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  1. Sounds like the float level may be to high. Cheers Jim
  2. Didn't know they made a hardened sleeve for this shaft. I just bought a new one from Martin, since the mainshaft end of mine was stripped. Cheers Jim
  3. You may be right, I did not have a choice with mine, the splines were stripped. It was about 3 years ago that I did mine. In that case I would twist the clutch shaft back and fourth and feel for excessive slop in the splines. I would also check it while pushing in a little on the shaft (it is spring loaded towards the engine). If the splines feel good I would not worry about it. If there is excessive movement then it would be worth taking a look while you have the gearbox out. Note there should be some slop, I would expect good ones to have less than 0.005 inches of slop, for a spline that is about to fail I would expect to see more than 0.015 inches. Cheers Jim Crank end of the clutch shaft with nylatron washer installed. Stripped out splines on the mainshaft end of the clutch shaft
  4. Arrgghh I just got a new computer, right now it is not letting me load photos on the internet. Anyway the end of my shaft where the spigot bearing goes did not have a step in it, it had a chamfer instead. My spigot bearing had an o-ring seal in the end of it. That oring section protruded out where the chamfer was in the crankshaft. The area under the needle bearings was supported by the crank bore. The clutch shaft comes out of the gearbox mainshaft. If the nylatron washer is not compressing the clutch shaft slightly, the clutch shaft will rub on the hardened snap ring that holds it in place. That makes a nice lapping paste and wears out the splines in the main shaft. I would recommend taking the clutch shaft out and inspecting the splines that go in the mainshaft. I had to replace both the clutch shaft and the mainshaft on my car. Cheers Jim
  5. The photo of the clutch disk is a little difficult to tell the depth of the rivet but I would say the disk has about 20 to 30% of its life remaining. However almost all clutch disks are the same, if you have measured it against a new disk and found them to be similar, I would trust that more than the photo I see. Option 5 is the right location for the nylatron washer. The spigot bearing looks like it is to far in to me. From memory, the workshop manual indicates that it should be flush with the end of the crank, but the workshop manual does not show the chamfer next to the spigot bearing either. Cheers Jim
  6. Note the Holley pump is the same style as the Bosch pump, it is not your typical Holley pump you usually see. If you search the internet for a Holley projection 15 psi pump you can see some photos of it. I searched for a Bosch pump too, and was not able to find one with the right specs. I am sure it is out there, but since my car no longer had the original pump I was not able to use it to find the right part number. Cheers Jim
  7. Assuming you are using carbs, 43 psi is too high. Dellortos need 2.5 to 4.5 psi plus 8 psi to compensate for boost, for a total of 10.5 to 12.5 psi. Since it is regulated you can go a little higher than that, but not to much. I am running a Holley projection 15 psi fuel pump. It works perfectly and was only $150. Merry Christmas Jim
  8. On the 4 or 5 tanks I have checked it, I am getting about 21 MPG (US) driving to work on the freeway in rush hour traffic on my 84 TE. Cheers Jim PS my Rolls get about 13 MPG on the highway.
  9. Rodewaryer, I see you are in town. Do you have the blue S1 I saw in NE Mesa a couple of years ago? I had an S1 too (yellow) for a while, also a S2 (gold) and currently a Turbo (black). What exotic car show where you going too? I assume I missed it. If you are interested there is a Lotus club meet at the Rock Bottom Brewery on Shea next to the 101 on Thursday the 21st (third Thursday of every month at 7 PM, Loti park NE of the resturant) if you are interested. Note your a member if you show up... no dues. Also on the first Saturday of the month there is a cars and coffee meet at Scottsdale Road and Doubletree it normally runs from 8 AM to 10 AM (a little earlier in the summer). Quite a few exotics show up. We have seen everything from a real 250 GTO to a Fiat 600. Everyone is welcome. Hope you get your car back on the road soon, keep us posted. Cheers Jim
  10. When I had this problem it turned out to be a vacuum (it also reads boost too) line under the intake plenum that was cracked. The fuel pressure is always regulated to 4.5 psi over boost, so if vacuum line is leaking it can not regulate properly. If the system if hooked up properly this line is also tied into to the boost gauge. When I had this issue I was only reading 4 psi boost. Cheers Jim
  11. I had this happen on another car. To fix it, I sprayed about half a can of WD in the door (by sticking the nozzle between the glass and the rubber and aiming it at the lock and door latch), while working both the interior lock and the key. After having a few words with it I got it to work again. Cheers Jim
  12. Stabilus is the factory strut. In the USA they are sold as part number SG237003, which is the same stut as orginally fitted (when I got the strut it had the same part number on it as the original factory one did). I purchesed them though BAP for $64 each. They have a phone number you can mail order them, 800 321-0581. Cheers Jim 84 TE
  13. My car had the same syptoms. I found the idle mixture adjustment screws were dirty. After cleaning them the car ran fine. You may also want to check the idle progression holes to see if they are clean, they can cause the same problems. To see the idle progression holes just remove the large screw by the idle mixture screw. Under it you will find 6 holes if any of them are dirty it will cause an off idle bog. Cheers Jim
  14. In regards to the transmission popping out of second gear. I have never been lucky enough for it to just be a spring. The gearboxes I have had this problem with have always been a worn out slider and worn out engagement splines on the gear. To fix it I've always had to replace both parts. Which means a full gearbox rebuild is in order. Cheers Jim 79 Esprit S2 84 ET
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