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  1. Really great evening........ Surrounded by them sitting static all day long, so it's great to see them being used and enjoyed. Ta Jo for the PAX rides, I didn't move and did not flinch. Great pictures Bibs. Scott.
  2. There are 2 solids, 7 Metallics, 6 Lifestyles ( higher Metallic content ) and 5 Premiums ( gives a slight flip. ) Also, a few on based on the same livery as the Geneva launch car, but using different colours: Red Scorpion.( Red / White /Blue ) Orange Bobcat ( Orange / Black / Silver ) Yellow Hornet ( Yellow / Black / Silver ) Green Dragon ( Yellow / Green / Black ) There is also the chance to do your own thing as Jo did with the Team Lotus version but talk to your dealer. Cheers! Scott.
  3. Got 4 on order at the moment, takes almost as long as the real thing to get here! Desk ban methinks, I'll never get any work done otherwise!
  4. Well done Dell! It's a summons to appear before the judge @ 10.00 am this Friday. 105.29 in a 70. In a 2-Eleven, Sunday 28/10/07 @ 6.45 am on a deserted and dry road. I shall grovel and not protest, offer to do the course, go suited and booted and look very sorry. Expecting the worst so we'll see how it goes. Cheers, Scott.
  5. Hah, was snow joke mate - thought I was going to lose some toes. Felt too bad for the car, so we sought shelter in a hangar and leathered the car off. Circa 12.30 the day had cleared up and the roads were just - wet. Got the car back to the garage for a good bath, got her in the air, and gave her a good polish underneath and on top. Went back into the showroom good as new - in and out. Thankyou to Goodwood staff for shelter and coffee. Looking for the Summer............what's with the weather? Cheers, Scott.
  6. I would Dell, but it needs cleaning...............she's such a tart I'll get them on at some point, Cheers, Scott.
  7. Ahh, Mister Number 1! Patrick, you kindly called into our dealership and allowed my wash and photograph your were partially responsible for my financial distress last year, as I did not sleep for a day or two until I ordered one myself! Number 21 in fact. Great videos - we've shown them on youtube to clients many times, and we have them on at home -regularly! Keep them coming, and any other feedback ref the car would be ideal. What miles you at now and is it in the States yet? Cheers, Scott @ B&C
  8. I've just had a transporter turn up and I have off loaded an Elise, an Exige and 2 X 2 Elevens; one is sold, and the other is stock. The build numbers are 149 and 150. I presume that the numbers are units built worldwide. To date we have sold 18, and I reckon there will be more than a few more over the summer - though I really can't say how long the delivery times could possibly be. I will try to investigate a little more and see where each chassis number / build number went. Be great to see a numbered register. Cheers, Scott.
  9. Club Racer, Speak to your local dealer and get him to find a list of dates available. The day will cost you
  10. Stephanie, 'Tis a super looking car that. Good to see it's found its way on here. Scott
  11. Not is Anthony's car. A new Lotus purchase almost forced the S1 to be sold, but I could not bring myself to let the Esprit go and it ended up with a stable mate. Can't see me ever parting. Not seen Anthony's car except in the article and it looks wonderfully original save for the speakers in the doors. Was on Esprit world for sale for a while, was Wendy's car in Scotland. Cheers, Scott. TNR149R
  12. Except me!..........9 have gone through B&C doors now, and I expect a few more with the recent announcements. BTW Europa S chassis number 0001 has now done 14000 fault free miles, and with the 225 upgrade is quite happy to spit me rapidly and quietly up and down the A11 - it's a great little car. Cheers. Scott.
  13. Time for me to confess..............! The white S1 on display was actually Ken Baird's 049, registered as TNR160R.....I just stuck some 600LOT plates on it! Bobby Bell and Martin Colvill did indeed hatch a plan in 1977 to turbocharge an Esprit: in Bobby's words " the car looked like it was from another planet, but in an age when Fezza's would give 150MPH, and Mazzers were good for 140MPH, the Lotus just could not cut it" From Motor Magazine - 11th March 1978: "ESPROOOOOSH! A Turbocharged version of the Lotus Esprit, with a claimed top speed of 150MPH plus, will be unveiled tomorrow by Bell & Colvill, the surrey Lotus/Alfa/Maserati distributors. Developeped over the past two monthsin conjunction with Stuart Mathieson, the Turbo Esprit will be supplied to order only from Bell & Colvill's West Horsley HQ. In Turbocharged form the 1973cc Lotus twin cam power unit produces 210BHP and 202 lb ft - both acheived at higher RPM. Acceleration from 0-100MPH is said to take 16.3 seconds. Throttle responce delay has been reduced to a minimum, saty the makers, by use of a short inlet system, a single SU carburretter, and a small rotor in the turbo unit. The installation necessitates the adoption of low compression pistons, water heating for the inlet tract and a duct to direct a cooling airflow to the modified engine cover. The conversion will not be supplied for installation by other workshops,but there are plans to offer it as a new car option in the USA through a normal limited number of dealers. Normal Lotus warranty will apply to the Turbo Esprit, with Bell & Colvill guaranteeing the engine and the turbo unit. The conversion adds
  14. I've been selling Lotus @ Bell & Colvill for eight years, but have been Lotus obsessed for the last thirty one. Bond's white S1 was to blame I suppose. I was lucky enough to find my "Yellow Submarine" back in 2005. When the call came through from Jeff asking if he could buy it, and from subsequent conversations, it was clear that the guy was besotted with the car and desperate to find a good one. It's out of my normal remit; my "business objective" is to keep Bell & Colvill at the forefront of supplying Lotus cars in the home market, and to look after the ongoing needs of our clients. We don't do classics - ( we sold enough of them new years ago! ) but I felt a compulsive need to source a car for Jeff. We found a car, did the inspection and 13.12.2005 it was his. The car was then transported to SJ's ( a big hand to Steve - just as well he's hairy 'cos he must have pulled a few out over this one! Also to Ross the engine builder and the boys in paint ) ) who stripped the car to it's bare "backbone". The process was well and truly underway, with Steve's task to deliver a turnkey 100 point rolling chassis. It was unanimously agreed that the car should be as practically close as a finished car would have been at Hethel back in 1976 , and not be over-restored: it needed an as new pattina to be left within the restoration process. Almost as if the car had been mothballed since 1976.......... We had to collect the car last Spring from SJ and take it to Norwich, up to Nick & Steve Fulcher. What a couple of chaps! Drinking coffee and "mardling" ( yes - 'fraid I'm from Norwich ) over old stories from the Chapman era - and what craftmanship. It amazed me that the same hand that had been in direct consultations with Giugiaro all those years ago, still had his patterns and templates that were used back in the '70s to undertake the trim processes involved in an Esprit interior. Not only that, he had most of the original trim too! Some have said they may be expensive: you can't discount perfection, and for the labour hours alone it was worth every penny. The finshed result makes the car for me. Early Summer, Nick and Steve had done their thing, so it was time to get the car back to Devon for final fitting and testing. Simon ( B&C's trailer driver, lost a wheel bearing on the covered trailer up some Devon hill and we nearly lost the lot on the way down!!) must have done 1500 miles moving this car up and down the UK - each time treating it with kid gloves. Heat was on down at Devon, as I had set Steve a date; we needed this car back by August end as I wanted to detail the car and transport both Esprit's (034 / 039) on a flatbed to Hethel for the 40th anniversary celebrations. Steve delivered with Simon once again having to drag the car back to B&C. The paint cureing process has bent the reinforcing within the bonnet - this was re-heated and bent back, but we found that the paint had bloomed! With the heat really on, Simon was called to take the car to our paintshop for final rectification ( Panelwise - Aston / Lamborghini / Lotus /Classic Ducati ). With the bonnet now perfect it was time to fit the "new" wheels. I found these on Ebay - and upon collection it was evident that were never fitted to a vehicle! They needed refurbishing due to an aged surface finish - and there is a way in which they should be done; most people polish them, but I don't think this is the correct finish; they must be should end up seeing the rainbow in them. Final touch was the "triplex laminated" windscreen sticker. I had my graphics guy photograph and remake this. It was commented that I'd stuck it over too far to the left as you look at the front of the car. I had measured my windscreen sticker's location and refitted Jeff's in exactly the same place for an extra touch of authentic detail. September 22nd found me at Hethel polishing the life out of 034 /039. Was slightly emotional at having these two cars reunited some 31 years since they were built at a location that is a Mecca for me. Went through my mind that some chap had been doing exactly the same thing as me but in that really hot Summer of 1976, just before the cars were to be despatched. Jeff had not seen the car since the rolling chassis stage and had flown over to see it again. I had not told him that the car was totally finished - concocted a story and said it was at Nick Fulcher's place(!) but added that he should come to Hethel for the celebration event on the 23rd. The car was finished in the motorsport workshops, and left there overnight ( Thanks to Nick Adams for the parking permit ). I wanted the handover to be a surprise, and a special occasion for Jeff to remember.....I really needed a plan. Morning of the event, having done checks to both cars I bumped into Guy Munday, a collegue from Norfolk Lotus dealers, Stratton Motor Company. Guy mentioned that Roger Becker was there, and a plan was hatched to get Guy to do a dummy radio interview with an unsuspecting Jeff standing in front of my car....Guy did a great job of keeping Jeff talking with his back to me as I gave the signal to Roger to drive the car around. It was a proud moment for me to see Jeff's car handed over by Roger Becker. ( Thanks to Roger for all the driving in Sardinia too - a lot of this is his fault!) After some exchange of handshakes, none other than Mrs Hazel Chapman, accompanied by son Clive, stand by the car, with Mrs Chapman commenting on the interior. Jeff's first maiden voyage was down to the security box, and back with Mrs Chapman as his first passenger. For me, an unbelievable spectacle, and a great day. Manic, in as much as making sure the car was OK, trying to orchestrate the handover whilst running around like a mad mad attempting to find a pen for the signature! With Simon having brought the car back to Bell and Colvill, and the car sitting in the showroom, I decided to contact some of the press. When you consider that we have a new Esprit ( and project Eagle ) to look forward to and that Lotus are 60 years old this quarter, I felt the need to get some exposure on the Esprit. Octane were kind enough to answer my emails and duly delivered with a stunning piece on the Esprit. ( Thanks to David Lillywhite for the words, Mark Blanchard for the shared edit, and to Simon Clay for fantastic images .) CAR magazine also came to the party with a really nice little piece which featured my car ( but Jeff's interior and engine shots! ) so thanks to Mike Goodbun, and photographer Neil Bridge. Thanks also to Carl at FreightNet - the pallets look dodgy, but he took a lot of care having been breifed and the car was shipped onto it's flight perfectly. Was a sad day when the car left, but an email and pictures from Jeff were a nice conclusion to a project that I feel proud to have been associated with. I hope I have thanked all the people involved, but pass on gratitude to everyone who has been involved with ESPRIT @ Hethel over the years. From the senior management, to the parts buyers; the people who built them, painted them, rubbed the moulds down, fitted the "styled by Giugiaro " scripts; I wonder if they would believe then the following ( witness this internet community! ) and the emotion stirred by the Esprit now? A big thanks to Jeff for an open cheque book ( urm, yeah - sorry about that!) for ressurecting the car, and for letting me have a free reign. That's a lot of trust buddy. ( You owe me a fridge of Stella for the five litres of polish that went on it the night before she left ! ) Would I do it again?..................yes, I want to start on CHASSIS NUMBER 034; same behaviour. Copycat rebuild. Sorry for the long post and I apologise for the lack of images, but some may be published in the Lotus Club International in due course or if anyone wants to see before and afters, on the day, whatever - let me know and I'll get them on here. CHEERS! Scott.
  15. Looking good Jeff, remember I still have a set of keys and I know where you live! We used a 3M film tape - cut finely, and applied this to the signature. It's sealed and look neat. I did not want to start lacquering the finished car............... Cheers, Scott.
  16. Looks great in Grey, and that IS value for money......I'm still saving for the new Esprit though, plus I 'aint got enough hairs on my chest, don't wear boots, don't listen to Billy Ray Cyrus, and I don't do line dancing. It's always had a bit of an image issue for me personally. My boss is a real fan; has a sub 10K miler ZR1 "King O' The Hill" and a newish Z06 - they are simply fantastic, especially for the money, and it's such a "feelgood" car to boot. Can't argue with the go either...... Cheers, Scott @ Bell & Colvill.
  17. Owen, Great thread - I'm inspired to start one on a few cars I've been involved with whilst "in the trade". Thanks for posting the images - Boxer is a fave of mine, P1800 was to die for on completion I bet. Best bit is your avatar - I so wanted to be the kid in 'that' car........still do...... ATB Scott @ Bell & Colvill.
  18. I've always used Steve on my own car, and it was him I used to do the resto on Jeff's S1; his knowlege is unreal - I remember I had a noise from the bulkhead on my old JPS, called him and from a loose description, he offered a diagnosis, and a remedy - simple advice that worked; problem sorted straight away. I had an isue with my S1 when I bought it. Car was recovered there, and I could have spent a small fortune all at once, but after a conversation Steve designed repairs around a useabilty / budget that suited at the time. My car's been back ever since ( and has run totally on song ever since. ) I liked his flexibility, which is why it was him I chose to do the spannerwork on Jeff's car - we needed to acheive a particular standard and a finish not overdone, but as it would have been when it left Hethel new in '76. He was happy to deliver which some restoration companys are not willing to budge on their interpretation of standards or price. They are a small outfit that are unreally busy.... Surprised at the negatives, but perhaps he suffers from Seasonal Affliction Disorder ! It 'aint too good in Lotus land in the wind / rain / minus whatever - I can assure you! Suffering a bit myself! Always found that a freindly email gets the best service - he can answer back in his own time..........keep trying . Cheers, Scott @ Bell & Colvill.
  19. Tony Page 10 features an ad for the next edition. "Next Month - Esprit, from first to last - and why now is the time to buy an early one" Issue 56 on sale December 26th. Earlier to subscribers. If it's not in the US, give me a shout in January and I'll fling a UK one over to you. In the meantime get yourself a Yellow S1, and an Orange S1, and a............. Photo shoot went well - 500 images, studies on 2 cars. They look stunning. Can't wait for the article. Cheers, Scott.
  20. Crikey! The Esprit has been my dream car for thirty years - so much so that I'm thinking of outing my recently acquired 2-eleven to fund a full resto on my Yellow one. The article wil be written by Mark Dixon, a respected journo and an ex. Esprit Turbo owner himself - so I'm sure as sure it'll be accurate and pro the car. I think this will be good exposure for our favourite car, and I for one would like to see some positive dedication to this seminal machine in a magazine such as Octane. I think the car deserves it's place. Should look good and be a good read. Scott.
  21. It's been a litle busy here @ Horsley of late....... I did a photo shoot for Car magazine on Saturday with my car, so expect some three page feature in Car Magazine soon - they do a three page feature called Car classics. As to Octane, I contacted Robert Coucher a month ago or so and suggested that as we have a "new" S1 here, they should do a feature on the car. They decided to use this one and left it to me to source a late V8 - had to be Silver. In the end we have gone for a Sport 350, and both cars are being transported to a studio tomorrow for some really great photography in the traditional Octane Way. The feature will tell the story of the Esprit, ties in with the fact that we are 60 next year - and let's remind ourselves, the Esprit story is far from over................. It's front cover and 5-6 pages I believe - out 26th December. Back to polishing a Sport 350 and an S1........... Cheers all, Scott @ Bell & Colvill.
  22. Yes, indeed. 600 LOT was A Bell & Colvill Turbo car. This plate went onto two or three cars, until Bobby Bell got fed up with paying transfer costs! We did a few of these - but it was a very expensive conversion sucking through one fat SU carb. We nicknamed them "lozenges" as that's how they would end up! Paul Godfrey does own one of these cars; One was extensively press ganged - I'll try to find some images; Martin Colvill keeps everything and has scrap books and press cuttings galore with road tests from the time. Pauls car does not have the Turbo, but still has the auxilary bay fan we used to fit. Bobby remembers that it was bloody fast; " in a time whem Ferraris would do 150, Maser's would give 140, but the Lotus could just give 120 - we hatched a plan to make it go a lot harder!" I'll see if I can dig up some reports, but I know Kato has some in the road test section of the site. Cheers, Scott @ B&C.
  23. Afternoon All. Trying to source a late V8, one of the last, for a magazine feature on Esprit. The studio photo shoot is scheduled for later this month. We have Jeff's "new" S1 and we need a final edition V8 - ideal colour choices are; Yellow Silver Cobalt Ruby Starlight Laser Features Editor has also expressed a want perhaps for an Orange car, so if anyone has a late, mint GT3 in Chrome Orange we may suggest this. The V8's need to be last editions - round lamps with Nova rims. If the car can be dropped down to Bell & Colvill before the shoot, we will treat the car to a full mop / wheels off valet and a total detail. Car would then be trailered to the shoot and back. The car is insured by us all the whilst it's in our care, and need not be driven. As it'll be studio detail work the car needs to be a 90 point + car. If any of you you are suitably "Esprit'd" please feel free to send an email, preferably with an image of your car. Get me at work - [email protected] or call me on 01483 281000. Further exposure for a great car - I look forward to seeing the finished article in print. Many thanks, Scott @ B&C.
  24. More than welcome to have a chat and a coffee here at BELL & COLVILL. We have Jeff Ipolliti's 1976 Esprit Series 1 - it's a totally rebuilt car at some significant cost. I can't think there's a better example anywhere.......... West Horsley, KT246DG. I'm in all weekend. Cheers, Scott.
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