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  1. i ordered an s1 front spoiler in may,,paid in full,,still havent recieved it either,,,i know fr a fact how long it takes to make this part and it dont take this long fr sure,,,this mans business is pretty much finished,,,i have friends in california,,law enforcement btw,,i will have his home address and "business" address shortly,,,
  2. Hey Cam !!,,was nice meeting you at the car party,,Celeste says thank you for the ride in your 911,,now get workin on an esprit !!!!
  3. ici should have a formula,,i,ll check pro-spray tday,,btw ,,be glad you didnt get the roman bronze sample from me,,i scanned it off tonys car,,and we now know that car aint roman bronze,,lol,,pro spray has alot of old lotus formulas fr some reason,,,i,ll check,, standox has a formula for it,,its in single stage but they can convert the formula to basecoat if you want,,
  4. pretty sure mine is 6in diameter,18 in long,,,i just measured my old muffler and ordered the same size,,bolted right up,,cant remember the part num,replaced it a couple years ago,
  5. heres 2 pics,,,my magnaflow is 6in round,,18 in long,,,hope this helps,,,bolted right up fr me,,but magna flow sells this muffler in a lot of sizes,,,it sounds really good,,,trying to upload pics,,,no dice,,,arrrghhh,,
  6. sorry for the late reply,,my magnaflow is single in single out,,had a muffler shop make me a tailpipe ,my tailpipe goes to twin tips,,makes it nice because you can slide the tailpipe in,out and twist it to get it to line up perfect in the valance,,my valence is currently off,so when i get home tday i,ll take a pic and get the part number,,,
  7. i replaced mine with a magnaflow,,ordered it the same size as the original so it fit perfect,,and sounds really nice,,,and its pretty much straight thru,,no restrictions,,
  8. pull the head first,,,i have all the gaskets,,will send them asap if you need em,,,and will come help,,
  9. that car will look HOT with the gold and polished epsilons !!!!!!!,,,,and for what its worth ,,,i tried ,,really tried with that car,,some folks just don,t get it,,,,lol,,,and yr airbox will be in the mail this morning,,
  10. i personally prefer ,,the nuclear banana,,,lol
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