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  1. Hi, I'm thinking of changing the colour of my Elise next week, I need inspiration soooo if you'd be so kind as to post a pic of your pride and joy below it'd help me choose a colour, I hope Many thanks Mark
  2. toying with painting my S2 Elise Krypton..... not sure I'm brave enough though
  3. I had greenstuff on my old Bora, I'll never use them again! I bought them as a cheap upgrade! Wrong, very wrong! I had horrific brake fade on the motorway coming towards a roundabout slowing from 70 to a stop... I'll never take the cheap option again, factory are better, even VW factory.. Pagid are a clear winner in my eye but they cost a lot so the best compromise I've found are Mintex 1144 but they chuck out a fair bit of dust, my next set will be Pagid RS42 as I plan a couple of training days a possible euro trip and a couple of track days this year. That said I do rate EBC discs with the Mintex as a decent all round set up.
  4. Outstanding work Corr, I trust you didn't like the sport 350 wing or the interior with sport 300 seats looks great though and the standard of the work looks second to none! Only gripe is you've shifted the steering wheel to the wrong side, that must have been a task and a half! I take my hat off to you sir and it's great to see my old car looking so good! Well done Sir! Mark
  5. I think the rover ones will be the same, there is a difference between the Rover and Toyota ones however and that kinda is the change over year, well 2004-2005 was. Maybe getting mixed up with a 2005 s and 111s??
  6. This the sort of thing you're looking to do.... I had a V8 at the same time but like you I wanted to create my own personal perfect Esprit
  7. My Old 88 Turbo with Sport 300 seats, a splash of carbon and custom alloy heater panel.. Car belongs to Cor now Please excuse the state of the carpets, the interior was fitted prior to it getting the mechanicals done
  8. So wish I had taken it to Steve, I think i'd still have it if I had... It was just the distance and the promise (false promise) of someone more local to complete the car when I lost my garage space and was pretty shy of time to complete that made me choose the silly local option I'm glad you're doing it all right now!
  9. Ah the glory days Bibs!.... That was fun indeed, just a shame the car wasn't running right, never really did! I had it mapped by someone in Scotland who I think now didn't really know what they were doing, in hindsight I should have sent the car down to Steve Greenald in Kent for mapping.. If I had I think I'd still own it Only sold as I couldn't afford to fix her after she burnt the top of a cylinder liner ( Ran Lean ) and I got divorced... I'll be back behind the wheel of a Lotus again soon
  10. No way could there be an Esprit photo thread I wasn't going to jump on hahahaha My old pup Miss her dearly!
  11. Hi guys, been a while since I've posted on the Esprit pages since selling my Esprits I'm looking to you guys for a bit of info.. I need to find out what steeringwheel boss kit I need for a momo wheel on a V8 without going through the main dealer. Anyone have a momo part number or know what car shares the steering columb spline with the late V8 Esprit? Thanks folks Mark
  12. Hi guys wondering if anyone can help.... I'm needing a part number for a steeringwheel boss kit to fit a momo wheel to a 2001 V8 Esprit without going the factory route does anyone know of a kit i can get hold of? Thanks Mark
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