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  1. I'll be at Knockhill on sunday with the Scottish Elise guys for the classic speedfair and Jim Clark memorial.. My car will be on display there and on track with the Scottish Elise guys... Really looking forward to the day! Cheers Mark
  2. Pretty sure from the topic title and the content he's looking for an outdoor cover.. Cover craft do them in various materials, pretty pricey though... Cheers Mark
  3. There seem to be on details of the event on the web page?? when is it and what's happening at it? Cheers Mark
  4. I got mine of SJ Sportscars... lights are S2 Elise, try pistonheads of flee bay for these.. Good luck Mark
  5. I had AVO coil overs on my old A4... They were CR*P... Do not waste your money on AVO!!!! Mark
  6. well, it can and has been done and for a lot less than that! I go my chargecooler for
  7. I almost did this 8 years ago but got my V8 Esprit instead they were about the same price but the esprit was less than 2 years old and the 348 was 10 yeas old and the service on the Esprit was less than a third of the price of the ferrari also the Esprit was quicker so that's why I didn't buy a ferrari though the ferrari would have kept it's value and lost next to nothing since, I lost
  8. your confusing sound and noise guys.... sound doesn't need to be loud.... great sounds.. V12 most sond amazing, Ferrari 360 challenge stradale.. awesone!!!!! Ferrari 430 sounds cool, Diablo sonds great on full chat as is a V12.. To improve sound use full throttle bodies and tuned exhaust.... gives a throaty induction roar as it gulps down the air.. that's why the 4 pot esprit can sound so good, mine sounds amazing! Mark
  9. congratulations !!!!!! Stick with it as a decent re-sprat isn't cheap hahahaha Mark
  10. I get some decent sound out of Focals all round with an Audison amp.. pricey gaer but great stuff.... Fronts are a pain tp get at even with the dash binnacle off!!! done now so happy days!! Mark
  11. done the norwich to edinburgh run a few times now, well 3 ane plenty trips up to the scottish highlands from Edinburgh as my folks live way up there... I take... Full tool kit, Laptop for tuning/diagnostics, AA caed incase the afore mentioned do not sort the problems, tyre froam stuff, extra oil and water, Ipod waterproofs incase i breakdown in the rain, we get a bit of that up here..... NZ roads look fun but you could easily carry too much speed into some of these corners off these fab looking straights!! Mark
  12. Geez.... Hope your OK man, that's so sad! On the other hand, Well done to Nick, he's really going to love cruising about in his new Esprit in this weather!!! hahaha sorry to rub slt in the wound but I'll be going through the same soon so keep me posted on how you deal with the loss and the depression that no doubt will go with it. Chin up fella, Mark
  13. mine was done with screen in place! rest of the dash was off at the time though, trimmers did it so I don't know how hard or easy it is... Cheers Mark
  14. I've been in a few exiges in all states of tune but not one sounds as good as my esprit!! hahahaha Mark
  15. 1) When did you start wanting an esprit? Used to be a big 911 fan when I was young until I saw an esprit next to one in a porsche garage when I was 21, I was like, what the hell is that as I'd only ever seen one in pics previously so never realised how low and wide it is.. From that day on I wanted one 2) When did you get your first one? Got mt first one at 23 which is the one I still have, 1988 turbo 3) How many have you owned? Two. First I still own and at 24 I bought a 1999 V8 SE whick I sold a year later due to a driving ban..... and the rebuild of my 88 started........ only to b
  16. And that's why I'm selling my Esprit.. A bit of track fun with an elise I'm getting instead, I love my Esprit but I've sunk too much time and money into it for someone else to bump into me on a track with it so a used elise is going to be the answer and also clear some of mt Esprit debt!!! all the best Mark
  17. Mine is also on and only due to the wire coming off the sensor!! easy fix but the guy who did my fuel tanks did not pull the wire back through when refitting the tank so I have no idra where it is now..oops! Cheers Mark
  18. Blue R42 are pretty good from cold, said to be noisey with normal use but my mate who has them says he's never heard a peep from them... The black R14 are the race pads and not so clever from cold from what i hear, I think the blues are about
  19. I have a 104 inlet can on mine! Can't tell you what difference it makes though as at the time it was fitted so were bigger valves, head gas flowed, fuel injection, chargecooler , T35 hybrid turbo and an after market ECU etc, etc.. and so on and so forth.... works fine though, my car is pretty quick! Cheers Mark
  20. Rear calipers are the same as the Elise so not hard to find!! Fitting kit, hoses and discs will be required though.. Mark
  21. Not sure celica brakes would fit straight on??? I'd definately buy a set off an Esprit.. try douglas valley breakers in England? or south west lotus center, PNM or SJ sportscars... Best of luck Mark
  22. Welcome and Hi from sunny Scotland!!! Good luck with your search, great cars you'll love it!! Mark
  23. Easy conversion.. Buy a set of discs, hubs calipers and mounting blocks used from a breakers, recondition and fit with pagid blue pads and new steel braded hoses to suit.. hey presto jobs a good un, nothing complicated here.. Good luck! Guy who is buying my car is converting to AP racing jobbies for the track so may be worth asking him for the calipers and discs but you still need hubs pads and brake lines.. I'll pop the question next time I speak with him.. Cheers Mark P.S he is located in Germany so postage might be costly? Rears can use existing handbrake cables but need new hoses..
  24. Try a set of Pagid blue pads and you may be suprised with the results and not feel the need to throw away cash on an upgrade.. These pads are amazing!! have been in an exige running these for 2 hrs continuous on track and the stopped really well lap after lap and with no fade!! I will be fitting these on my next car for sure! Mark
  25. I did this, it fits straight on but mine fell off after a few months, shady garage who fitted it didn't secure it properly!! Gutted as they are expensive to buy so there is one in edinburgh by the side of the road somewhere, gutted but the car lookd pretty mean without it on as you can see the larini now, looks cool ... Mark
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