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  1. Nice pics guys Ive always had a soft spot for this one
  2. Dont know myself, ive always fancied a yellow one
  3. Cheers for putting a link to this clip up Arran , im sure the guys who's cars appeared in the programme are over the moon to see this The D bit might be of interest to some seeing as it has Lotus mentioned a few times in it
  4. Eh up Chris good to see you again in Norfolk Yes im sure a few others will be coming along to check this out ! Thanks for the invite tis a top forum and big site this .. puts our little one to shame ... Speak soon bud
  5. Thanks Andy Well as you know the DeLorean owes a lot to Lotus for its involvement in its design, so likewise the Esprit is a fond favourite for us all Its really great chatting to others about this tie up and showing first hand the great job Lotus did in such a short period of time . So yes it would be great to see you there. Esprits and D's together always make great pictures
  6. Hello Everyone My name is Mike Bosworth and im part of 'DeLorean club' and an event called 'EuroTec' which has its 'base' in Norfolk ( Hunstanton ) This event has been held here for the last 4 years and next years event is across the weekend of 4/ 5 / 6 June 2010 One of our members is part of your forum too and invited me along to say hi, so here I am We regularly have various Esprits attending and so we would like to formally invite a few of you guys down if you have any interest in coming along and saying Hi. No need to stay at the hotel if you dont want to and of course its free just to attend for the day or two. Either way it be great to see you. We visited the Lotus factory some 4 years back and were very lucky to be allowed on the test track. We are hoping to visit the factory at our 2010 event , if we can somehow organise this again. Anyhow all the very best to you all Regards Mike ( Bozzzy )
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