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  1. I had greenstuff on my old Bora, I'll never use them again!  I bought them as a cheap upgrade! Wrong, very wrong!  I had horrific brake fade on the motorway coming towards a roundabout slowing from 70 to a stop... I'll never take the cheap option again, factory are better, even VW factory.. Pagid are a clear winner in my eye but they cost a lot so the best compromise I've found are Mintex 1144 but they chuck out a fair bit of dust, my next set will be Pagid RS42 as I plan a couple of training days a possible euro trip and a couple of track days this year.  That said I do rate EBC discs with the Mintex as a decent all round set up.

  2. Outstanding work Corr, I trust you didn't like the sport 350 wing or the interior with sport 300 seats :( looks great though and the standard of the work looks second to none! Only gripe is you've shifted the steering wheel to the wrong side, that must have been a task and a half! I take my hat off to you sir and it's great to see my old car looking so good!

    Well done Sir!

    Mark :)

  3. Well Mark,


    actually the car (only the chassis and engine ) are going to Steve Greenald this year to be mapped.

    He already made a start up mapping for me so i can test some things before going there.

    Seeing these pics.....

    Reality is that it is a lot of work to get the car to its former glory.

    So wish I had taken it to Steve, I think i'd still have it if I had... It was just the distance and the promise (false promise) of someone more local to complete the car when I lost my garage space and was pretty shy of time to complete that made me choose the silly local option :(  I'm glad you're doing it all right now! :)

  4. Ah the glory days Bibs!.... That was fun indeed, just a shame the car wasn't running right, never really did! I had it mapped by someone in Scotland who I think now didn't really know what they were doing, in hindsight I should have sent the car down to Steve Greenald in Kent for mapping.. If I had I think I'd still own it :) Only sold as I couldn't afford to fix her after she burnt the top of a cylinder liner ( Ran Lean ) and I got divorced... I'll be back behind the wheel of a Lotus again soon ;)

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  5. For you bah humbug types get a large, high power, pump action water gun ... door goes ding, open door shout "trick mutha F*ckas" and open fire in the lil cheribs, hahahahahahahahahah..

    Unfortunately I'll be hooning round the Scottish countryside


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