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  1. Cheers for the info, it kinda confirms my thoughts. I'm still in two minds about letting her go. It was a life long wish to own an Esprit which has been satisfied but now hooked its difficult but finances are now a factor. Anyway cheers.
  2. Yes It's very sad but time has come to let my beautiful S4S Turbo go. I think! I really would prefer to hang on to her but, needs must as they say. She is still in the nicest condition. Better than any new car on the road in my opinion. Has anyone any suggestions as to realistic prices these days.
  3. Da Spud

    S4 Esprits...

    I just happen to be about ready to let my S4S Turbo go to a Loving New Home, if'n you may be interested. Everything is good on her. Even a new clutch. Only problem is its your fav Azure Blue. In case you should change your mind about the colour. Anyway, let me know. Da
  4. thank you that was a link and a half! had a good read and apart from being scared of the bleeding bit feel i could take that on. thinking about when they had my car on ramps i can now remember seeing the red hose on the slave cylinder. another job to add to the list. thanks Daryl.
  5. this makes me sick. why can't they just get along and work together? at the end of this it should be about promoting and saving one of the last british legends. the car and the name !!! as an english man i am appalled that it has all come to the red little monster "CASH" They are only interested in profit, that is what killed Lotus in the first place. work together for the love of the name not think the name will work for you.
  6. as far as i know the only modd on her was a full stainless twin back box exhaust fitted by last owner a 67,000 miles. so i assume still have a red clutch hose. do not think it can be that though. never had a problem till clutch changed, the first test drive they did the 1st gear was 1 inch too far to the left but all other gears slipped in fine. they ajusted the cable and the slave cylinder till they got 1st gear, this resulted in losing 4th gear then they ajusted the other cable till they got all gears. when i collected the car you had to push the clutch pedal hard into the floor and 1st gear position still feels too far to left and too far foward then when you let clutch out about 2mm bang she bites add this to the tic over at 2000rpm and everyone thinks you are a boy racer showing off or you jump foward and stall looking a right pratt. so i think the cables are set wrong and the pedal travel is set wrong and probbaly the slave rod is set wrong too. had a look tonight and she is on 67,617 so in three years have done less than 600 miles in her(am almost a lotus virgin lol)
  7. red clutch hose? please could you explain where i would have to look to see, now you know why other people do my car lol!
  8. pics just as covers came off! needs a polish !!!
  9. thanks for the replys and advice. got a mate round today to get her started, he was reluctant as he only knows Honda's and he said the Lotus being a classic it needs care and someone with the right knowledge. flushed the tank and new fuel in, battery charged and she fired straight away. with his limited knowledge he took a look and thinks, as you say, may be some easy fixes for someone with the right know how. he thinks the garage who changed the clutch put undue strain on the gear solonoid and hence the reason the cable snapped and i had to get it replaced. he thinks it is just a case of fine ajusting being needed, as he said the solonoid and cable are new and the clutch only did 8 miles to home but they did not set the pedal travel to suit the new clutch so pedal is to the floor to change gears, maybe a 20 minute job to an expert, he thinks the auto electrician who rewired the injector loom may have put one wire wrong that is causeing the high idle speed and again down to the idiots who did clutch he thinks they may have snagged the loom when removing engine. he is asking if anyone can point him in the right direction on the colling fan issue. you can hear the relay clicking trying to cut in the fan but just can not track it down. any help would be appricated. thanks to Bazza 907 the insurance repair has come up trumps, i rang and they say all work done was covered for 5 years and it should be able to go back to the spray shop and have the bumper re-done FOC. if there is anyone local to the hampshire area that knows thier stuff and can help me in any way with these issues or and write up's we could look at please let me know, am in the situation that i would love to get her back on road but i still don't think i will be able to keep her for long, my heart says yes but my bank manager says no! thanks again for all the welcomes and best regards Daryl.
  10. just been on ebay as a friend said that a very similar car was for sale on there and yes. item number 270691952505 is a s4s in red on m reg mine is exact to it but in azure blue and tan leather inside and a year younger on n reg, even the same 3 piece oz wheels.
  11. Hello all. My name is Daryl and i am from Southampton, Hampshire. I have a Lotus Esprit S4S Turbo on a 1996 (N) plate. have had the car 3 years now and had a abit of a nightmare with her. i think she has the S4SC body kit or so i was told, will have to put some pics on so you can see what you think. when i first got her she was A1 and i loved it! after 6 months the clutch started to slip so took my time trying to find a gaqrage that could do the job for me, she went in and the clutch was fitted fine then they rang me to say that the car could not be started, they put it down to the alarm/immobilser after an arguement with them at thier cost they got in an auto electrican who nailed it down to the injector loom and said the garage had disconected this while fitting the clutch. when the car started the idle was up to 2000 rpm, another arguement but they reduced the clutch bill and told me to take the car away. on driving it home the gears were out of line a very hard to engage and the over rev on tic over was annoying to say the least. just to make it worse as i was going through a set of traffic lights the oncoming car turned right straight into my offside front wing, ouch!! he admitted his fault and the car was put in for full insurance repair, on my insistance new wing, arch and front bumper were fitted and sprayed in orignal dupont paint from usa (shipped over) back to pristine? yes till 3 months later when cleaning her on the front bumper appeared about 40 little blisters in the paint, iwas told by a pro sprayer that he thinks the people who sprayed the car must have let moisture get into the gun and the water got under the paint, the cold and hot weather made the water expand and contract causing the blisters. when another garage looked at the gear change they said that it was two cables and one had snapped and the actuator and cable needed replacing. in she went again! they tracked trhe actuator down to be from a land rover and fitted this but could not get the balance right on the clutch, there is an ajuster on the pedal travel that needs to be set up so gears will slide in more smoothly. on the way home from this the cooling fan failed to cut in and i could not find the fuse/relay so had to improvise on road side and fit a quick switch to manually turn fan on and off. she got parked on drive and has sat under her cover sulking now for 2 years. she was uncovered today and battery charged but i need help/advice. my skills are limited and funds even tighter and i am wondering if selling her would be the easy answer. for some one with the right know how the little jobs to be done would restore her to her former self. but i am still smitten with her!! please any help. thanks for reading yours hopefully. Daryl.
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