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  1. Yes, I admit they do look a little like kids sunglasses!!! I should have probably been a little more clear with a project statement from the start and why I was looking into the camaro lights. I am looking to invest in a 3d printer later in the year to do some hobby work with. One of the projects I was looking into was updating the look of the rear of the esprit. Whilst I actually quite like the look of the old toyota lights and again the last of the line round lights I have been interested in finding an altenative light set that would give the esprit a more modern look at the rear. Unfortu
  2. I've been a bit bored downroute with my work lately and I spotted an article on the European version of the Camaro. I thought the rear lights looked pretty nice and thought they might look good on an esprit. After some googling of some esprit rear end shots yellow in and some photo editing I came up with this. I think it would be an alternative to the round lights for those with the toyota lights if you were looking to convert....... it would take a bit of fibreglass work though!!!!
  3. I just found some pics of an interesting race orientated 88 esprit from sweden, I can't read swedish but the pics look like it was a very comprehensive project.
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