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  1. I have the opportunity to replace the rear springs and dampers on my '98 GT3 (getting the rear hub carrier assemblies replaced, so might as well change out the suspension whilst I am at it) ; Does anyone have any particular recommendations ? It is just for regular road use - not for track
  2. This thread does not do much for the reputation of the garage fraternity does it ! Sad but true. ( I once trusted an Esprit to the Lotus factory garage several years ago now, thinking that it would be the 'exemplar A1' of Lotus wrong I was, but that is another story) Sorry to hear about the failure of your weld-repaired hub carrier Mike -could have been very nasty. I wonder whether it is advisable to 'repair' the hub carrier casting by welding ? Knowing what i know now, i think I would advise anyone to simply replace and not get fobbed off with anything less.
  3. Great Article Jonathan - I really do fancy doing this job myself (taking time and making sure it is done right) but I might just get the Dealer to do it, given the Warranty situation. You ask about the Warranty, and I got the car from Peter Smith at Derby; His mechanics and body shop are top notch in my experience and have been very helpful to me with advice on one or two other minor troubles that i had to sort. I would not trust the car to many others. I have not spoken with them yet about this Hub Carrier problem because it only happenned this weekend. I'll let you know how things
  4. Thanks everyone; I agree that both sides probably in questionable condition. Given the age of the car (and i have the full history) it looks like it was put together fairly dry in the factory. The car is still under ised car warranty from the dealer i purchased it from back in August last year, so I will probably try and get this done by them rather than myself. Think i will probably get both sides done while we are at it - anything else anyone would suggest i get sorted at the same time ?. Thanks for your advice Roger - you have clearly had some experience at this and can tell a lot f
  5. Much to my alarm, I found a piece of rear hub carrier on the floor of my garage. Underside inspection revealed that the piece had apparantly fallen off the hub carrier where the stud passes through; see pic. From the look of the broken surfaces it looks like there had been a hair-line fracture for some time and was probably held in place by corrosion. Don't know how long i have been driving around with a fractured hub carrier and i guess the hair-line fracture would have been difficult to have picked up on inspection. Anyone else had a similar experience - and wondering whether this is
  6. Yeah - it was my plan to replace with bright white LED, but what seemed at first like an easy 2 minute job............... Thanks for the advice- I'll have another go, but £578 is a very good disincentive to struggling too long with this.
  7. Cest Moi ! Deep Purple actually (not Black - though you are forgiven because it is does look black except when the light catches it just right). GT3 with V8 wing.
  8. Mat, You are right Mat and i intend to post a detailed description once i have finally fixed the problem (i have still not got all the vacuum actuators working):- There have been quite a few threads on this topic, including this one 'Heater Control Module for GT3- Supplier ?' which i started recently when i thought that the control module was the problem. I am a newby here and have been reluctant to demonstrate my ignorance amongst the experts, but I think a run-down on the HVAC for post 98's would be useful; It has taken me ages to figure out how it all functions.
  9. Just to add that I have now managed to figure-out the configuration of the heater and ventilation system on my 98 Esprit (various diverter flaps conrolled by a mixture of stepper motor and vacuum actuators) ......and now get stacks of hot air into the footwell and/or screen, when i need it. No more cold feet for me...............
  10. Does anyone know how to prise the clear plastic cover from the interior ovrehead cabin courtesy light? I want to change the bulb and I can gently prise one end free, but the other will not budge. I don't want to be too heavy handed and crack the unit. Is there a 'knack' to this ?
  11. trying to trace and diagnose HVAC malfunction

  12. Thanks Guys- really useful responses; My Stepper motor seems to work ok (I think only one of these - located in the drivers footwell ? I ask because i think someone mentioned two in a thread i saw somewhere). Thinking about the module I rather agree with David that it unlikely to be the unit and more likely a failure /fault on the pneumatics connections etc; I will check those out at the week-end and post results. Thanks for the offer to swop a known functioning units - I may need to take-up that option. Watch this space !
  13. I am trying to trace fault on my HVAC (blower diversion to footwell and screen not working + Only Cold Air). After a bit of research I discovered that a Heater Control Module (located passenger footwell, behind wheelarch on RHD cars) can and does fail and it seems to control blower flaps and temperature. Further that no test procedure other than to replace and trial with 'known operating unit'. The problem:- Lotus Parts list as not in stock; "a bespoke part which the buyers are unlikley to re-order and will probably to be listed as obsolete" : Lots of help, thanks Lotus ! I don'
  14. Please excuse my ignorance - I did say that this HVAC stuff is a bit daunting ; but my 'distribution dial' sure enough activates a stepper motor which I can both hear and see working, but the stepper seems to be in the drivers footwell. Is the stepper that is behind the radio perhaps connected to the 'hot/cold' dial ?. The fact that my 'distribution dial' seems to activate ok, makes it odd that I don't get any airflow onto the screen or into the footwell, but it blows a gale and lifts my hairpiece (only joking - honest) when the dash vents are open.
  15. Thanks Jonathan; and from entries here and on other threads it seems that the esprit heater can work just fine (but ofeten doesn't). Anyone know where the stepper motor that is controlled by the cabin temperature knob is located (post '98 - electronic dials) ; how do i check it out ?
  16. Cold feet - me too ! And no hot air to the screen. I previously owned a '98 GT3 and got warm as toast (needed to because i lived in Aberdeen at the time) I now have another '98 GT3 (which i picked-up in the summer) and have struggled all winter with the cold and lousy/non existant de-mist. I have been researching several threads on this topic and feel overwhelmed and confused (matrix, diverters, solenoids, vacuum actuators...etc). I added to this thread because it is the most recently used -in the hope that someone out there can help; I get plenty of air blowing through the main cab
  17. SCCEA0828WHC22208 1998 GT3 Deep Purple Ian Pollard, Surrey, UK
  18. Hi All, Karen and I are hoping to be able to call-in tomorrow; we are not able to get to Wings and Wheels but might just make it to the pub for a quick drink: if you see the Deep Purple GT3 its me.
  19. Cliff, Quote :- Ian Welcome, I'll put you down as reserve as the display passes are already issued which I now have Thanks for that - sounds like a plan. BTW - did someone mention golf ? I am up for that - I am a member at The Drift club in East Horsley and would be happy to host fellow Esprit owners (plenty of room in the car park !)
  20. Hi GGHC87 Is there still any room on this ? I pick up my new GT3 on 19th and Dunsfold is only down the road so thinking of coming along.
  21. Fantastic Mr internets - love the LEDs.....I think i am actually drooling. Full Forum Membership is on my 'to do' list.
  22. You guys...... Never mind the lift looks great; I had a spolier on my last one too (as you see from my profile pic): Personally - I think they just look naked without it and you would not want to get out on the street nude would you ? PS - Bibs - how about sub-sections of the Forum for the 'well dressed' owners and the 'nude owners' (tee he)?
  23. A pic to be going on with...taken on Saturday at Peter Smiths; Under artificial light so does not really capture the full impact. i cannot wait to get some pics in the sunshine. BTW way - I like Peter Smith's showroom slogan !
  24. Pics will follow once i pick the Esprit up next week (one of the benefits ofcourse of buying from someone like Peter smith is that the car gets a thorough overrall/service and corrections of minor issues etc - at least that what i managed tio negotiate) As for meets - definitely on for that, and this includes the Le Mans Classique in 2010 (attending the last one in 2008 is what inspired me to get back into ownership because I visited as a passenger-only - and in a BMW would you believe !)
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