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  1. Replacing all mine and need the size to source them locally. Thanks in advance.
  2. Looking for some info before i purchase one. How,s fit and is there any rejetting required with Dellorto,s. Thanks in advance.
  3. jonwat, The one on the head is what i,m trying to figure out.
  4. Just put a new head on the S1 and the old head didn't have this hose. Looked in the manual and found nothing. Running Dellortos and the intake manifold has a hose coming off of it.
  5. The tip of the valve stem installed height. Some valves depending on who you get them from need to have the tips ground to put you in the correct shim range.
  6. Thanks guys but got the info already.
  7. Anyone on here know the valve stem installed height for intake and exhaust ? Can,t find it in the Manual. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the info on the green dot sprockets. I actually asked this question but didnt get a real answer on my post. I indeed have green dot sprockets.
  9. Fans coming on ? Otter switch could be going bad. Or bad.
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