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  1. Well I finally found my problem of the backfiring and why it did it more on hills. It turned out to be a loose negative cable on the battery. Dont ask me how but at rest the contection was good enough to start the car, but on accelleration or on a hill (battery sliding back) the connector would lossen and I would loose my ground. Since tigtening the connector, things are now quiet. I really appreciate all the help from everyone. Paul.
  2. Well I got up really early this morning with the intent of fixing this backfire problem. I followed everyones advice and eventually ended up at the distributor. I found if I taped it lighty the rev counter would bounce. I pulled the sprk plug leads, marked the cables with wire wrap numbers, and then proceeded to climb into the boot. I could not get my hand into the area required to remove the top clamp. I thought no problem I can flip it off with a large screw driver, but then how do I remove the lower clamp. Thats where I stopped, I could not get my hand underneath...Any advice here would be greatly appreciated...I thought that maybe the secret is removing the oil filter? So I carried on and replaced the front brake shoes...A cake walk by comparison. I took the car then for a test run to check the brakes out and boom bang the exhaust backfire was even worse, in particular climbing hills really started things off...The car rolled into my garage, and after an almighty bang I turned the engine off.
  3. Hi Luc, Yes thats me...Its weighs a bomb and sits on my office floor as a throphy of sorts. How about yours did your need it buy for "Just in Case" insurance? Paul
  4. Well its not the rev limiter. I took it for a run today, let things warm up and booted the car, turbo kicked in and it accellerated fine, on easing off the gas pedal, tacho dropped to zero, hunted up and down and then backfired backfired ... If I press the clutch in and let it cost it calms down... Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have not pulled the distributer yet as I am not sure how to get at it. The wiring to it seems to be fine.
  5. Well I finally got my car back out after the long winter. All went well and after taking it for a run the problem came back After reading the wiring diagram i am convinced its the rev limiter. I am not sure where this is located in the car any help in this area would be grateful. Paul.
  6. Have placed order thank you.... Paul.
  7. has not set their status

  8. I will disconnect the wires from the coil and reconnect them. Thanks for the replies, do you think the rev limiter may have an effect?
  9. I would greatly apprecaite any help. I took the car on a rally today, covering about 300 miles. Its the first real drive I have given the car. When the car gets up to speed and you ease off the throttle the rev counter drops to 0 and then bounces, the engine seems to stall and then it back fires. It only happens when you DONT load the engine. I found that if I build up speed the boost guage climbs. The minute I ease of the throttle to maintain the speed it happens. I find if I press in the clutch and dont touch the throttle its OK. Any ideas... Am I looking at an electrical problem? (backfiring), why is the rev counter dropping to zero, and then boucing back to life? Any advice would be appreciated... Paul.
  10. Entered the Car in Brits on the Lake..Port Perry, took 1st place best in class. Here are some pictures at the how. Paul.
  11. Thanks for the welcome. Here are a couple of pics of my Elise. I'll take some of the Esprit later today. Paul.
  12. Hi to everyone...I am located in Port Perry Ontario, I am the proud owner of a 1985 Esprit Turbo and a Lotus Elise. I would be interested in meeting up with any members that are local and would like to exchange ideas or work on their cars, runs etc. I have a Garage hoist and would welcome anyone that wants to use it, oil changes, fluid (Brake and Clutch) change, brakes etc.. Regards, Paul.
  13. I checked the fuel lines last night and these have all been changed by a previous owner. The problem of the fuel smell and rev counter bouncing is when you are driving a long, drop down a gear, if you lightly touch the gas pedal the car hunts, the rev counter bounces around and the car acts as if its going to cut out and you get a gas smell. If you keep your foot totally off the gas pedal it clears. I really would appreciate any ideas? If the rev counter bounces is that an electrical fault?
  14. The petrol smell is only there when the car is running. I noticed that in Over drive 5th gear there is no hesitation, only when you drive along at speed. if you are in 4th gear or 3rd gear the car starts to hunt and the rev counter goes erratic. The car feels like it is stalling but does not, then I get a smell of petrol... Its as though I loose an electrical signal, and the fuel goes un burnt??? could that cause the smell... Thanks...
  15. Looking for advice: My 1985 Turbo Esprit was delivered last night: So today I took it out for a blast. I noticed that at low idling if you are touching the throttle the car would hunt, the rev counter needle bounces from 0 to XXXRpm and then you got a strong smell of petrol. I called the garage where I bought it to be told thats normal??? Also I noticed that once the engine got really hot the hood fan above the engine does not come on? I shorted the thermostat switch, no go...Tested the plug, had a ground but no feed. I energized the fan cables and works OK...Is this fed from a relay and if so where is it located, or is there another switch required to give a + feed. While I'm at it...I noticed the engine cover has a switch and there is another "Breaker" for better words to the right of this switch, any help here? I desperatley need a wiring diagram, any help??? Thanks, appreciated.
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