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  1. Yeah mine is black dash and the rest of the interior is cream with drak grey alcantara inserts. I'm not wnjoying it at all as she's burnt a cylinder liner and now needs an engine rebuild so I bought an Elise to see me through.. If i could do it all again i probably would to be honest, I have my car more or less to my ideal standard or did have when she was running, interior, body and engine all uprated or updated, My pride and joy but hey ho I have to sell now as she's bled me dry, tread carefully mate... Mark
  2. Sorry but that sound sreally tacky to me, all the best though and as long as you like it that's the main thing but it may hurt on resale... A yellow dash will reflect in the windscreen too so that has to be a consideration from a safety point of view... pardon the pun.. hahaha Your really better trying to keep it standard if you want to keep the value of your car, Changing to leather will do no harm but I'd stay with standard Lotus colours and keep it subtle. I have spent so much money on my car and have lost it all as the car is now only worth what I paid for it which leaves me
  3. awesome!! Congrats well done lads!! Mark
  4. Hi Serge I bought my front and rear bumpers and skirts from Lotus and some other bits from SJ Sportscars, I also got the front spoiler from South West Lotus and the lower front splitter from SJ Sportscars. The Sills need some work to fit as they are a different length, too short I think but it was 7 years ago I fitted mine, I cut the front off thr sill and re attached once all was fitted. A breakers yard may also have some of the parts you need. Good Luck Mark P.S with hind sight if I were you I'd spend my money on keeping the 88 standard and getting it as close to showroom conditi
  5. That's almost the same as my plate.. my car has a brother, I'm E952UVG.... Hope I've not got a clone ????
  6. Well done Mike!!! I should say you have enough now, wise choice to call it a day at that what with the dreaded credit crunch and all, hahahahaha...... Nice one mate, all the best Mark
  7. The non glass tailgate.. hmmm the one I bought you mean?? hahahahahaha I already have one but thought it'd mate a nice novilty coffee table for my games room.... May sell it for 2.5 times what I paid for it though Mwah hahahahahahah had yah fella...... I didn't buy it just messing!!! Mark
  8. Sorry to hear that Artie, I think we're in the same boat mate as my engine rebuild is also at a standstill and ready to be collected from one shop to go to another... Hmmmm frustrating!!! Mark Good luck fella
  9. I'm with Bibs on this the sport 300 has a deep rubber bib running round ther front which will fit on any car as my 88 turbo had one on it when I bought it, SJ. PNM or Lotus may do them Cheers Mark
  10. Robin, your set up looks amazing mate!!! very stable looking car, I'm afraid I have no sound in the office so can't hear your car but well done all the same, and great work on the suspension set up mate!! Mark
  11. Welcome to LEF, Great work on your car mate, looks great!!!! Did you use that T-Cut Colour magic stuff?? Mark
  12. Hi and welcome.. I'm afriad I don't know much about the pre stevens Esprits so can't help with your questions. You should find all the info you need on here though..... Cheers Mark
  13. I hope she's OK? That 's terrible and I hope the guy ends up locked up where he deserves to be!! Take care Mark
  14. That's criminal! A stint in jail would do that guy no harm!!!! Lock him up! Mark
  15. Very nice Brian! Where in Fife are you mate, I live in Edinburgh but work in Dunfermline. The SC must be great fun? That's a fine Lotus collection you have there mate!!! I'm shocked to say the least about the costs of running the Elise, VVC means 2 belts and the belt service is only
  16. Some pics..... Not as cool as my Esprit but it works hahahahaha... Mark
  17. I made a spurr of the moment purchase the other day... ooops I bought an S1 111s Elise in titanium as I think my esprit will be off the road for a wee while getting the engine sorted, I'm getting the engine to another builder this week so hopefully it'll alls tert to move along soon. As much as I love my esprit, this wee car is great fun! It has nowhere near the poke the Esprit has but I've already been bitten by the bug that cost me so much with the Esprit... Damn it!!! So far I have bought a 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, grooved brake discs, a cat by-pass and a janspeed exhaust, just need to s
  18. Wow, great pics mate!!!! imagine having to choose between that lot??? Mark
  19. Geez I feel for you...... What a pain! Good luck lads Mark
  20. I do not agree with the transmission statement above, My 88 turbo has well over 300bhp and the transmission is fine, the engine isn't at the moment though Currently under rebuild! Cheers Mark Oh aboutthe turbo I have a T35 hybrid and a head made to greater than sport 300 spec running 650cc injectors and a stand alone DTA S60 ECU with wideband lambda... Lots of money to go down this route and most likely not worth the expense in my opinion. A standard car in pristine condition will be easier to sell on and a lot less money to get it that way.. All my mods are on the lef garage page
  21. Congratulations old boi.... Number 6.... that wouldn't be another lil Sek would it??? If so the day is not over yet fella.. All the best Mark
  22. yay, owen has bought new discs so any chance of the fronts??? I'm afraid I'm in scotland so would pay postage and packaging along with some beer tokens?? Mark
  23. I tried to call him last night but didn't get an answer... I'll try and mail him.. Thanks Mark
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