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  1. Freek, Thanks for the timely reply! With this down I should be cruisin' tomorrow. Can't wait, thanks again my friend! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  2. My 1994 Esprit S4 is just about ready to roll for the first time in over a year and the body shop is trying to figure out where exactly this wire connects. They shot me over this picture on email to see if I recognized it. This is on the drivers side by the brake fluid unit, headlight, etc. I do have the factory tech manual on CD but I wanted to see if anyone of you guys could spot this off the top of your head. Thanks in advance fellas, looking forward to getting behind the wheel again! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  3. Hey guys, Sorry I am so late getting back to this thread, I've been swamped lately and just now got around to pulling the downpipe off. There is alot of oil in the exhaust side of the turbo. I could see where oil had leaked around the exhaust manifold even before I pulled the downpipe off. All I have left to do is pull the four bolts off of the manifold and out she comes! Anyone know a good place here in the US to have my turbo rebuilt at? Thanks! Best Regards, -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  4. Hey guys, Thanks for all the help! Unfortunately I've been busy and haven't been able to pursue this matter any further. I did want to add that when I said major loss of power I really mean MAJOR loss of power, as in the car BARELY accelerates. Lets just say you couldn't reasonably drive it anywhere! With the car in neutral it revs fine, and the engine sounds fine. Very little (sometimes none) smoke at idle, but a fair amount of white smoke when revved in neutral and quite a bit more if you put in gear and try to drive it. My brother was telling me that on the way to the house after this happened he could go WOT (or at any throttle position for that matter) and the car just barely accelerated, he describes it as "the car felt like it had only 50 horse power and could barely move itself". He said that everything was still smooth (no bucking or missing), just no power. Stefan, I'll definitely check that out. Did you experience a loss of power to the extent that I described in my last post? Thanks for your help! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4 Dave, No I haven't checked these but I will make sure to do so, sometimes it can be simple things so it never hurts! Thanks for your input! Craig, Haven't checked the coolant level yet, will add that to my list! I'm definitely trying to keep it positive lol! Mark, Thanks for the info, that's not good! I was hoping that since it was only a gallon 87 I had mostly burned it off, but you never know. Very little smoke at idle (with periods of no smoke at all). Boost gauge shows no vacuum whatsoever and the car won't boost at all (in fact the boost gauge stays pegged to the left and never moves at all now). Idle sounds like usual. Let me know what you think and thanks for your help! Andy, I'll definitely have to do a compression test, i'll report back when I find out more! Thanks for your help! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  5. Artie, I haven't checked the couplers yet. I just went into the garage and cranked her up and its not throwing a check engine light. My first worry was that it hit some bad gas. A few days ago I wasn't paying attention and accidentally filled her up with 1.9 gallons of 87 octane (out of habit from filling up my Tahoe all of the time). I quickly realized I had made a mistake, and went ahead and finished filling up with about 13 gallons of 92 octane. I proceeded to drive a good 50-60 miles before hitting any real boost, just to make sure to burn a good bit of that lower octane gas up. I'm really hoping some of that lower octane gas didn't cause any knock, however the engine still idles and revs fine without and odd noises so I think I may be safe (crossing my fingers). I'm assuming the ECU would have retarded the timing had it started knocking too bad. I had also hit full boost a few times today before the incident without any problems. Thanks for the quick reply! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  6. Hey guys, Well no sooner do I get her back together does she go down once again. My brother was driving the car back home for me today and he was running it through the rev range at WOT. He heard a loud pop and then the sound of rushing air. The car is now blowing white smoke when you rev it up, however, it still idles and revs smoothly. I backed it out of the garage and anytime you place load on the engine it starts to really billow out white smoke. My guess at this point is that the head gasket is blown, do these symptoms seem to indicate this to anyone else? My brother mentioned that after the incident the car had little power and struggled to get up to speed. He also mentioned that the boost gauge was sitting flat (all the way to the left) while cruising instead of at zero like it normally does. I plan on running a compression test on it this weekend and draining the oil to check for coolant mixing, but I figured I would throw up a post and see if anyone had any input they could give me. Thanks! Best Regards, Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  7. Todd, I have been using Freeze 12 in my 1994 S4 with good results for over a year. It blows pretty cold, however, I suspect a true R12 drop in may blow just a tad bit colder. Either way, it has worked well for me! Let me know if I can be of any other help! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  8. Hey guys, I need to know which cable goes closest to the gear box. One of the cables has a yellow sticker on it, and in the picture included I just had it set up like this; but I am not sure if this is correct. This is on a 1994 S4. Also, I've tried the cables in both positions and in both orientations I have not been able to get into Reverse gear. What is the best way to go about adjusting the linkage? -Thanks! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  9. Jon, I had the exact same symptoms! White smoke plumes coming off the exhaust manifold for a few minutes after the car heated up, with a burning rubber smell. It was the top camshaft tower o-ring (or camshaft end cap o-ring). I ordered the top and bottom o-rings (wanted to replace both while I had access to both end caps), removed the heat shield, popped off the end caps and replaced the o-rings on them, problem solved! Altogether a really painless procedure! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  10. Anyone who is familiar with the renault tranny know if it would be actually possible to fill the tranny with oil through the reverse light switch port, once the reverse gear has been selected? I can feel that something is in the way when putting my pinky finger down into the hole while the car is in neutral. I'm still working on getting the linkage right so that I can shift into reverse and see if it slides out of the way. I have the exact amount of fluid that the tranny takes, so overfilling would not be a concern. Thanks! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  11. Well over fathers day my dad handed me that bolt remover set from sears, still no dice. To make matters worse the damn transmission mount is right in the way of me getting it on there straight, and it makes it hard to work around. Is it possible to fill up the case with oil any other way? I have the exact amount of oil that goes in, so overfilling it would not be an issue. Someone suggested trying the reverse selector switch port, however I unscrewed it and there is something blocking the hole. I'm not sure if this is moved out of the way when reverse is selected, I tried to select reverse however the linkage needs adjusting, so I am not able to find reverse at the moment. Anyone got any other ideas? I'm really trying to avoid having to pull the damn tranny again, I just got it all back together! Thanks for the responses everyone! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  12. Hey Guys, Well I have been working getting the car finished today, and OF COURSE, I cannot finish this SOB without one more problem popping up. I managed to strip the shoddy tranny fill plug, so I attempted to get at it with a set of vice grips. Now it is just a mangled, semi-rounded mess. Anyone have any ideas of how I can get this stupid plug out? I did a quick search and someone mentioned welding a larger nut to the remaining bit, however, I do not have any welding equipment, so i am not sure how viable that option is at this point. I keep trying to tell myself I love this car, but its really starting to chap my ass lately! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  13. I finally managed to get the roll pins, tranny, AND bolt stud out today! Thanks Travis and everyone else who contributed! Now its just a reverse process and I should be good to go. I need to send out a special thanks to Jim Knowles (lotus4s) for all of his help, wisdom, and support. I had the pleasure of speaking to Jim on the phone the other night and I can't say enough good things about him ! I really appreciate it Jim, it was good to chat with you! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  14. Travis, I'll give that a whirl, hopefully it will come free here soon. Do you know the size of your punches by any chance? Thanks! -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
  15. Anyone know the exact size of punches I should buy? I bought two, each fitting the circumference of the separate roll pins, and now I've got the first (smaller) punch jammed in there. I didn't think about the fact that the roll pins actually compress when put in. Now I need to figure out how I can pull the damn punch out. Its only about 3/4 inch pushed in, but its stuck pretty good. I've been pulling on it with a pair of pliers for the last 8 minutes and it hasn't come free yet. Did I mention that I wish I would have just seen the right torque specs so I could have avoided this hassle!?! *FRUSTRATED* -Erik E. 1994 Esprit S4
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