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  1. putting a pertronix ignition and a pertronix coil in tday,,do i need a ballast resistor,,?? the instructions aren,t too helpful,,,thanx ,,,Kenny,,,,,ps.. car in question is a s1 esprit Tony K ,, are you out there,,you got my number,,,lol
  2. thanx everybody,,so far so good ,,took it out this past weekend for a nice trip,,ran good no problems,,i got a good one!!!!
  3. s1guy

    hi all

    nice esprit,,don,t know about the wing,, but if it blows your skirt up,,,go for it,,,,,,good luck with it,,,kenny
  4. i knew that was coming,,, i actually wanted a red one ,,but when i saw the yellow in person,,it was over,,,and mine,,,oh yeah
  5. thank you,,still can,t believe its in the garage,,the first night i had it i fell asleep in it in the garage and my sweetheart had to come out and wake me up at1
  6. finally got it ,,32,000 original miles ,,runs great,,i love it,,look forward to talking with other lotus esprit nuts,,,,thanx,,,kenny
  7. yup,, thats the car,,runs great,the chassis number is 234h,,
  8. thanx guys ,,,i changed the filter before the fuel pump, took the pump apart ,cleaned it ,and it fired right back up ,,with fresh gas of course,i,ll take some pics and post em real soon,,how do you find the chassis number ,,is it part of the vin???i,m in central nj,,,,,i,ll get a new pump any way ,,backup can,t hurt,,,thanx again guys,,,kenny
  9. just purchased a 77 s1,,very happy ran great,was low on fuel,,my fault,,yesterday wouldnt start,checked the fuel filter ,,it was plugged solid,,replaced and still wont start,,looks like the fuel pump is shot the fuel filter is not filling,,does any body have a part number so my parts guy can cross reference it to get a new pump.waited 20 years to find this car,,will be great chatting with you all you thanx,,,kenny ps when i turn the key i can hear the pump buzzing pretty loudly
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