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  2. I am going through the controls on the Elite. My problem centers around the vacuum regulator. I have traced and tested the lines and it is where my leak is. I can not find a sequence of operation on the controls in the manual. The heater is controlled off the regulator. There is also a line from the regulator to a control for the heater. My question is about the vacuum regulator. Is it regulating the amount of vac or just being a switch for the heat? There is a modulator connected to the regulator. I can not find anything about it in the manual but it looks adjustable from the diagram description. The regulator is in the worse spot possible. On top of the unit and behind everything. if I could find something to replace the regulator, I could just mount it in a easy to access spot and just re-pipe. Chris
  3. Part #8 is the bearing I am thinking about. It is a small needle roller bearing that I have had trouble with in one other trans. Two decades go I spent allot of time in a Lotus shop and the owner had an Elite. This bearing was the major problem he saw in the boxes he repaired. This is why I suspect it and I had a trans with that problem five years go.
  4. That was what i just finished today. I had to check that off the list. One tire, left rear had a small imbalance. The other three were still good. Rotated tires and test drove. Vibration still there at 70. Comes and goes at 60 depending on power. Accelerate in 4th to 70 and then push in clutch. No vibration till I push in the clutch and also when I pull it out of 4th and into 5th. Vibration in 5th. I am sure that all the small things had added to the vibration issue and masked what was going on. There is less vibration then yesterday, but it is still there. I took the car on a spirited run through the country roads and it preformed great. Never got above 4th. The car is great till I get to high speed. No noise, just vibration. The mystery continues. Chris
  5. Getting the line installed as a service item is not very easy. I have had success fishing a heavy wire (12 ga) through the existing holes inside the frame. Keep the rubber grommets in place. I bent a ball on the end of the wire and inserted it inside a new metal fuel line. Crimp the end of the line around the wire and with help pull and feed the new line through the frame. Use some lube on the pipe to keep it from hanging up at the grommets. Chris
  6. How can I see the old register to see if my four cars are on there? Chris
  7. Everything was fine with years of driving without this problem. It started last spring. The propshaft u-joints were also replaced. They were getting bad but that seems to not be the basic problem. When the problem started it would happen at 70 and above.It now comes in at 60. The car has 46k miles on it. I am the second owner. I have replaced almost everything and what is left has been checked out by myself and a shop. I know there is a bearing in the trans that can go bad about 45k. It is between the motion shafts. Five years ago I swapped out a low mileage trans for a Lotus event. The engine was out for repairs and it seemed like a good idea. There was nothing wrong with the trans but a lower mileage unit would give me more time till something else happened. At the 11th hour I just had time to do a short test drive and put it on the trailer for a two day journey to the event. To my surprise a trans out of a 18k mile car was worse than the 40k that was in the car. Once home I swapped the original trans back. Chris
  8. I have been tracking down a vibration issue with the 76 Elite. Above 60 mph the vibration comes in and gets worse with speed. better in fourth gear ans worse in fifth. Clutch depressed or replaced the same. Drieshaft u-joints replaced Rear hub bearings replaced trans mount replaced rear bushings inspected and replaced as needed rear diff checked replaced bad anti-roll bar bushing to lower arm and arm bushing I have a concern it is in the trans. I am thinking about the little needle roller bearing between the shafts. Any test for this or other tests for the trans? Chris
  9. LOG 33 has been relocated and the date changed. Corning NY in Aug. Please check with the club for details
  10. Found the nut. When it comes form Dave Bean I hope to have a part number on with it.
  11. With the nut off the body can be painted up to it. Sometimes you get lucky and the post will drop some into the body and be pulled back up later. The nut is larger than the Europa. The stem coming up is about 3mm large than a Europa.
  12. I am trying to remove the nut for the wiper wheelbox. Is there a replacement nut if I cut this one off? Trying to get the car ready for paint. The 8 point nut will nut move. I would cut it off if there was a replacement. The chrome trim on the sills is held on with metal clips. I have checked and Lotus still sells some but they are plastic. After getting some they do not seem to fit the molding. Has anyone had success with these?
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