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  1. 113. Going shopping, forgetting you've taken the Esprit and buying something bulky. 114. Nice ferrari mate..........grrrrrrrr!!!! 115. People who sit on your bonnet Does 109 not sound like the Esprit???? 109. Plastic toys that break after 5 mintues of opening.
  2. And this one is pretty good too Who needs crash bobbins when your bike just stays on two wheels
  3. Ok not been back in here for a while ever since I got rid of the S4. A big hello back to all those who knew me for the 5 years I was on here Bibs, Kimbers, Jonathan Anyway I came accross this and had to share it. Anyhow still without Lotus not been tempted back yet and still enjoying the SRT8 Jeep, and gone back to two wheels (Yamaha R1). So anyone seen the old girl on here then??? Waynef
  4. Check your rear wheel bolts are tight as if loose you'll get a bang bang noise through the car Waynef
  5. Erm .....................its not the corvette Clicky A proper family car, managed to get 23mpg out of her the other day Waynef
  6. Guy (Especially you Bibs and Cliff oh and of course Kimbers) it has been great meeting you all and meeting up at various meets. After five years of ownership, much expense and more smiles than ever I am no longer an Esprit Owner. I just wanted to say what a great forum this has been and without it running an Esprit would be a nightmare. I'll still be in and out on here and will no doubtedly still attend a few meets (Not in an Esprit of course). I know this is the introductions Forum but there is no Good bye forum so to all of those who I have met 'Jonathan, Roger' i'll still be about on here. And Finally Bibs, fantastic forum Thanks and a Big Goodbye and as Arnie would say "I'll be back". Waynef
  7. Interesting that you decided to re'use the original metal plates. I binned mine and replaced them with the plastic surround version which has four long plastic adjusters. The base plate I re manufactured from aluminium and the drilled the surrounds to fit. I binned the originals due to the fact they're made of mild steel and corrode really badly. At least you got them to fit in the end though And they look good. I want to fit an HID and washer system to mine next.
  8. I agree totally Mark, Reading is the last place but I was visiting one of my clients to give IT training in the morning trust me i'd have been off down the coast if it were my choice
  9. Bibs I must be getting old then hehe I prefer my creature comforts in the wet and the higher up driving position of the company barge lol. Esprit would be an all weather car and and every day car but I reckon i'm probably one of the few to have put on over 50,000 miles in five years. It would be good to see or hear if others have.
  10. IT's definately shiny as not really driven it much this year so nothing more to do than polish her. The Only reason i took her to Reading that day was because it was a very hot day. I had the roof out if it was me
  11. I used to use mine a s a daily having put almost 50,000 on the clock since owning. This year to date i've covered less than 500 miles, it pains me to see her not used. I do try and take her out as much as possible but the weather this year (i know crap excuse) has been diabolical) However since being parked up she has had new red carpet set installed, new speakers, centre console and leather all retreated like new, looks amazing now. She's also had New rear disks, new sports mini silencer, full C service, lots of hoses replaced, lots of things tightened must'nt forget that. And is about to have the wheels dark chrome finished. So maybe not using her as much means i get to do the thing normally i could'nt. This week I will be using her as a daily driver as my Renault key card stopped working yesterday when i went through a body scanner at Regus???? WTF!!! Renault have said its 10 days to get keycard ordered from france then ontop of the £135 for the card another £50 to have it matched...... Oh well at least i get to drive the Esprit lets hope the weather improves
  12. I was heading towards railway station at some point got lost due to traffic road works on main roundabout lol i have the V8 monoblocks but still have midmounted spoiler. number plate ends *** 5lob Waynef
  13. Was coming out of Reading in the S4 on Friday at about that time.
  14. Would i be right in saying (ignore the rear seat space if not fitted) the Esprits boot is bigger than the Evora's. I'm 6'1 and can squeeze in the boot a lot easier than the pic of that guy in that link. Normal practice to get in the boot of the S4 when working on her. I can fit the childrens buggy in the boot, along with carry cot, overnight bag and a few other bits. Will be taking my one year old to Breakfast club at Goodwood this Sunday so will have the buggy onboard
  15. Maybe the increase is to make up for the Icelandic c$*k up that so many Councils invested their precious savings with and now we're paying it back......
  16. Well apparently the bin is to do with the property and if the bin was missing e.g. if i moved in and it was not there they would replace free of charge. As its damaged it the home owners responsibility. I am going to request a FREE second recycling bin 240 lt and use this instead. No way will i part with the £80. As for buying the cheaper ones i've been told that only council bins can be used by their trucks if not they will not empty them. And trust me i was tempted to go nick one and swap it from the local park but knowing Winchester council they've microdotted them or something 2nd FREE Recycling bin is the way to go Its made me realise what a cheap state we live under yet everything is sky high ££££'s
  17. I could not agree more, £228/month surely has to go somewhere
  18. Ok so we all know companies are tighter than ever at the moment but now the Councils seem to be following. Yesterday bin men come to collect my black wheelie bin, as they connect it to the truck it snaps the handle clean off spilling my rubbish on the road and ripping the back of my bin clean off. What happens next is classic: Binman: we can't collect your rubbish as your bins now broken. Me: pick it up then Binman: we can't as we're not allowed to lift more than 20kg H&S and all that Me: Fine move out the way, i'll do it Binman: your not qualified Me: I'm more qualified than you, move out the way Binman: seriously sir you'll have to leave your rubbish Me: Fine i'll phone the council One call to the council Me: I'd like to have my bin replaced as the dustman have just broken the handle off it Council: Of course what's your address Me: i give address details Council: that'll be £80 Me: $%£&*** how much and why should i pay Council: If you do not we will not collect your rubbish and we'll fine you if your rubbish is left out Me: I'll think about it So what would the rest of you lot do then or am i being a pathetic tight wad? £80 is almost a new set of pads, or a new pair of jeans or ...the list go's on but not a BIN!!!!! So would you guys pay or not?
  19. That yellow V8 is an awesome piece of kit and i've been in it. You only have to blip the throttle in that and your facing the wrong direction. The guys is an absolute lotus nut and is so dedicated to the lotus and lotus heritage his son is actually called Ayrton. The diffuser on that thing is solely for the track as is the car. And trust me it go's like stink. Jon it used to be BRG and the guy sprayed it himself. like i said its not for asthetics that one but solely for his track days. He breaks lotus's and had a gorgeous BRG cat C which he was putting back together. I have purchased a fair few bits of him as he does seem to have a good selection of second hand spares.
  20. Bl**dy hell Rog...where did you come from??? I thought you'd disappeared lol... as for the cars each to their own i guess, lets just hope those idiots off chop shop dont ever get hold of a lotus...or did lepu actually do that diablo lotus hahaha
  21. Thanks guys i'll take a look when it stops raining I can't wait to get the old cream carpet out and replaced with a new red one with magnolia leather inserts. Thanks
  22. I'm starting to rip out my carpets and touch wood they are coming out perfectly leaving nothing stuck or left behind. The rear bulkhead carpet appears to be behind the centre storage pocket between the seats but i can see no obvious bolts or screws holding this on. Has anyone got any idea how this is held in place. It looks like it might be the centre transmission tunnel but again no obvious signs of bolts or screws? Any help would be appreciated
  23. Hi Cliff I second the comment about be careful of windsheild, I cracked mine four years ago removing the binnacle and hardly touched it You know where I am as not too far from you so if you want to pop over one evening or weekend, I know first hand on how to remove the binnacle safely now Waynef
  24. Jon I had a strong smell last year and had no apparent leaks it turned out on my s4 to be the fuel filler cap rubbers had gone. I replaced these and the smell disappeared. Worth a try and easy fix
  25. Without being biased great choice of car. I was in the same boat as you five years ago I chucked in my Mazda RX8 for my Esprit and first drive was awful. It was really hard to engage gears without crunching it was noisy it creaked, it had lots of wind noise, but it did one thing that no other car i've owned ever did........kept a smile on my face five years on. I sorted the clutch, I replaced the door seal rubbers, I replaced the gear linkages and even had the engine rebuilt even though it did not need it as was on 41000 when i got her. She has a high flow cat, is ported, bigger turbo, chipped and now has smaller straight through exhaust, grooved disks front and rear and is louder than ever. She still has a creaking sunroof, a louder than ever exhaust, oh forgot to mention the wider V8 wheels like yours so even noisier road noise and yet every journey is special, if i want to enjoy comfort i use the Espace V6 but The Esprit gives satisfaction and still gives me grin factor. No stereo, the windows down and roof out (summer time of course). After all is that not why you have the BMW for comfort Enjoy it its a great drivers car...and over time it'll make you a better driver none of that horrible driver gadgetry in modern cars.
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