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  1. Thanks for the help everyone; I viewed the 'Deep Purple' GT3 at Peter Smith Sports Cars over the week-end and ended up buying it !
  2. Thinking of getting a cover to tuck-up the little beauty when i am away from home - any recommendations on the best ?
  3. Hi all, After having to sell my beloved GT3 back in 2003 due to financial circumstances I have finally managed to fulfil my promise made to myself at that time that I will again own a GT3. I am also delighted that the better half is now similarly enthused by the prospect (I have truly 'earned' my way back having done all the DIY - kitchen bathrooms, bedroom etc - you can think of !. I have been looking and viewing but have not yet found the right one. I have also tried to trace my previous one (ref. my registry entry) but it seems to have vanished. I would prefer the V8 dashboard, s
  4. I viewed the Green GT3 from e-bay over the week-end: really nice genuine bloke and i think he has been messed around by potential buyers at earlier attempts to sell. Colour is not my favorite, but worth a look if Racing Green is your thing. I also agree with earlier comment on the red GT3 at Nutley cars:- price is a little 'rich' although it does seem to be 'mint' and Nutley seem to be putting a premium on their known history of the car.
  5. Hi, In the interests of the Registry, I thought I would log the details of my beloved and much missed GT3 which I sold. I do not know its current whereabouts and have not spotted it since; anyone out there know? SCCEA0821WHC22258 GT3 - (Azure Blue) sold in January 2003 to guy from Staines, Middlesex (no not Ali G).
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