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  1. For you bah humbug types get a large, high power, pump action water gun ... door goes ding, open door shout "trick mutha F*ckas" and open fire in the lil cheribs, hahahahahahahahahah.. Unfortunately I'll be hooning round the Scottish countryside Mark
  2. I'm going out on a midnight Scottish Elises run, yippee, I can't wait!!! Roof off, freezing cold, stars in the sky and the mrs nipping my ear cos shes cold hahahaha
  3. Looks great, love the idea but when Lotus set up the suspension it didn't move so freely and was set up accordingly. Something I'd not mess with unless your a suspension set-up guru? If it makes that much of a difference in the way the suspension moves you may need to look at your shock rate and possibly spring rates so your not over or under damping?? I'm not that knowlegeable on these issues so could well be talking rubbish here? Looks great though! And your car is a credit to you!!! Mark
  4. I'm with you Kimbers glenfiddich or glenmorangie 12-15 single malts are smooth and mot rough like the older ones! I tried some Arran stuff wile there which was goood too Mark
  5. Why not just go to your local motor factors and get it same minute? Mark
  6. Welcome to the forum! I can't help on this one but hope you get the result your looking for. Cheers Mark
  7. Love the colour of that SE... Mark
  8. Check passenger side gearbox mount I have gone through 2 now.... It's a cast alloy piece that bolts onto the side of the gear box. Good luck sport Mark
  9. I have a carbon fibre one I have never used sitting under my bed, I have no Idea how to get it to Canada though as I'm in Scotland so you'd need to arange collection. Mark
  10. Best wishes and all the best, have a speedy recovery! Mark
  11. The answer is very easy : It's the one that you own. And if you own more than one???
  12. I voted the esprit but as far as the LOTUS philosphy goes I believe it to be the elise S1.. Mark
  13. Thank you gents ... I'm particularly enjoying the big boobies and blonde hair... A nice change from my short dark hair and sculpted pecs hahahahaha.. Kimbers, tempted as I am I'm going to have to pass as I believe your only after one thing... Karl if yours are the only ones to fit the Esprit do mine not fit?? look to fit fine in my pic? hehehe Mark
  14. I have Azev M on mine in 18-19".. Mark
  15. Check upper and lower steering rack UJ's mate they can develop play, common on elises too... or one may just be loose?? Mark
  16. The seatbelt clip on the Elise is on the seat I believe so just buy some Elise belts and clips and hey presto bob's you uncle and fanny's your aunt.. Mark
  17. I have both, Esprit first and now an S1 111s Elise, I am amazed how cheap the elise is to run and maintain... I mean well over 30mpg!! wow The Esprit is a totally different car from the Elise 1st it's bigger and a lot faster, you don't feel the speed as much in an Esprit as it's more refined and quieter inside with all the creature comforts.. The Elise is great on track and lots of fun but the Esprit would be my car of choice for day to day if I could afford to keep and run it... I love my Esprit to bits as it is so rare and turns so many heads, sounds and goes great well it did do before it b
  18. hahahaha IDIOTS !!!! Pro's and cons... Pro V8 engine grunt .... Con V8 engine niggles .... It's about the S4 hahahahaha and like stated above GT3 in the pic and V8 specs hahahahahahahahaha They know their game..... NOT! Mark P.S taking so long to load maybe I didn't read it properly, are the reviewing the whole range and then deciding the S4 is the best? still not down loaded and I can't be bothered waiting to read it... If so I eat my word and had a good rant for nothing if not however.. IDIOTS hahahahahaha
  19. PM me as mine may be up for credit crunch grabs soon if the guy who's been wanting it for the last 6 months doesn't give me a definate answer by the end of the week... Needs some engine work but I'm going to be losing a fortune on it now so may just need to part company.. Mark
  20. With your colour of car I'd be tempted by a black dash and possibly white and grey or white and tan interior.. There is a yellow car in the US witha white interior and it looks classy.. with tan carpets... I can't remamber the guys name but he sent me some pics years ago when I was doing mine... I think this would look better than yellow if you insist on a light colour? Ask on the turboesprit yahoo forum and I'm sure you'll get a pic... Mark
  21. Most likely an early V8 in that colour......... Mark
  22. I use Ali at SLS (Scottish Lotus Service) 07961 445483 I use him for all my work on my Esprit and Elise, top guy and been a Lotus mechanic for 11 years.. Prices are out of this world too... Worth a phone call Mark
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