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  1. Thanks Andy great info!! I was told that with new pistons best get the nicosil but with old pistons it doesn't matter, I don't know why this is though??? anyone? Mark
  2. Hi Giorgio, I don't want to replace my pistons as they have been ballance as have the con rods and my piston tops have been alluminium carbide coated to reduce heat transfer to the bottom end if I were to use higher boost levels.. Thanks for the info on where to buy though Anyone got any oppinions on which to buy nicosil or cast iron?? Cheers Mark
  3. Damn it I would have bought these.... ah well your not fast your last I guess Mark
  4. Thanks Glynn, yeah Garry was my first thought as I bought my cylinder head and crank along with various other engine parts off him for the original build.. I have been offered a set of new iron likers from Mike Taylor at Lotusbits and he has been very helpful with great prices and fantastic information and tips I can ger reconditioned nicosil liners or the cast ones but am now trying to work out the advantages/disadvantages to each... Any thoughts??? Cheers Mark
  5. As above...... my no1 liner is needing replaced in a hurry can anybody help??? Thanks Mark
  6. I'm needing an 88 turbo liner in a hurry if you have one? Mark
  7. Gutted Just been on the phone to the guy who's doing my engine rebuild and my number 1 liner is shot!!! from heat apparently, the top of it is burnt away causing the hgf symptoms... I'm so gutted!! Does anyone have a spare line for an 88 turbo or know where to get hold of one without selling my lungs? Mark
  8. Mine is disconnected!! It's connected to a sensor on the metal pipe at the front of the engine with 3 sensors on it.... not sure which one it is though???? the manual will tell tou though.. Cheers Mark
  9. I also have the brembos and pagid blue pads but still find they feel really wooden? not much bite or feel? any ideas what could cause this? Vaccume pump, servo??????
  10. Do not buy Elise rear rotors for your car they will NOT fit the calipers are the same but the elise is a 4 stud wheel fitment and yours is 5 stud the rotors are available from EBC for not too much cash and that's probably the cheapest you'll get, I'm not sure about your other questions so will need to pass on to someone with more knowlege... All the best Mark
  11. Glyn, my hat is off, well done mate, great effort and looks AMAZING!!!!! If I was keeping mine I'd be shipping it over to you with a box of V8 interior bits hahahaha... Well done and all the best Mark
  12. I need the speedo mate .... ooh and the glove box thingy as I never had one, just a cushion there on mine.. Head light switch covers would be nice too if you have them and the side light one too, infact all yours look better than mine so they'd all be nice??? lol Cheers Mark
  13. I use Focal speakes all round and an Audison amp, not cheap but good!! about
  14. S100 ACL I believe, the guy who owns it gave us a lecture at Uni a few years ago about cast iron I believe?? zzzzzzzzzz hahahaha I also saw it later on on my way home from work on Ferry Road... He or his family own a business in the leith area doing metal casting. Mark
  15. Hi, Yeah I have done away with the secondary injectors and just run the big primaries, 650cc at 3 bar and 850cc at 5 bar i'm sure my fuel pressure is less than 3 bar though. I also had to have a 36-1 toothed wheel fitted to thr front of the crank behind the pullies and a bracket made up for the crank postion sensor. My loom was made by QED and is greaty quality! Cheers Mark
  16. worth checking the vaccum pump but I'm sure when that fails the pedal goes solid but I can't remember as it was a long time ago since i had this problem... Good luck Mark
  17. I have no experience with mega sqirt but I run a DTA S60 pro along with a wideband lambda controller on my modified 88 turbo and it seems to work pretty well. Modifiactions done to my car are, Fully gas flowed head with stiffer valve springs, sport 300 valves, 104 inlet cam, 650cc siemens injectors, T35 hybrid turbo,K&N filter, chargecooler, piston tops alluminium carbide coated, everything that rotates has been ballanced, uprated organic clutch.... etc etc the dta and wideband work well with these mods and the car is smooth and pulls really well, the DTA is a pretty easy system to tinke
  18. I have s300 valves in my head and they are indeed bigger and sodium filled to reduce heat transfer, Garry Kemp is the oracle on this, I got my cylinderhead off him it also has 3 angle valve seats and a 104 inlet cam.. He's on here so may well be worth a PM as he knows all there is to know about the 910 engine in all it's guises.. All the best Mark
  19. Ha ha ha.. I also have a ginger pussy called Steve who is 8 weeks old and lots of fun..... Mark
  20. If all the reports were good and a lotus specialist gave it the all clear and maybe an AA check as that carries some sort of guarantee... Then the price would need to be heavily adjusted to compensate for the cat C status. Cat C is pretty serious not just pannel damage as that's cat D... tread carefully but I would buy if the price was right and the checks came back good.. Mark
  21. I'd question his HP figures with a standard inlet and chargecooler???? Turbo doesn't look that big either! Looks nice though Mark
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