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  2. Quick update..........managed to remove my leaking oil cooler in tact, so ran through to the radiator repair shop for a simple fix, only to be told that this type are not repairable-apparently?!! My new replacement arrives from SJ's tomorrow as it seems there's no other reasonable option. Hey-ho!!
  3. Just wondering if anyone has replaced their oil cooler with an alternative part, and if so where could i find one? I'm sure there must be a cheaper supplier than the £160 SJ's version-or is it just one of those where you have to bite the bullet? Have tried ebay and the only one listed appears to be the single oil cooler fitted to earlier models. Mine is a S4 (1994) with the twin coolers. And no, I'm really not looking forward to trying to remove the old one, drivers side obviously so connector under all the ABS gubbins!! Any help much appreciated as always. Nick
  4. Already tried that Travis when you suggested it way back in this thread-makes no difference
  5. Hi again. Have now checked the fuel pressure over the weekend, and can happily report no problems here! At tickover it held 43psi which increased gradually on blipping the throttle, and held for a good long while once the engine was switched off. So having eliminated the pump/pressure reg, where do I start looking next?
  6. nickh

    My S4

  7. Travis. I was talking about the pressure remaining a while after the engine was switched off. It doesn't make any difference what i do when its in non starting mode. It seems to me it is directly to do with the temperature of the engine/amount of time its left before it will fire up again. I have to assume its temp related soon as it drops below a certain temp it fires up straight away, which pushes me towards thinking it must be some sort of electrical sensor problem ie. lets say it won't start when engine temp is 81deg but will start at 80deg ?? If it was pump/pressure related, then why would this only manifest itself when the engine is hot, or should I say above a certain temp?
  8. Hi again! Well my car came out of hibernation finally this week, and of course the same problem remains. After driving in traffic the other night, I had to stop to pick something up from the shop, and as I returned to the car with all eyes on me.........that's right, would it hell start again!! Only slightly embarrassing then The difference this time however was that it was a good 6 or 7 mins wait to fire up again. On trying it a few times in this period it sounded like it was really trying to start but just not enough fuel? Then finally it fires up perfectly normally as if nothing was ever wrong?? I have just checked the valve at the end of the fuel rail having just turned the engine off (still cold) and if I manually press the needle in I get one little squirt of fuel then nothing, so guessing its hardly retaining any pressure at all-but then again I understand they only run about 6/7 psi anyway? Has anyone got any more clues as to this embarrassing little problem-seems to be dragging on a while this one!! Thanks guys, Nick.
  9. Paul, I was trying to get hold of the NGK coils about 3 weeks ago, and couldn't find a supplier in the whole country! I managed to get cross references for 3 or 4 different manufacturers but the same story from all of them. I was told that NGK were on back order until November at the earliest. All the people listing them on Ebay were out of stock when I tried to order. Fortunately I have managed to source a 2nd hand one for the time being. Do you know where yours actually came from? Cheers, Nick.
  10. Update. Problem temporarily solved. I have found by default, that with the bottom mounting bolt removed from coil pack 2/3, that all is working fine again! As soon as the bolt goes through the hole in the coil pack, without it even taking thread in the mounting bracket, then the problem reoccurs. I can only assume at this stage that there may be a hairline crack in the coil casing which is then causing it to earth out through the bottom bolt. I have an NGK replacement pack on order anyway, so will have to see if this solves the problem entirely, or indeed if it works at all.
  11. I swapped 2 and 3 and tried both with a loose plug, 2 is firing 3 isn't ?? Initially I suspected it was #3 lead, but when I swap it to any of the others it is firing?
  12. I attended Goodwood FOS last month in my S4, a 600mile round trip from North Yorks. and worked out I achieved around 30mpg which amazed me to be honest. That said, I reckon its lucky to manage 20mpg when driving locally.
  13. Hi All, I developed the exact same fault the other day. Have checked/swapped leads around but whatever I connect to no.3 on the coil pack, there's no spark. Fairly sure no.2 is working fine though? Would this suggest it is the coil pack itself or just an earthing issue. There's absolutely no 'green' on any of the connectors. Is the earthing issue more likely to be on the backing plate? Finally, I was unaware that it is 2 separate packs so presumably I only need to replace one? Having just seen SJ's price, can anyone confirm that the M100 is the same? Apparently its also used on the Lotus Carlton. Any thoughts most appreciated as always. Nick.
  14. I have the AC compressor that I removed from my S4 when the engine came out in 2011, as I converted my AC rad to the chargecooler rad. No idea if it works or not as my AC was out of gas so never used it. PM me if you're interested and I'm sure we can sort something out. Nick.
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