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    Robb Simpson
  • Car
    1976 S1 Esprit CKD (The only CKD car to come to New Zealand)
  • Modifications
    toyota repower (as per original spec for NZ), full rose jointed suspension.
  • Location
    Nth Canterbury New Zealand
  1. Lotus S1 Esprit CKD (1976) Date Added: 01 August 2015 - 05:56 PM Owner: 106j Short Description: The only CKD Esprit to come to New Zealand, View Vehicle
  2. 106j

    NZ S1 esprit

    info required regarding this car all panels marked 106J Imported to New Zealand by SteelBros any information greatly appriciated
  3. Hi Paul, I have a 1976 series 1 esprit chassis #106J, this is the sixth car made. The photo of the white car is identical as mine. contact me on [email protected] if you require more info (parts contacts) or pictures. regards Robb Paul here's another angle of my 1976 S1. Robb
  4. 106j

    The Esprit Registry

    1976 S1 Esprit number: 106j colour: white prototype race spec suspension has been fitted with a race spec 3sge toyota 2L currently being made road legal location: north canterbury, new zealand
  5. HI I have another for you. I own a 1976 Esprit S1 number 6. This is a preproduction prototype, chassis 106J. original colour red (now white) Lives in New Zealand Regards Robb
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