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  1. it,s not that bad,,,a little uncomfortable but,,working on these cars is a pain,,,if you need help i,m not far,,,,,kenny,,
  2. buy the parts and i will come to manhatten with tools and rebuild the wastegate for ya,,,,beers are on you,,,i,m not kidding,,,,kenny
  3. i wish my better half would help.,,i just get,,,are ya gonna sleep in that thing or come in,,,and i go in
  4. this is all my neighbors see of me also
  5. 77040234h,,,sorry bout that
  6. i will be replacing the clutch on my s1 this winter,,it,s not that hard,,give it a go,,plus you,ll know it,s done right,,,
  7. it sounds to me like the fuel pump,,there is a flowlock valve before it also,,but if there,s no ticking,it,s the fuel pump,,give it a rap with a hammer ,if it comes on replace it ,it will crap out again,,,
  8. if it is the clutch slave needing to be rebuilt it,s cheap..10 bucks or so from rd ent in pa ,i just did mine ,very easy,,if you need a hand with anything, i,m in nj about 30 minutes from manhatten,,kenny
  9. and what an s1 it will be,,,georgous,,,,
  10. just got back from visiting with tony k,,great guy,,great trip,,if your in the toledo area ,,definitely stop by ,,a new s1 is coming and tony is the man responsible,,i,m a very happy guy right now,,thank you tony and patty for making me feel so welcome and making this s1 purchase so easy,you better get to jersey,,,lol,,beer run vid will have to wait i guess,,,thanx for everything,,,,kenny here,s something for now,,,
  11. pertronix is working great,,don,t have the second strike coil,just the flamethrower,,idles better, better throttle response ,very happy with it and went in very easy,,
  12. wow ,,bmx,ers!!,,i found a hutch frame in the trash and am planning to build it soon,,redline flight cranks and all,,,nice!!!!!
  13. welcome Patty K,,i,ll try not to keep him on the phone for long,,,lol
  14. for what it,s worth,with the lotus filter i have quicker oil pressure on startup and the needle is exactly where its supposed to be at all rpms,,,
  15. i would stick with the lotus filter,,more money ,,but peace of mind
  16. no problem Tony, the world is a better place with us wacked out s1 freaks in it,,,thanks for taking the time to talk to me,,,kenny
  17. when i bought my s1 a few months ago i changed the oil and filter,there was a fram ph 16 in it so i replaced it with the same,,200 miles later ,i lost oil pressure ,after talking with tony k, i replaced the filter with a lotus filter,,upon inspection, the seal inside the fram filter had come loose blocking oil flow,,the first fram filter i changed was still in my garage, after checking that one, it too had the seal come loose,,,i,d stay far away from these,,i,ll take some pics if anybody has any doubts,,,
  18. i do the same thing with my s1,,just a little press on the throttle,and she fires right up ,,the engine cover in an s1 is basically an easy bake engine cover,,lol...
  19. 1977 esprir s1 num 234h ,yellow,,kenny f,,central nj
  20. if you want an s1,,get an s1,,i waited and waited and am now the proud owner of num 234h,,they need lots of preventative mantinence,,if yor mechanically inclined ,,there not that bad to work on,,time consuming for simple things,but not that hard,,wait and get what you really want ,,i did and am extremely happy right now,,just took it out for a 3 hour trip,,ran cool ran smooth,,there,s nothing like an s1,,nuff said
  21. yes mine is 234h,,runs great ,,had to do a few small things but it keeps getting better,,,thanx,,,kenny
  22. removed the points ,with the dizzy still in the car,,not easy,,changed the coil,,straightened up some wiring,,turned the key,,viola,,fired right up,,gotta set the timing tmorow,but sounds better already,,god i love this car,,,ps,,thanx tony k,,i,m gonna have to send you a cheese basket for christmas,,,lol,,thanx,,,,,kenny
  23. so no resistor, just 12 v to the coil,,??
  24. i knew i wasn,t alone,,i feel alot better about myself now,,,lol
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