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  1. Cylinder shop figured that out. Unfortunately I didn't get the specs.
  2. Yes. Needed the valve stem height because i was installing new valves. Had to have the exhaust taken down 20thou and the intake 10thou to put me in the correct shim range. 👍
  3. Ok guys. Popped the bolts off and checked both choke/enrichment pistons.Both working and not stuck. Throttle plates are both in the same spot when closed. Checked those by looking at the progression holes. But my timing belt def jumped 1 tooth. Belt is back on correctly and checked the belt tension. Spun it 4 times and rechecked the tension every revolution. Will check all plugs before i start it shortly to make sure i have spark on all 4. Wish me luck and thank you for all the replies. Greatly appreciated.👍👍
  4. Thanks Lotusfab i,ll try that next. By air corrector you mean air bleed screws ? I have all 4 closed now.
  5. drdoom, you could be right. Now how do i raise the vacuum on the aft carb ??
  6. Sparky i,m thinking butterflies. Carbs coming off now.
  7. 910esprit, even if i pull the front carb balance lever back the vacuum is pegged. It seems as if the throttle plates aren't closing all the way.
  8. Ok checked mounting plates and manifold for leaks. No leaks. Rear carb vacuum is good. Nothing i do will bring the vacuum on the front carb down. When i give it some gas it comes down a bit but at idle the vacuum on the carbtune is pegged. Throttle plates ??
  9. Going to swap the vacuum tubes on the carbtune just to rule that out next.
  10. Sparky, Didn't have the shafts out but will check the butterflies tday.
  11. Yes carbs have all new gaskets o rings and acelerator pump diaphrams. Eurocarb kit. Lotusfab, Just checked and both screws are on the throttle balance lever correctly. Hmmm
  12. Sparky. Just did a valve job and new head gasket. Compression great on all 4
  13. Yes Sparky i know how to set them up. Just cant get front carb vacuum down to start balancing them.
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