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  1. Curious, approximately how much is one of these going to cost and Barry can you describe what advantages it gives?
  2. Bit of a thread resurrection here but I was wondering if anyone knew what happened to the moulds for the doors, bonnet, tailgate and bumpers. Were they rescued?
  3. I’m both excited (that a new Esprit is coming) and sad (that I won’t be able to afford it)...
  4. I just don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling that this instructor did any kind of instructing...
  5. I agree the guy talks a lot of sense. He identified all the markers to be wary of, cold temps, first session of the day, novice in a fast car, instructor who didn't give a tosh etc and learned from them. As to him taking responsibility for his own actions, that's not right. He was under instruction, the instructor has a duty to instruct, not to put the novice driver in a bad place ending in a crash. A good instructor should build a rapport first, get the student to build speed gradually so he/she can feel for the limits safely in a controlled environment. If the student comes away having
  6. The oversteer thing can be exacerbated by worn or old rear tyres (not in your case they're new) and poor alignment. Just be cautious of the often cited experience of exiting a roundabout (plenty of camber and direction changes) particularly in the wet and then putting your foot down (big slug of turbo coming in all of a sudden). Worth visiting a skidpan and looking at lift-off oversteer if you are unfamiliar. The Esprit handles superbly, it's a Lotus! Sounds like a lot of the big mechanicals have been sorted but the finesse stuff like the gearchange mechanism can really make the car annoy
  7. Well my misfire was a multitude of things. First, there was an air leak with a blown gasket between the manifold and turbo. Second, the plugs were changed due to 1 and 4 running rich (or lean can't remember) but this may have been a symptom of the actual reason which may have been the fuel pump which was making a grumbling noise. It wasn't immediately obvious due to the noise the vacuum pump making that was hiding the noise from the fuel pump. Now, with a new fuel pump etc it goes erm, rather [haironfire] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. I have one fitted, I've done track days and racing with and without it. I'd say that the performance comes into its own coming out of bends where you can get away without losing energy through the spun up inside wheel. On the open diff you really do have to wait until it gets traction before nailing it and it seems like an age before blast off...Also the inside wheel will spin up regardless of having sticky tyres on, just you'll do it at slightly higher speeds. With the Quaife fitted I don't really notice it until the back lets go, then you have to be quick because both tyres have lost gr
  9. How did you spot it? Mine has a spluttering habit now, suspect fuel pump/filter. They're the originals...
  10. Oh God don't. I've had my hopes dashed too many times...
  11. Just been looking to clear out some of the gumf from my laminating and have decided to offer the moulds of the bonnet and RH door, 2 parts each. Anyone wants them you are welcome to take them away, to use them again they will need a little rubbing down on some areas with wet and dry but are in good condition. Bear in mind the work that goes into simply making a mould and it could save a whole lot of effort. Also, I have the front splitter in carbon, directly moulded from the original and about a third of the weight in carbon fibre. Not saving much weight of course as the original is as he
  12. Finished today at 7pm. Parked up at home having unloaded and settled down with a cup of tea. Rather pleased with myself, however.
  13. - Whats a the cost to run a season? Very open-ended question and I know will vary depending on what series. entirely open ended. How to make a small fortune in racing? Start with a big one... I race an Esprit, Not the easiest car to set up initially, cage is difficult to make and expensive. (3500 quid roughly) Race licence, helmet, suit boots gloves undies and Hans are expensive but you can work it down to a budget if you aren't a fashion queen. (500-600 for the clothes 250-300 for the hans roughly) Tyres are super expensive, I constantly hunt for surplus or end of series tyres.
  14. Well I have just replaced my old SJ system with a new one on my S4. Cat replacement and backbox, all stainless including the brackets (unlike the SJ system which were welded on mild steel and which ultimately killed it after 12 years or so). It's also repackable with a removable end pipe and is sleeved at the join between the downpipe and backbox then clamped. 20" silencer so not too loud but still has a nice growl when revving through a tunnel. Having seen some of the loud stuff on other cars, especially without silencers, I don't know why I've lived with the droning 'noise' for so long. I ex
  15. Geoff does that when he swaps my tyres. He marks the heavy side of the tyre and wheel and rotates them so they spin roughly opposite to each other, this either cancels out the imbalance or reduces it so the amount of weights required to almost nil. Works well and reduced unsprung mass, if that's your thing... You're in Bournemouth? He's just up the road from you then.
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