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  1. 16 hours ago, PrecisionMike said:

    Thanks for your reply. Did you ever find a specification for valve spring installed height or valve protrusion? On mine (912 na) my exhaust valves consistently protrude 0.5 mm more than the inlet. I solved shim range issue by using new thin pad steel long skirt followers .

    Cylinder shop figured that out. Unfortunately I didn't get the specs. 

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  2. 11 hours ago, PrecisionMike said:

    Hi. Did you ever post the info you were after and got. I'd be very interested. Thankyou

    Yes. Needed the valve stem height because i was installing new valves. Had to have the exhaust taken down 20thou and the intake 10thou to put me in the correct shim range. 👍

  3. Ok guys. Popped the bolts off and checked both choke/enrichment pistons.Both working and not stuck. Throttle plates are both in the same spot when closed. Checked those by looking at the progression holes. But my timing belt def jumped 1 tooth. Belt is back on correctly and checked the belt tension. Spun it 4 times and rechecked the tension every revolution. Will check all plugs before i start it shortly to make sure i have spark on all 4. Wish me luck and thank you for all the replies. Greatly appreciated.👍👍

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