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  1. I finally got these listed on ebay:
  2. Hey guys, Unfortunately, I have had to sell my S1 Esprit project car. I have a leftover set of Dellorto DHLA 45 carbs with intake manifold. I was just hoping that maybe some of you Esprit experts could shed some light on the value of these for me? Andrew
  3. In an effort to balance the budget on my S1 project it looks like I am going to need to sell some of my spares. I have a good set of Dellorto DHLA 45's and a 9xx intake manifold. Does anyone have a recommendation on where I should list these items for sale and what a good asking price may be? Thanks. Andrew
  4. I do have the engine block with serial number AC7 7703 13631. However, this is not the engine I am rebuilding to go into the Esprit. I will be assembling an '84 912 from an Excel. I considered using the original block, but it's main journals need to be line bored and the Excel block's do not. Andrew
  5. Engine sure didn't seem rebuilt when I took it apart. Very scored pistons, most bearings showing copper, valves didn't seal to valve seats, etc. Hopefully I will be reassembling it by next month, but there is still alot to do on the rest of the car. Andrew
  6. I have located a replacement AB14 locally through a shop specializing in old British cars. I was told it came from either a jag or late mgb. I have heard these sometimes have 2 wires coming out of them and sometimes 3. Is my understanding that this 3rd wire is for the tach correct? Should I connect the tach in my S1 this way, or should I go with the traditional connection at the coil? Andrew
  7. I suspect that my S1 radiator needs to be re-cored and I know that my fuel tanks need to be boiled out and sealed. Does anyone know of a good shop they would recommend for this work in Southern California, preferably in the San Diego area? I called a local shop that a friend with an old 911 recommended to me and was quoted $285 to boil out and seal an average 15 gallon tank, so probably more for my Esprit tanks. This seems high to me. Does anyone have any experience in this area? What should I expect to pay? Andrew
  8. Google turned up this list of Esprit paint colors including paint codes. Seventh listing down is A07 Roman Bronze:
  9. I am rebuilding an Excel 912 for my S1 Esprit, and the distributor that came with it is a Lucas 43DM4. This distributor requires an ignition module, Lucas AB14. After some further investigation I've found that the main chip inside this Lucas ignition module is a GM Delco part, easy for me to get as I am in California. My question is, do I need the whole Lucas AB14 ignition module, or can I use just the GM Delco part? Here is a picture of the component I am referring to: If I do need the whole ignition module, is it common to any cars I could find in a salvage yard here in California? Perhaps some old Jaguars? Andrew
  10. I can't remember if the seller claimed it to be rebuilt or not. At the least he claimed it to be a good used engine. I assessed it to be a good core and it is currently undergoing a full rebuild. Does anyone know where I could find a set of the chassis braces that reside in the engine bay? I am referring to the tubular braces that run from the sides of the chassis in the engine bay to the cross member above the transmission. My car is missing these braces and their associated hardware/brackets. Andrew
  11. Hey Tony, Sorry for the waayyy late reply. I did buy this car from a guy named Tom in San Rafael, about 20 minutes north of SF. He had the car listed on craigslist and lived about 5 mins away from where I did at the time. I had just sold my 65 Mustang and was planning to get a nice 944, but as soon as I set eyes on the Esprit I knew I had to have it. When I went over to the sellers house to check the car out he had it on a small lift in his garage. He raised it up so I could have a look at the underside, and that's when i noticed the lift wasn't bolted to the floor! Would you mind if I asked how much he was asking for the car when you were interested in purchasing it? I ended up paying $3500 for it, which included the original numbers matching block and head as well as a complete 912, 2 sets of Dellortos with manifolds and various other spares. The farther into this car I got, the more I realized how badly it was suffering from poor repairs and general neglect. At this point I have taken apart all of the cars mechanical systems, and all have required some level of overhaul. I wish I had taken a picture of the wiring before I redid it. Someone had poorly rewired the car without first removing the existing damaged wiring. The result was a bewildering rat's nest. My current goal is to have the car running and on the road by May. Andrew
  12. I work on/store mine in the garage at the house I am renting about 2 blocks from campus. I believe mine is number 236H, but I would have to go out to the garage to confirm that. Mine still needs quite a bit of work. I have been sort of stalled lately as many of my engine components have been at the machine shop since early summer. I am trying to get back into working on it though. New goal is to have the car running by spring break. We should meet up some time, I could use the motivation of seeing one that's close to done to get me back out in the garage working on mine lol.
  13. Hey Eric, Are you still at SDSU? I am also attending SDSU and working on restoring my yellow '77 S1. I have never seen an S1 in person other than mine and would like to check yours out if possible. Andrew
  14. My S1 Esprit has VIN 77-04-0236-H. Based on the information in my shop manual this means: North American market car #236 built in April of 1977. I was just wondering if this means my car is #236 of total S1 Esprit production, or of the cars destined for North America? Andrew
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