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  1. I'm currently messing with this task... changed to vx carlton handles.. that's the easy bit... problem is that the old morris handles lift the latch and the new ones push down so you need to fabricate a translator to fir in a tiny space!! not easy.. mine faild so I'm going to use solenoids worked by a button which will be pushed by the new handle.... not an easy task... door swap not possible as the striker plate on the body is ib the wrong place and will require relocating.... Good Luck, let me know how you get on... Mark
  2. Focal do a great 6" sub.. they are excellent speakers and are hand made in france... fantastic quality!!
  3. Hi... I have added a charge cooler to mine by doing away with my air con and using that radiator to cool the water.... you will also need a Chargecooler, all pipework, a few hose adaptors which I can have made, an electric water pump and a header tank... not really a small job ... I have done many more mods to mine so can't comment on outcome.... well mine is still in bits poooooo Hope to be done by spring... Engine is in now!!!! lots still to do though! Plumbing, wiring, mapping and a bit of work on the doors..... Good luck Mark
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