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  1. Sounds like a good idea, I can possibly make the July one but not the August meet as I'm on the club lotus stand at Bealieu supercar showdown. Weekends are generally better for me and I'm always up for a meet to see new faces etc To throw another venue in the mix could be the West Meon Hut (A32 / A272 crossover) There's quite often meets around here and theres a biker café across the road so always lots going on and something different to see. The West Meon Hut is not far from the Flower pot pub suggested so is quite central for those in Hampshire. I know of another member whos also local that would be up for meets too. Do any of you go to the Newlands meet on the third Sunday of each month?. In fact that's this sunday!. Its a bit of a trek but also good
  2. Hi there, OK so Ive been a member now for many years but have never actually introduced myself. So here goes... My name is Luke and I come from Gosport in the South of England. I have a 1985 Esprit Turbo which Ive owed for 7 years now and have a little interesting sory to tell. Many of you I'm sure are familiar with Classic cars magazine, some of which may subscribe to it. Well it so happens that a recent feature of theirs is that a reader can drive their dream car. All you have to do is email them with your top ten cars you would like to drive and give your clasic car CV. If your lucky you will be picked Well I was lucky but not just once but twice!! So my top ten list included iconic cars that were relevolutionary in its day, which is what I thought would be the best way to get a drive, Of course I included a Lotus but felt that to include several Loti would seem obsessive. So I got an email from two different Journaists for two different cars from the list. At first I thought it was a prank as I'm never that lucky. The first was to drive a Porche 356 and the second a Ferrari Testerossa. Well the Journalist with the Porche managed to locate a car at Autobarn in Oxford to which I duly accepted the invite and travelled down to drive the car. Photoshoot calamities aside it was actually a nice car in good working order. This article was published in the January 2014 addition of the magazine. Ok so I thought that was that,,, but no. A few weeks later I received an email from the other Journalist saying he had found a Testerossa to drive at Foskers (Brands Hatch) and was I up for it. At the time I thought there must be some mistake because you are only suppost to get the chance to drive one of the cars from the list not two!! So I went along with it and made the journey up to Brands Hatch in the Lotus (just to cause a stir! Foskers BTW are a Ferrari specialist) And yes I got to do the whole thing again with the ferrari. Being that I had turned up with the Lotus the photograher suggested we do a scene shoot of cat and mouse with me in the Lotus and the Journalis in the Ferrari. Fun as it was the Lotus outferformed the Ferrari around the uneven narrow roads surrounding Brands Hatch. Albeit the Ferrari was on storage tyres which must have been as old as the car since they were as hard as nails and somewhat dangerous through the bends. But the journalist even said he had trouble keeping up! Just goes to show a well oiled Lotus can match the best of competition! Nethertheless I did eventally get a call from the editor of classic cars (a little upset I must say) saying that they have made an error in giving me another drive (appartently the journalists don't speak to the publication team) but still wanted to publish the article!. However thay insisted in making a few changes to the details in which I was renamed Kevin Metcalfe and starred in the February edition. (By that time I had grown my winter beard, hence why they did not recognise me when editting) BTW they also changed the top ten car list also since they did not want any bad press. I Thought I'd share that with you. Happy motoring
  3. Saw a red excell turning into a BP petrol station today around 10.30 am. Saw it from a far but couldn't miss the shape. Didn't catch the reg. Anyone local on these forums?
  4. lukelet85

    yellow gt3

    saw a yellow gt3 on an S plate driving out of Gosport, Hampshire around 2.45 this afternoon. Anyone on here?
  5. Saw a blue G - turbo today heading into Hayling Island around 16.00. Looked like an early one, possibly a dry sump Anyone on here?
  6. I,m up for that. I'm sure it was in June last year ? 1) Mike6 2) Obione 3) Tinywilly 4) lukelet85
  7. I know of someone who had rebuilt a rover v8 and after running the engine in he found the engine to be sluggish. He actually put a can of restore into the engine and it completely transformed the engine for him. He may not have checked compression on the cylinders etc when completing the rebuild and therefore restore worked. I have a friend who posted a similar question on a bmw forum but did not get any responses. I'm guessing its not overly popular in britain compared to maybe the us market. Regards,
  8. Hi there, Has anyone heard of a product called Restore, by a company called Ametech It is an engine restore product added to the oil containing micro particles designed to fill and seal cylinder walls such as scratches etc resulting in improved compression, fuel economy, BHP and generally smoother running of the engine. This company states big claims as to its ability and i'm just wondering whether anyone has used this product and whether they have had any improved results (or adverse ones) thanks, Luke
  9. Hi Mark, I saw your car in sportomotive last August as mine was in there for cam gasket replacement etc, and like yours mines got a small exhaust leak which you can hear on the over run. I had some concerning issues regarding knocking noises on the overrun as well as the exhaust leak which i will need to sort out sooner rather than later which is either main bearings or big end (until it is investigated i wont know for sure) but very much a result of an after market adjuster put on the turbo by the previous owner, causing it to overboost (also a reason for bringing the car in for service) Dave at sportomotive mentioned the racket that your car made when it came into them (luckily mines not that bad) There are so many threads on this forum about people who insist on getting more power out of the standard engine, all with serious consequences! How is your rebuild going?? i will more than likely be bringing my car back to them early next year to sort out my issues (expensive X-mas for me) Regards, Luke
  10. Many thanks, i will take this into account
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me diagnose the problem with my engine, symptons are as follows: * there is a rasping / popping sound from the exhaust (on the overun only) when the engine has warmed up * The engine is eating the spark plugs (i have changed them twice now in the last 6 months and only covered about 600 miles), when i took the spark plugs out last weekend they were burn't out and after replacing them i fired the car up only to find a big cloud of smoke from the exhaust, it settled after a half a minute but was still smoking when throttling up. * when taking the plugs out i found a lot of oil in the spark plug locations (and the plugs were covered in oil (maybe head gaskets gone ??) * When i have been using the car i have been smelling petrol from time to time * Finally when the engines warm it is idling at approx 1000 revs which is far too high (oil and temp reading as they should do by the manual) I'am a novice and have limited mechanical experience but i'm wondering if the above problems are linked. In any situation i feel the carbs may be at fault Any ideas would be appreciated Many regards, Luke
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