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  1. Lotus made its recommendation for the NCT replacements when they went out of production; they recommended P6000's... but now they went out of production also in the proper sizes. I know that Kumho makes the Ecsta ASX in the proper sizes, which is an UHP V-rated tire. I've been thinking about switching over to them as I've heard good things about Kumho in general, and the options are limited at this point.
  2. Yeah, no... it wasn't there before the clutch was done this second time. The rear brakes were done about three weeks prior though. I mean, like I said, there was always an occasional squeak, but not constant like this. Anyway, I brought it up this morning, and went out for a drive with my mechanic and he heard it as well. He applied a little bit of handbrake as we were driving and it seemed to change the pitch so we were thinking that it maybe had something to do with the rears. Went inside and put it up on the lift to have a better look, and while he didn't see anything that would obvio
  3. Shopping trolley? No, its the latest sound my car likes to make. So I finally picked it up today, after having the new, new clutch installed along with the new air intake hose. I decide to take the car out for a nice long drive, and notice some squeaking. Hmm. So I roll the windows down all the way to try and see if I'm imagining things, and nope, its squeaking like crazy. I say 'it' because I really don't know what is doing the squeaking. Its just extremely irritating and definitely noticeable. Think old rusty shopping trolley. I've always heard the occasional squeak, but not like this
  4. I think that everyone would agree that I probably have the dubious honor of winning this little contest. According to my best guess off the top of my head, I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 in parts and labor. I'd have to check my records though, just to be sure. But that just means I can add $30k to the price if when I want to sell it, right guys? Hahahahaaa... just kill me now.
  5. On an Esprit, the body isn't integral to the chassis, so the glass roof doesn't effect the stiffness or handling of the car. The only thing is that it might be slightly heavier, but not enough to be consequential, I would imagine. Beyond that, I've been in a glass-roof Esprit and it really does add greatly to the driving experience.
  6. Yes, I did buy a new intake pipe which was delivered to them last week... and their parts department promptly lost it. Soooo they're buying me another one of those as well. And I know they have the workshop manual too... because I gave it to them! But yeah, they've actually been in contact with JAE and Dave Bean with a lot of the work in general, particularly the turbo replacement. I'm just baffled by all this. Literally everyone I know is telling me to just sell the friggin thing at this point and put myself out of my misery. Sparky said he'd be in touch with me next time he can mak
  7. Ok, update number two: Put the shop in touch with Dave Bean Engineering, who sold us the mounts in the first place. As it turns out, there is a set of large washers that are to be installed with the mounts, which were not installed. My shop said that the car didn't have them when I brought it in the first time, and they're not overly familiar with the setup so they didn't know to order them the first time around. This caused the new mounts to break, apparently. So thats that. Anyway, they've worked out what needs to be done and are going to be ordering new ones and installing them fre
  8. Funny you should ask, because I was just about to start a new topic on this, as I spoke to the shop about 5 minutes ago. So we came to an agreement that they'd replace the clutch for me in the spirit of our working relationship (i.e. without actually admitting they did something wrong), which is fine with me, as I just want the car fixed. The parts were ordered (disc was on backorder so it took a little bit of time for everything to arrive), but they installed this week and was planning to pick the car up tomorrow. Anyway, I got a call from the mechanic this morning telling me that as
  9. The seller keeps referring to it as an S2 though?
  10. Hahahahaa I've had mine for a year and have yet to put 1000 miles on it!
  11. Hey everyone - Since the car is currently getting its clutch done (again), I was going to order a new turbo intake hose for them to install while its in there as well (seeing as my current one is made mostly of duct tape). The parts supplier said that they're nearly $200 though! How can a four foot length of flexible hose cost so much? Are there cheaper/better alternatives??
  12. Out of curiosity, was this the red one that's been on Ebay intermittently for the last year or so? Located in Atlanta GA, I believe? That looked like a fantastic car... He had the ad taken down when I purchased my car, otherwise I would have probably gone for it myself.
  13. It's the original Jupiter Red. Its actually a metallic with a clearcoat and looks really great. Rare too, as far as I can tell. And yes, I believe you're right about the Federal requirements, which is why I think they lowered mine. Yeah, the ride is extremely harsh in my car. I can't drive over cobblestone streets faster than 5-6mph, and if I hit a pothole it will shake the car so hard it switches the wipers on. Is that normal?
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