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  1. Turning off the M18 onto the A1 this afternoon.
  2. Maybe of interest to a forum member.
  3. ring me on 07948910555 would be better than trying to use the forum
  4. What is usually needed in these cases is to do a callback through the box itself, this usually gets it up and running immediately. If you can plug it into a phone socket I can talk you through the callback procedure.
  5. if you go into the setup menu, is the card number displayed in the card no. box?
  6. Used to contract for Sky a few years back, basically the card hasn't paired to the box for some reason, have you replaced it recently with another privately bought e.g. eBay etc?
  7. Problem with sourcing parts from other vehicles! Try gluing one of these subtly over the existing vent
  8. Funny as everyone who sees the car, the first thing they comment on is how good they make the car look (well each to their own I guess!). Besides when you're packing so many horses you need the 10 inches of rubber on the back to stop the car wheel spinning!!
  9. Just wondering if anyone has any they can send me, looking for the lotus badge, esprit turbo writing and an outline of the car would be great if anyone has them in vector format. Basically need them for my new dashboard which I've had cut out of mirror acrylic and want to jazz it up a bit.
  10. doesn't explain my gate - checked the main board and the receiver module isn't working, ordered a new one yesterday and hoping that sorts as the next step is to replace the whole mainboard
  11. Went to my Citroen van today and the remote key fob didn't work until I was right next to the drivers door, never played up before... went to open my electric gates to drive out - didn't work! Never played up before today... Later that day when the wife got home she said she had problems with the Freelander remote fob! Now this is weird - solar flares perhaps? Just wondered if anyone else had remote problems today...
  12. My old poor unloved car again! it has that date on the log book but it I presumed it was in connection with the CATD write off against it. I hope it ends up with a proper owner soon - it really was a corker of a car!
  13. quite amusing!
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