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  1. Hooray. Holiday booked. Off to Greece on Sat.

  2. Hi, look forward to seeing you next week. Why havent you added any friends yet.

  3. I didn't get the email :-( but have logged on to the site anyway and registered for my certificate!!
  4. 1st topic posted so be gentle with me. We had such a great weekend last year at the Lotus Festival, Snetterton. We want to go again this year. So who's up for a camping weekend? The HEC (Herts, Essex, Cambs-proposed new name of group) suggest meeting up for a hoon with other groups. list of participants: Megan & Dave Proposed 1st official meet of HEC, 4th March, Rainbow and Dove pub, Hastingwood, Essex
  5. Sorry folks - Just one more pic - Just loved the Evora so got to post this one. ok so ive reached my limit. will try again later.
  6. Some more of my pics. Lost internet connection during last upload!! !!
  7. We submitted our email address for certificates to be sent. Realise it could take some time. Also they were going to send a link to the video taken. Will check out their website again.
  8. Sorry took me a while to get my pictures sorted, unfortunately not a very good standard but a flavour of the weekend. We had a great time, thanks to Bibs and Laura for arranging yet another stunning event. The welcome from Lotus was outstanding and our guide Ellen was the best!
  9. No we haven't received any thing yet, very disappointed. Probably need to contact someone from the organisers. I think Motorvision were involved, or Snetterton circuit should be able to help with a contact name.
  10. Count me in laura. Sounds like it will be a good wkend for all. I'm sure Dave's up for it too!!
  11. Dave an I (megan) would love to join in the trip to France but I am only free during school hols!! from 24 July 2010 to 1st week in Sept. If at any other time Dave will have to go on his own. ha ha lol.
  12. Hi Yasuo, Go to website: and search for my ID: meganfreeman47, I have loaded quite a few pics and will load some more soon. Also there are pics of the Donnington run on there. Hope you are well and see you soon.
  13. Thanks. More pics on my Flickr page. My ID is meganfreeman47.
  14. Hi there, here are some of my pics from a great weekend, thanks everyone it was fun.
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