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  1. I know someone who got an SE for
  2. My dad had the same opp 2 years ago last december and he's doing great had a few trails finding which foods agreed with him and which don't since and found he can not drink anything until 30 mins after eating or he'd get pain in his stomach... Weird thing is his stomach has been relocated into his chest but if he had an upset stomach he still feels it where it used to be, hahaha... All the best to you and you dad and I hope his recovery is as good as my fathers is.. Mark
  3. Mine was bought with 46,000 I got het up yo about 56,000 and then she was off the road for almost 9 years and now she's off the road again for a fresh engine rebuild and has done about 1800 miles in between so roughly 58,000 miles on my 88 turbo.... and 0 on the engine! Mark
  4. Check the usual stuff you would with any car and that the chargecooler is cold to touch then just buy it as they are few and far between..... Mark
  5. I'm getting mine done just now and the engine is out for the job, It's much easier while out as it allows you to do everything you want to the engine and it's a whole lot easier to work on. taking it out is not a huge job really, I've had my engine out about 4 times now. All the best Mark
  6. Don't get me started on Dealers well scottish dealer anyway... Damaged parts off my car and the best i could get was free labour to replace what I had already paid them to do and I had to replace the parts myself
  7. Mine is set to 7200 through my DTA ECU.. I have stonger springs though.. so probably not much help... Mark
  8. My custom clutch was no more expensive than a lotus item! You'd be suprised Mark
  9. Thanks again fellas... Thanks for the advise Jon... Glyn it's going after the engine rebuild is complete in a couple of weeks, but I just thought the brakes could do with some imporvement for my drive to germany.... I just thought they'd be better than they are with the brembo's all round and pagid RS4-2s.. the buyer is putting alcon or AP on anyway and fully adjustable suspension as that's his business doing suspension set up for race cars.... I guess I should just leave well alone but I'd rather sell her at her best than see anyone dissapointed whith all my efforts if that makes an
  10. Send yours to Helix Autosport and they will build one to your spec at a decent price. I had them make mine. Cheers Mark
  11. Thanks guys!! Anyone have any suggestions and info on products???? Is there anything I can do to improve my brakes??? Mark
  12. Hi does anyone know the difference in the brake servo on my 88 turbo and an S4, are they easily swaped? I have the Brembo set up on my 88 turbo but they feel wooden. I had a V8 before with the brembos and I was pretty happy with them. I have braided hoses throughout and dot 5.1 fluid and Pagid Rs4-2 pads but they still do not inspire confidence so I'm thinking of changing my servo to the later type. Do they work the same and have the same connections? Please help ( C'mon guys someone must be able to help me here, where are the brake gurus? ) Mark
  13. Nice one, congratulations!! Only just got it and already taking it off road hahahaha Cheers Mark
  14. Awesome!!!!!! Best keep to the speed limit in arizona then Y'all....... Mark
  15. Decent brakepads are a must (porterfield) maybe get your calipers reconditioned and some braided brake hoses and a braided clutch hose.. also fix your window and any other wee niggles then enjoy!! I'd not modify anything from standard, spend a day or two detailing and bobs your uncle.... Mark P.S Not many standard 88 turbos about so keep her as she left the factory and as clean as possible... Oh maybe get the carbs cleaned and rejetted?? Oh maybe just keep the cash in an account for when your fuel tank starts to leak??? Service is always a good idea too.....
  16. yeah torsion beam on the latest civic typeR...
  17. Nice one, congrats and welcome to the fold... Mark
  18. Having done this along with a whole lot of other mods to my 88 turbo I'd not bother but concentrate on getting your car as clean and standard as possible as there are not so many left in good unmolested standard condition, try and restore her to as she left the factory and you may see some sort of return on your spendings. I have spent over
  19. I got mine at SJ Sportscars in devon by mail order... Mark
  20. Here is a really good one. Jeff PLEASE DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE!!! I have the LC1 on my car and am now on my 3rd unit in 8 months!!! i have been left stranded twice my this unit failing and have had to pay for AA cover that I didn't have which cost me a small fortune.... If you want to use wideband buy a KMS unit as these are far superior but to me your problems sound fuel related... Old ford CVH engine on the RS turbo and XR3i were K jetronic so there should be plenty good mechanics out there with a good knowlege of the systen also VW and
  21. 87 car has different brakes from the brembo equiped cars.. have a look at your front calipers and if they are 4 pots and have brembo written on them then you car is a brembo equiped car, also the rears will have a vented disc, I'm syre the 87 is a solid rear disc?? On the brembo equiped cars the rear caliper is the same as the one used on the Elise so kits will be easy to get hold of Cheers Mark
  22. Welcome Dennis, I may just have exactly what your looking for.... one of the most modified 4pot Esprits in the country It's just getting a fresh engine rebuild at the moment so will effecitivly be 0 miles well the engine will the gear box was rebuilt about 3k miles ago brakes are V8 brembo list is massive I have a prospective buyer and will find out exactly whats happening with him tonight or tomorrow but if he has changed his mind opportunity knocks hahahahaha you can see my car in the lef garage in the 88 turbo section.. I've spent in excess of
  23. mwmackenzie

    Esprit ?

    geez that's one completely ruined car!!! shame on the owner!!! Mark
  24. I do have a buyer but he's been in hospital after crashing a car while setting up the suspension and a ferrari engine went pop in front of him laying a coat of oil on the track leading to a 140mph crash in a 911 convertable, what a mess the car was and he's a very lucky man to be alive!! I spoke to him yesterday and told him about the problem and that I was going to sort it out for him and he still wants the car.. Phew but there is no way I would sell a car that wasn't 100% so I'll have her stripped and rebuilt and get the engine as new and clean up the engine bay and also the chasis to it'
  25. Well with my car running a bit rough lately and overheating showing some white smoke on start up my worst fears were realised and I am now faced with an engine rebuild again after just 6 months on the road and minimal mileage.. I'm gutted but it needs to be done right! Last time the engine was given to CRD, Calder Racing Developments in East Calder to build and the really did a CR*P job of it as they didn't even put the white plastic ring on top of the oil pick up pipe, had I not checked this my engine would have been screwed from start up with no oil pressure..... The engine was built there 7
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