Indeed, our invitations have gone out too. Further to these invites, should anyone enjoying this forum and have interest in seeing the car, find themselves in the vicinity of Surrey, it will be in Bell & Colvill's showrooms on Wednesday 10th September. You'd be most welcome to come in and have a look. The car will be here from 16.00 hours until 19.00 hours for general viewing only. We have a presentation to make to our customers who have bought one - this is running from 19.30 hours to 22.00 hours. One night only.........we can't wait. ATB Scott.
  4. Yes, but I did a thousand of those! 2800 miles and out.......... Scott.
  5. Scotty, That's why you should make a holiday of it! Saturday with LEF'ers, Sunday @ Hethel, Track Event Monday.....besides, they go better with miles on them........ Still got places. Would be great to get as many 2-Elevens together as is possible. Cheers! Scott.
  6. Saturday and Sunday itself will be amazing, but why end there? Think we are all due some fun................ For further details, and to book a place - please email me; [email protected] or call me at work - 01483 281000. Should be a good day.
  7. AS A REMINDER! Think we are all due some fun............. Numbers please - drop me an email or give me a bell , 01483 281000 - [email protected] ATB Scott. Brown or Red sauce on the sani? Sure we can sort something out. PAX rides, hot lap demos - whatever we can do on the day. ATB Scott.
  8. Maintenance Schedule is on the memory stick supplied with the car......... From said stick: For cars used exclusively on road, each service should be performed within 7500 miles or 6 months of the previous service; whichever occurs first. For cars used in competition, or on closed circuits, a Track Check List should be completed before each track session, and a service performed at the first occuring 500 miles or 4 hours. There is a check & inspection list of operations that needs to be followed, this is also on the stick, with check & inspection markers on each aspect of the vehicle. There's also a printed format track checklist - this should be completed and filed. When trading these in in a few years time, one can never show too much paperwork............... I have had three oil changes in 3000 miles, and have changed the hydraulics too. Coolant is good for 4 years, but I'll probably change mine at 2. If you have not got the stick, let me know - I'll get you another. ATB Scott.
  9. I don't think that the 3rd Picture's black sill will be production spec....... ATB Scott.
  10. This is one of my favourite colours on the my mind's eye of course! Canyon Red Metallic, Oyster Leather with the stock Silver wheel. Oyster is the Cream leather as per show car, and PR images. I reckon people will struggle - there's to be lots of colour choice, plus the four leathers......... ATB Scott.
  11. The Blue/Green is, I think "Aqua"..... Black great, but there are hidden details lost.......where's the glass flip gone? Another prototype made a showing at the EGP this weekend and looked great in Canyon Red. ATB Scott.
  12. Was working the event last year - with making sure that Jeff's Esprit S1 was handed over properly - was a tense moment when you have a client over from Florida collecting his $100,000 dollar "New" Esprit S1, that he has never seen since it was in bits, and never seen in one piece! This year, I'd like to go as an enthusiast, so Esprit S1 on the Saturday, I'll use my legs on the Sunday and the 2-Eleven on the Monday. Staying at Dunston Friday, Saturday and Sunday - they have a good bar......... Can't wait. ATB Scott.
  13. Totally agree with Mr Bibs. Too early to be drawing conclusive specifications at this juncture. Lotus will of course issue a release to the dealer network outling the full standard guise, specifications and options list - complete with pricing in the fullest of time. Before this point, they have to find out how fast it is, how much fuel it uses, and identify any items that could give cause for longevity concern during final test programmes. They are the development - not the customer, and hence they need the time to ensure that the car is right. Whilst this is being done Sales & Marketing will think about order uptake and prices on specification options. Judging by the pack and option split on the rest of the range, Lotus are very good at offering all things to all people; I'm sure any client not wishing to have a fully loaded car will be able to specify his exact requirements, and we have been told to expect mid-to late 40's to mid to late 50's. If the first cars roll out July 2009, that's still less than 36 months from a clean sheet of paper to a finished and marketed all new Lotus. Remarkable I think - even though the wait is a painful process......... ATB Scott.
  14. Comparing the torque / power and weight with the Exige S that I drive on a daily basis, the Evora will certainly spit itself uphill more quickly; Think it was Derek Bell who mentioned that a quick car was a car that would fly uphill - as quickly as it would get down it; the Exige relies on top end torque / power - this takes time in fighting gravity to achieve; should take slightly less time in the Evora, which may explain the satisfaction in initial 'Ring performance - even though they were not measuring outright lap times. Same difference with my Europa 225; this rounds the bottom bend quickly and literally launches itself uphill with all its torquey boost, far more readily than the Exige; going down is a different kettle of fish though............... Another thing to consider is that we are all talking paper figures. For example, Driver's Republic took an Atom S/C, an R500 Caterham, and a 2-Eleven to Anglesey. The 2-Eleven stats on paper did not look all that great; The Atom was lunatic in a straight line, the Caterham was quick all over - a little drifty and flighty, and the 2-Eleven was roboticised in its execution of demolishing the other two by 1 second, even if it was 200 kilos heavier. Why? Because steering works with brakes, works with the chassis, works with the motor to a high harmonious level. In every single discipline that quantifies a cars merits, the 2-Eleven is well educated in each respect. I reckon similar harmony in discipline will be evident in the Evora. Who knows, we'll have to see when we all get a go in one, but I reckon with its chassis, motor, brakes, steering and all of it's facets working to the same effect, it'll be a great car. Simple. I wouldn't expect anything else from Hethel on this one.......... ATB Scott.
  15. Model stretch inevitable.....Lotus will, and absolutely have the right to improve on perfection. Witness Type 111; starts as an S1, within eighteen months was the 135, then the 111S, then the Sport 160, and of course the Motorsport 190..... But, with any advance on power comes an increase in price, be it retail price or in simple running; emissions play a huge part in this, and again this issue will be further magnified in time by legislation. The chosen mill has benefits in cost, availability and lets not forget, they have had to design a wholly new car for a mass audience, from paper to delivery in 2.5 years; I'm glad that they will get it to market quickly, as opposed to mucking around for a few more months extracting more horses. It's a great mill, in an awesome chassis & whilst I always like to go faster, I reckon that for the majority, the launch version will appeal a'plenty. ATB Scott
  16. I concur - totally. Evora will need to seduce and satisfy all types - from mums and dads, to lifestyle types who are not into cars, to repeat Lotus diehards and enthusiasts, all ages - all over the world. As well as being a fine sports car that embodies all Lotus virtues, it has to be a really good car . I believe it is, and judging from the orders we have taken all the clients are all of the above - except they are all UK. Eventual model diversity can only help to heighten Global appeal, but the base foundation needs to be right - which again I think it is. Nice to hear your pal was so taken Jo. Well done Hethel. ATB Scott.
  17. Evora stats - Torque - 342Nm / 252lb/ft @ 4700 rpm. in 1350 KGs. Our Exige S weighs in at 935 Kgs - motor develops 215Nm / 158.6 lb/ft @ 5500 rpm ( and this makes it a quick, quick car. ) The bigger footprint, stiffer chassis, and over excellent brakes of the Evora should make it a really fine road car. ATB Scott.
  18. And the SE Esprit did 11.9 seconds 0-100 MPH. The Evora will be fine. It'll outbrake most things too; and handle better; and steer better; and look better.............. ATB Scott.
  19. Paul @ UK Sportscars has one..........
  20. H'mm few things on this one. I will not advertise on here, but I can tell you that Bell & Colvill were the first dealers to apply a turbocharger to an Esprit, back in 1978 and on an S1 too. This predated the factory Essex car by two years. I'm on here as an enthusiast of the marque - have been forever, work with them 7 days a week, sell lots of them, and own them myself. Please don't accuse me of using this forum to advertise! Anyway, I always reckon it's best to use a dealer close by and form a working relationship with that dealer. Visit them and make your own choice. I still have allocation. In fact, we have the biggest allocation. All of my clients have paid a deposit. Your dealer should be asking for one too, as he needs to deposit
  21. Alan, There is no deviation in the spec the spec for the first 200 cars - save for perhaps 23 exterior colours and 4 interior colours. Whilst this sounds harsh, it simplifies the ordering and build process for Evora launch builds, avoiding supply issues, and potential delays. It's simply good organisation. It does mean that a customer's personally specified car will fall in behind the first 200 cars. Whilst on the subject of specification, spec is everything. The Elises on the forecourt that carry no spec were the cheapest new, but are the cheapest and slowest to sell now. Witness Porsche underwriting: no spec can often mean no bid.....imoportant when thinking of residual. If you have ordered already, you can move down and specify your car accordingly. In any case, I'd order now; in theory you could have your own bespoke car as the 201st off-line! According to communications, Xenons are a stand-alone option. A price for these has not been communicated to me. As soon as it has, I'll post a new topic called XENON PRICES! As to colour, this is still one of my fave's on a Lotus. We do a great Yellow called Solar, which is close; I may be wrong, but I doubt if Lotus will entertain special one off paint schemes as it does upset the production process somewhat on what will be a very busy line early on; it may also incur a delay.......however, it's worth approaching this again nearer the time. ATB Scott.
  22. The first 200 vehicles produced for the UK market will be of a set launch specification, benefiting from a full range of options available on the vehicle. The specification is as follows: Premium Pack Accent lighting Full Leather Floor Mats Stowage Located on boot bulkhead Tech Pack Upgraded Alpine Stereo with DVD, 7 "Touch Screen, Nav, Bluetooth, Ipod Connection. Low Pressure Tyre Warning Cruise Rear Parking Sensors. Sport Pack Sport dynamic setting, including Variable Traction. Sports Springs & Dampers. Cross Drilled Discs. Black Brake Calipers Upgraded Grills. Additional & eventual stand alone options. Premium "IMPRINT" Alpine Audio. Reverse Camera Powerfold Mirrors Bi-Xenon Headlamps. Forged Wheels Stealth Grey Wheels ( on cast or Forged. ) Existing Lotus colour range and perhaps three more will be available to choose from, as are four leather colours. Should a client wish to spec his/her own car then an order should still be placed with a
  23. Gavin - my fingers are crossed for you on Saturday. I was right though was I not? Utterly gorgeous. Point taken on the performance - buy they are as different as Red Bull and Rioja. Want one......... Cheers, Scott.
  24. I'm on the Lotus Cars stand from Wednesday 23rd throught to Wednesday 30th. I'd be delighted to talk you through the new car, talk Lotus in general - gives me a chance for a coffee and a sit-down! I can go on though..............there's lots to talk about! Look forward to meeting some of you. ATB Scott.
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