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  1. geo


  2. Geo, the late s3 front/braking is not an easy fitt to your early s3. I have a late s3 (1985) but converted to bigger brakes as the oem brakes of the late s3 are just ok for the car. your better of with an aftermarket set instead. or get some modern 4 pots from ebay and find a disk that will fit. on my '85 I went for pug disks and nissan calipers. was very cheap

    good luck, rick 

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    2. lotus-62


      pug = peugeot , the calipers I am using are from a '90 non-turbo 300zx. only build in 1990 the steel one's are still used today on the subaru wrx, the later have wider disks, (32mm vs 24mm) the peugeot disks I have are from a 406 coupe (2 liter not the 3 liter) this set up works very well on the later uprights but not on the earlier uprights. you have triumph gt6 uprights on the early s3, in the old days people used BLM princess cast iron 4 pot calipers as they are a direct fit to the triumph upright, and redrilled ford capri (think 2.8) vented disks. they even sell spacers for the calipers to make them wider.. still I think if your looking for second hand aluminium calipers on ebay your better of. good luck

    3. geo


      Thanks for the info - all very useful.

    4. lotus-62
  3. Can anyone please confirm that it is possible to convert the early S3 solid type disks and calipers to the the later (post 85my ) ventilated discs and calipers? Is it a straight replacement, or does it require a different upright/stub axle? Any information gratefully received, and if it is a straightforward replacement, does anyone have some disks/calipers/pads, possibly left over from a brake upgrade.
  4. Thanks Andy - I've tried putting the arm in place without the washers, hoping I could push them in, but there is just too much overhang of the poly bush (about 3mm either side). I could possibly get 1 washer in by moving the polybush along the pivot tube a bit, but then there is no way I'd get the second washer in. I thought the flats on the bush are to make room for the top lip of the lower link. I could try tapering the bush, but I think I'd have to remove a lot of material to make that work.
  5. I recently decided to replace the front suspension bushes on my '81 S3 to polyurethane ones from SJsportscars. I've stripped and cleaned the whole suspension and brake assembly, and managed to fit the 2 poly bush halves into the lower wishbone OK, but when I came to fit it to the chassis pivot, the bushes were too wide by about 3mm and no amount squashing would get them to fit along with the 2 washers supplied, which I presume go either side of the bush to stop it moving along the pivot axis. I rang SJsportscars for some advice and they said to grind down the bush to fit - surely that's not a
  6. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 1982 N/A S3 Esprit please? At the moment, I only need the ignition wiring, but the whole diagram would be useful for future use.
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