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  1. The best chap to do this is Nick Fulcher. He went out to Turin with Winterbottom & Chapman, met Giugiaro and discussed interior. The original show car - first Ital Design study ( 1971 ) was shown at Turin 1972, & was shown to Chapman in March 71. The Tartan theme was evident even then, long before the Bay City Rollers. The base Esprit of 1976 came with Green Cloth and Tartan "washable fabric giving maximum comfort , warmth in winter and coolness in Summer." Later I believe leather was a cost option, and this came with at the same time as the repositioned ashtrays,ans featured marcasite on doors, boomerang, dashtop ( only to top of runway ) console centers and sides. I think there was also a 'moquette' type finsh for door infills and complete seats for the S1, again with marcasite. No Tartan should ever be finished with Marcasite - was never done. Green Cloth. Nick still has materials, Red stitch thread from Ireland, Tartan and Green. Also Orange carpets. Tartan in my car is perfect - Green cloth faded at the top of dash / doors. and seats - completely different to the deep Green on the headlining! But I was quoted
  2. On the road for twenty minutes at a time & usually once a week - after too long it gets a bit hot and we'll get a bit of clutch drag and a squeal from the bearing. New clutch going in Mid Sept, so I look forward to using it more than the 1 twenty minute fix / week currently being enjoyed. I spend more time looking at it actually!
  3. Maki 126, Still new to this forum, and noticed this thread today. Lotus did do a manual for the S1 - Publication Part Number is: A079T 0342Z . 30 pages A5 size booklet, 1 black and white shot of the car, plenty of drawings. Great reminder in the Precautions section "that drivers are rerecommended to avoid using high fashion shoes!" Cheers, Scott.
  4. I've dealt with 'little jeff' before, always been OK. Call him - 07763 145 196 Not sure where he is based - his quoted address is correspondance only - The Coach House Worthy Park Kings orthy Winchester Hampshire S016 1AN. A one man band, probably part time, but a proper chap. Give him a kick and good luck.
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    Hello to other like minded esprit owners, nice to see that I am not mad, and there are many enthusiasts / owners who are as balmy about anything Esprit as I am. Read the espritworld site for the last year or two, wanted one for the last thirty years or so, found the right car in April this year, hence on this forum now. What a wealth of info this place is, reading the old threads has been really informative & entertaining. Great to se that a Lotus that started life thirty years ago has such appreciation worldwide. Scott.
  6. New to this forum, hello to other Esprit owners, apologies for errors whilst posting. I have the yellow 35K miler original S1 that was featured in the PC magazine, mentioned earlier in this thread. Car featured on Esprit world. Paid too much for it: I am in the car trade, and understand all the rules, but hey - the rule book got thrown out of the window with this one. Can you put a price on happiness? Having looked for a few years, (and wanted one since the 13/12/77 when I saw the film!) there are not that many about. Factfile has a few listed, 713 or 744 built and apparently 50% exported. Can't be too many.
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