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  1. little pic from Saturday morning...good to chat to a few people
  2. Aiming to come along to this as it looks like being a nice morning , coming from oxford area.
  3. thanks for the feedback. Have now tested and there is in fact a buzzer. Is just very quiet so I didn't even notice it before.
  4. My 400 headlights do NOT automatically turn off when I leave and lock the car. I have 'discovered' this twice now in 6 months. Fortunately both times I had parked at home in the garage so recharging a dead battery a few days later was not such a problem. However is this correct (that they do not switch off automatically) or do I have a fault? If they don't switch off, has anyone invented a 'fix' or even added a buzzer as a reminder. Even our 12 yr old mini has lights that switch off automatically!
  5. aha - i am happy somebody else has finally raised this problem as i have it too. Never felt in on the NA or the S i had but it is REALLY noticable in the 400 but only when its VERY WET. about half a second to a full second delay for sure. I though i was going mad - had silverstone check the brakes twice but found nothing wrong; Had the brake fluid changed as a precaution and for my own sanity (and the front pads as they were 70% worn) and it still does it.... looks like they all do that then..
  6. I had similar on my 400 recently - it was going into garage for service anyway and they simply reset it and all been fine since. Not sure how to reset though
  7. I have a 400 and love it. The interior quality has improved each stage from my LE, S1 MY12 to the 400 now. However go sit in a 911 under 3 yrs old, let alone a new one or any other comparable. The interior in a Lotus is now great if you are used to Lotus, but trying to tempt those from other Marques it falls a long way short. Indicator stalks, mirror controls, key (from a 20 yr old Ford?) etc etc I love it but I really think you need to WANT a Lotus to have one.
  8. we got a new Macan on Lease in April through a leasing company and my business partner got a new disco at the same time. I did lots of spreasheets etc to work out the depreciation cost of purchasing v lease etc and came to the conclusion that it was not really very much more money at all but we got a brand new car of choice which seemed worth it We leased them via the business as much better tax benefits. We also got option to buy at the end of 3 yrs with a pre agreed fixed price - I expect the car to be worth easily £5k more than the pre agreed value so will probably buy it, keep it another year or 2 then sell it on. We did lots of research and found the specialist lease companies to be best value; Main dealers more expensive. We opted for Vantage Leasing who did a good deal and will source any car for you If you get a Porsche which is probably built to your order, avoid 'options' as far as possible - they increase the lease cost massively as they don't seem to depreciate them at all so you pay pretty much the full cost of the options over the lease period. If you are open to suggestions of make/model , the lease companies seemed to have loads of available stock for such as Mercs and Audis at very cheap rates (but Mrs B wanted the porker and in fairness its a very nice place to sit).
  9. Wow thanks sorry I missed was a big one.... Mrs B threw a surprise trip to Vegas...
  10. In fairness the vantage was so bad I wouldn’t consider it. the IPS fooled me on the test drive.
  11. "you get used to it" that's my point. Compared to any DSG the IPS is poor I also tried a Vantage with paddle shift - same old technology and also rubbish. by contrast we also have a Macan (sorry everyone) as family car - it is used as an auto for 99.9% of the time but the paddle shift is brilliant in comparison. If you never driven a modern double clutch paddle shift then the IPS is fine, or if you use it as an auto then its also fine. just my opinion
  12. Had both. LE brilliant but after driving an S you will be wanting more. IPS - ok if you leave it in auto mode but woeful using paddles - was ready to sell it after a couple of months but persevered for a year. manual S is what you need, or. 400
  13. Car going in to dealer next Monday for a full inspection as it is now approaching 3 years old and I want to make sure any problems are captured before the Lotus warranty expires. I already have a list of minor things but wondered if anyone has any guidance on common things to look out for to make sure they don't get overlooked. thanks
  14. Noticed that my polarised ray banns make the LED/LCD (?) display vanish - cannot see the digital speed or any other digital readouts. Non polarised glasses seem fine. This in the 400; didn't notice it in the earlier cars. Anyone else noticed this problem ?
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