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  1. Jon, Indeed, the head gasket from Lotus is manufactured by Goetze. It should seve your needs well. Just make sure the nip measurements are within spec, the liners have a habit of digging into the block at the seat. Race engines used a specially made steel ring to combat this. If the nip isn't correct, even the Goetze gasket will fail. STEVE S.
  2. Lotus used Coopers rings in the race engines, requires a lipped liner. Coopers rings were 40 GBP each last time I bought some. You still need to use a composite head gasket with the firering removed when fitting Coopers rings. Cometic will manufacture a laminated steel gasket if you want to purchase 100 or more, maybe a group buy would help here. Cometic's composite gasket doesn' measure up to Lotus' Goetze gasket. Other engine builders have used solid copper head gaskets, but sealing the water passages is somewhat problematic with copper. A Goetze gasket should hold up to 400 horsepower if you don't use increased boost alone to get you there. STEVE S.
  3. The racecars with the large wings also had the larger transom. I do not know who molded the transoms, but there are three recessed grooves in the top of the transom for mounting the supports for the wing. Whatever Lotus says about the combination of wing and transom applies only to the roadgoing cars they built. The GTI/GT2 wings as mounted interfere with the rear hatch opening. It was not a concern for the racecars as the hatches were lightwieght and lifted off, not hinged as the road cars are. SPA Technologies can build wings out of carbon or alloy, to any design. If one is serious about putting a wing that works on their car, I would talk with them or one of their competitiors. The stuff on e-Bay is probably as effective (if that) as any of the Lotus factory wings. I will be using a GT2 transom and wing for my car. STEVE S.
  4. The electric one comes from a Saab, can't remember which model. Steve
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