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  1. Funny one this; I want to buy NNB730H - a Europa S2; it has some family connections past, and even if it's chopped like a hot cross bun and in boxes, I'd buy it. DVLA no use. Even slipped them a
  2. I say it as I see it and with honesty. I can do no more. Except try again, with another approach: ITS UTTERLY GORGEOUS! I hope once you have seen it that you'll agree. Anyone at the Motorshow, please give me a lookup - we are on Stand N5, I'd be happy to have a coffee, talk Lotus and show you the new car. Cheers! Scott.
  3. Saw the car last night in it's "release" guise. It's absolutely beautiful - particulary head on / front 3/4, but move to the the rear and it becomes assertive and strong. From any angle it's a very fine car. The quality impresses too; by goodness they have raised their game.....I've never witnessed such finish on a Lotus. Please remove any type 111 connotations from your mind - this is a totally new CAR that's very much a Lotus. It's also the team that bowled me over and the way in which they have worked to get this done so quickly. The planning, the execution of it's development, and the engineering that has gone into the car - so structured and intelligent. They planned, worked to time, and they will deliver, remember it's not ready yet. I'm confident it's the start of a new era. From a commercial standpoint, I have every reason to be excited - and as an enthusiast, I'm truly elated. Allocations are small, demand will be high, it will remain exclusive. Rightly so! ATB Scott.
  4. Tony - I would sell me bum in Brighton for that...........what a rare find. Again, what a find. Totally concur with the "dream scenario" - I dream of finding an S1 lik this constantly. Your only problem is that whilst White / Blue / Red and now Orange have crossed your path, you are missing on the best combination of Yellow & Tartan! ( Period & Giugiaro in harmony - very Hethel '70's! ) That's a hell of a find - could not think of a better patron. Make sure it's bought! All The Best Scott. Seen it's bought - well done that man! I had three for 'bout three weeks........ I love that tyre tread pattern so much............ In the interests of S1 values Stateside, was it dear? ( Expensive ) Going green ( why did no one in Engerlerland harbour an S1for me to find? )!!!!!! Sod Disney, I want to come to your garage! ATB Scott.
  5. Hello Scotty, That was some accident; glad you came out of that one pretty much OK. Look after the ribs, look forward to seeing you with your new car at some point. ATB Scott.
  6. Great news, but not surprised.......... Well done Gav, Lotus Cars / Motorsport and support crews. Still not surprised........ KTM tub @ 100kgs - and in Carbon??? Wrongun! Cheers to all! Scott. I've just sunk another beer in your honour and am really happy! First Nadal, then you lot! Well Done! again......... ATB Scott.
  7. I did not know about this until a week ago, and I for one am pleased that there are faceless people wearing Lotus badges amongst the crowds; like the cars, they stand out and it's clearly making people take notice of the brand - even to the point of making news in the US and getting a mention for Lotus Cars. What a brilliant concept - wish I'd have thought this one up! Scott
  8. Yep, back from Spain. Anywhere we went, Lefty came too. Little fella had a fondness for the water, for women, drinking, taking in sun, and racing cars too. first night at my place - Lefty gets introduced and makes new friends... Lefty decided that the day before we left, he wanted to learn more about his past, and so I took him to the old folks home, where the Yellow Submarine and Goldie Lookin' Esprit educated Lefty about the good old days and how it came to be that Lefty was such a good looking little fellow. Lefty was very pleased and left with a Wurther's original and a pat on his roof; he felt such a special little chap.... Following day, after a quick scrub and checkover, Lefty met the 2-Eleven - packed and departed for a ferry that would take him from Portsmouth across to Bilbao in Northern Spain. More to follow................................... and more as promised........thanks Bibs and Photobucket. Lefty made it to the ferry port safely, but the nice people at P&O were a little concerned as they did not a have rope small enough to tie down the little chap. It was concluded that he should be allowed onto the upper decks. Lefty sat out on deck taking in fine air and morning sun on approach to Bilbao. Once off the ferry, it was a seven hour blast home to Alicante, where Lefty enjoyed a few jars with another 2-eleven and a Porsche GT3. That afternoon the three were tired after their journey, and decided to rest. Once siestered, Lefty decided to fiesta and that evening hit the Sangria in a big way, before daft Lefty fell into the jar - narrowly escaping the bin! Was rescued and put to bed. Lefty awoke with a bit of a hangover, and looking a little more Yellow than normal, a dip in the pool was suggested. Lefty spent the next few days hanging aroung around, chilling out and meeting people, like Mad Manolo the barking taxi driver. Manolo had a little launch that ferried Lefty to Tabarca Island, playing 70's disco classics at full chat and at full throttle. Remebering the "Spy Who Loved Me" story recited to him at the old peoples home, Lefty had a go at a Bond style exit from the sea. After few days chilling out, Lefty passengered on a road trip to Ronda - across the amazing Alpujarrah mountains roads. Lefty made friends with the locals in the villiages, and rested with the other cars during stops. The old man near Lanjarron was very kind and most complimentary to Lefty, but thought Scott's legs looked like two celery sticks sticking out of a bin liner...... Three was not a crowd in the 2-Eleven. Lefty arrived at Ascari Race Resort and was given a tour of the facilities, the workshop, the storage, and saw some amazing cars and bikes. Lefty wanted to get out on track, so the Friday afternoon and the Saturday were spent with him lazing around the pitlane, hanging out with the Ascari K10, being flung around the circuit in a 2-Eleven and having a grand time.............. Lefty had a head to head with a Radical, which beat him just: but he pulled his pride back by coming in quicker than the works BMW. Back at Alicante, Lefty become good mates with Felix the bar owner and spent much time drinking in the morning: And spending his afternoons in the pool: He's now back at Bell and Colvill, having a few bits and pieces done before going to Orlando to stay with Jeff and 039, but may go to the Motorshow to see the lauch of "project Eagle" first. Left travelled 2145 road miles and 1052 "boat" miles, plus 16 miles in Mad Manolo's launch. Total mileage 3213. Well done Lefty - Was nice having you. Cheers, Scott.
  9. Great driving Mr P. All this tech jargon.........I was thinking of adding a few bits too.......
  10. in a 2-Eleven is possible! European GT - for sure! Just finished cleaning the springs, the dampers, the upper wishbones, the lower wishbones, both sides to the diffuser and undertrays, brake discs, calipers - and everything else! After 2145 miles around Spain the car is now better than new. We are now at 3000 miles, and service is being completed next week. The mileage was racked up in a fortnight that was unforgettable, great car, great roads and good times. The car lapped up the Alpujarra mountains, bowled along @ 85 / 90 across Autovias in 33 degree heat for hours and hours, and did a few sessions at Ascari, along with Jo's car and Nime's Track version. No concerns with anything at all - car behaved 100%, 100% of the time. Goes better now that it's loosened up and thanks to a total of 19 hours worth of polishing it looks great too. Thanks to Jo for the mountains, Pedro in the GT3 for being the chase car ( SAT NAV ) Nimes for getting us into Ascari, Belen for her tolerance in the passenger seat, and Armourfend as I have escaped stonechipping. Thanks to the car for making it there and back without any issues - and yes, I have bonded with it. Ascari report to follow in another thread. ATB-Scott.
  11. Looks fantastic Matt, like the dealer number plates; we have had some period keyrings made, would look good hanging out the ignition barrel. Keep the pics coming. ATB Scott
  12. Quite like the Mel B Bo Selecta all in one mask myself; as a northener by education, it suits the required 2-Eleven vocab, and I find the expression suits the driving experience perfectly.......... I find set of Wiley X SG-1 ballistic goggles / shades does the trick. Long hair knots, so sometimes I'll don my old Motorsport beany just to keep the salon sectives in check. ATB Scott.
  13. Ha! Always happy to have a go.......'tis what I do you know. Mr Devlin; can you get a flight from Dublin to Stanstead on the 14/9? Great Lotus weekend ahead - perhaps we can re-introduce you to the finer things in life? ATB Scott.
  14. Mr Devlin! How you doing? Glad to hear you have some affection for our 2-Eleven. You know I take part exchange............. Welcome.......... Cheers! Scott.
  15. Patrick, forget Goodwood! Washing your car @ B&C made me want one....badly! Your videos drove me insane whilst waiting for delivery. Off to Spain in it tomorrow. ATB Scott
  16. PGN.... Funny - this has been going through my mind as well; original "works Motorsport car"..... Off for a fortnight in Spain in it and I fear that we will bond. If I can't bear to see it go, then it'll stay. The "special" will find a home I'm sure..... Dell - I take PX! Cheers! Scott.
  17. Photo sl*g S1 in Lellow & Tartan, plus lashings of tyre paint......... Scott. PS - SAVE A SPACE FOR LEFTY!
  18. I'll get onto this first thing........mails were exchanged late last week, and of course the factory close @ 12.30 on a Friday; I'm sure you'll get an email from a man called Neil. Bell me @ work please if not - the number's all over your car....... Cheers, Scott.
  19. The "Special" will not be a wrap. The colour is Phantom Black........a factory offering that differs to Motorsport Black, or indeed Starlight Black; it's pure Jet. The graphics will be made up hopefully in association with a chap that Clive at Classic Team Lotus knows; accuracy is everything, from the font, to the colour of the vinyl. It was also suggested that I could fit a JPS nose badge a la Type 72, which I did not think was available. I need to work on the graphic design a little more, run it past CTL - as I'd like their blessing. It's not a dealer special edition, or a factory edition; I've ordered the car in my name and intend to make something that I really want. With this in mind No.21 will be sold as a used example, and as an original Motorsport Works built car. Dell - don't worry too much about depreciation; I will have a car available for immediate delivery, but that'll go quickly and I'm now October if a customer wants to order a new one. Remember too, the launch edition SVA spec is now
  20. On this one, I'm hoping that the people who contacted me have now been approached by the factory.......? Let me know of not, and if so how we are getting along. Cheers, Scott.
  21. No worries - I take PX's!!!! ATB Scott.
  22. Perhaps the Black "special" will have been completed and liveried by then..... ATB Scott.
  23. This is shaping up up to be a weekend! Just noticed our "No.1" man reading this thread, and apologies - but the day IS open to all 2-Eleven's - not just the ones in the UK! Ref the Esprits and a sarnie, absolutely! I reckon we should simply pack Norfolk with examples of our product, past and present for this weekend. I'll bring my old girl - she even managed a lap of Hethel - even though she was trailered there and back ( through choice, just in case anyone starts to take the p*ss!). I was also describing the car - not my other half....... Cheers, Scott. GavinP - your names down, you can come in. Who else? to be another 25 or so 2-Eleven's. ATB Scot.
  24. Evening all. Dates for the diary. Sunday, September 14th Lotus Cars are holding their 60th Celebration Open Day; have a look at I'm sure Bibs is arranging various Esprit & 2-Eleven things for that weekend, but we thought that we'd book a full day at Snetterton for the Monday afterwards; this gives us an opportunity to get as many 2-Elevens out on circuit - wouldn't it be great to see as many of the UK supplied 2-Elevens on track together? Would look really something! The circuit is booked for Monday 15th September and we have 57 places to fill for a whole day's driving @
  25. HAH! That S1 Elise looks fantastic on Yellow Mags..............but yes I would say that as it was once mine, sold to make way for the 2-Eleven. This was my take on Jimmy's T25, Jo's car based on Jimmy's T49, and I did not suggest Yellow rims for her 2-Eleven as they have no historical connection with the scheme. Scott.
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