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  1. Noted a post on Fb page today from somebody who had a call today and was advised current split is about 50/50 v6 v i4 - good question to ask. had a call from an 03 nr this morning - disappointed it turned out to be from O2
  2. If the I4 FE is autumn, with winter approaching then i am to wait another 6 months and get a custom spec instead the big risk, more so for “new” lotus buyers is that is a long time to wait so might then get something else in the meantime. the big sell to non lotus enthusiasts right now might wane in 12-18 months when other shiny new alternative might also be available.
  3. Just a thought - we have all assumed the i4 will be cheaper than the V6 but did anyone ever get this confirmed or is it still hearsay? The Lotus Cars Emira page lists the base car at £59,995 but does not state the engine. The First Edition states "From" £75.995 which is of course the V6 when you delve into configure. This kind of suggests the i4 LE may actually be higher?
  4. HaHa- i see that did sound like a really dumb statement on my part - I meant the V6 will be discontinued and the i4 will remain, which seems to be the commonly accepted view. However its a fair point - so if you have to wait until 23 for a base car, when is the Electric sports car due?
  5. my guess for I4 FE is also £70-72k but its not really about the money as a £5k swing at this price point is not really going to change much. however i am also interested in the performance / 0-60 spec. The Launch mentioned 4.5s but the V6 is now showing 4.2/4.3 so an improvement which is great and making me lean back to v6 If the I4 is about the same then i am happy to stick to an i4 as i just think its the future, but if there is say 0.5s difference then i might change - which might mean getting a v6 but might also mean going elsewhere for a couple of years or so until the S version arrives. An Alpine at under £50k looks a good alternative for 8 months, or a Mac570 at 85-90k (once the winter market kicks in) The real point of this being i dont know the answers and i don't have any timescale when i might get to know. A lot of non traditional lotus fans will have been enticed by the £60k headline and if they are now looking at another 18 months wait then i can imagine a lot asking for their deposits back - which ironically would then speed up the delivery dates for those 'still in'
  6. That is 100% correct however they have announced the i4 at the same time as launch and from most polls i have seen it seems to be close to 50% are interested in that option. So they need to give a bit more info on the i4 - even if they simply say prices an specs for it will be released in xx weeks, it gives something. Lack of communication suggests bad organisation. With lack of i4 info, there will for sure be some that will just go for the v6 but equally there will be some that go elsewhere, particularly as summer 22 has already dropped to autumn22.
  7. interested to hear how they deal with the procrastinators such as myself who are erring on the AMG side but need clearer specs and pricing in order to decide.
  8. logically, it should make no difference if you follow the logic. The 'old way' - you buy the car from the dealer - if you paid 100% in cash then they pass that money onto lotus less their markup. However in most cases, as part of that process the dealer 'tops up' the cash you pay with their own money, being the px amount - in theory they give the px cash to you as trade in and you pay it back to them immediately for the new car and they then add that to the money being sent on to Lotus. The new system is the same in theory although who pays who is a little different. You pay your cash to lotus; the dealer still tops up that amount to the full new car price and takes your car in px. The dealers are always taking a gamble on how much to pay you in px against what they think they can sell it for. The risk here is that there could be a lot of Lotus(Loti?) being used as PX in a short space of time which has got to impact values at that point. Unless of course the factory are going to underwrite the px values, but i assume they dont do that now so why should they in future?
  9. If the V6 FE really is £78k, then what is the premium over base? £18k is too big an uplift from £60k to be just options, so suggests the V6 may also be a chunk more that the AMG
  10. I wouldn't buy a car because the journos say its great (which is why I have test driven 911's in the past but never bought one). However if the 'trusted' journos give the Emira a bad review then it might make me think twice about buying new at launch and I might just wait a while. Interestingly I have not received the recent promo email direct from Lotus (in fact I have received nothing since acknowledgement of my deposit).
  11. absolutely this is my concern. this is where i am too. Probably 60/40 in favour of getting the Emira now v something else now and back to Lotus in 2 yrs.
  12. I had an Evora LE (6 yrs), S (2 yrs) and 400 (2 yrs) so i think i have done my research and love Lotus cars for handling and also rarity appeal. I am not for one minute suggesting the V6 is a bad engine, far from it - it has generally proven to be reliable, reasonably economic and i agree the 400 sound is fantastic. My concern is that such an old engine in a stunning brand new car just doesn't feel quite right. There also seems to be a view that the drop out rate on initial deposits might be up to 30% so I am curious about the causes of this - what make people have second thoughts?
  13. I noticed a couple of people seem to have pulled their deposit so wondered what the reasons were (assuming not personal / changes of circumstance etc). I am beginning to question my deposit. Not about the car itself, more about being an early adopter (i bought a Launch edition Evora, one of the first 50ish so I have experience). I was reading an old 2020 Evo copy in the barbers yesterday. The car data/review summary part at the back, basically summarised the Evora (400/410/430) as great cars 'but' the engine and gearbox were dated in this sector. I would love a manual but in truth, the V6 engine was old when it was launched in the Evora and that was 12 years ago, so I just don't get spending £70/80k+ on a brand new car with a dinosaur engine (sorry folks, just my opinion) So the AMG is where its at; trouble is that has been detuned for launch and will almost certainly get power increases along the way, possibly quite soon. The Evora S came along within 12 months of Launch and the Evora did get a bit of bad press about being underpowered I recall. My concern is that when it gets to the journos, the reviews will be summarised as: Great car, but a bit underpowered. V6 manual is past its sell by date and the AMG is underpowered so wait for the S version. The comparisons will be clear - outgoing cars (all of them) are faster 0-60 that the brand new car. The early Evoras also had quite a lot of build quality issues. Everything sorted under warranty so no real drama but the current Emira launch, roadshow in Sept, Journos in the new year, deliveries may be Spring, all seems very reminiscent of Evora Launch So i am really think to leave the deposit sat there (or take it back if i have to) and wait for the S to arrive. in a year or so. Interested to hear any other thoughts of self doubt
  14. Beady

    Lotus Emira

    agree colour is a big thing and configurators or even tiny colour samples are no good - the sample panels would need to be a larger size - like at least 1m2
  15. asking the same question on Land Rover forum but no solution yet so thought it might be worth widening the question to the more technically minded on here. Car is a defender TD5 - and it has an intermittent starting problem - Sometimes it’s fine other times I get a rapid clicking from the starter and it won’t start. Sometimes it clicks a few times then starts. general concensus it is a power issue (not starter motor) I replaced battery and same problem. I replaced starter relay and same problem. So i have tried a few checks as follows: when I get the clicking (and wont start) - I tried a wire feed direct from battery to starter and it then turns over and starts fine - so i am pretty sure its an electrical gremlin (not the starter) I have tested the feed wires into the starter relay (which both come from the ignition switch according to the wiring diagrams) - the ‘always live’ feed is 12.7v, same as battery. The other one which comes live when you turn the key to crank the engine is lower at 12.3 to 12.4 varies (I disconnected the starter when doing this to avoid complications) I think this low voltage on the ignition crank feed might be the problem but not sure. Today it was just clicking and not starting so I pulled the relay and connected a cable direct from battery to the wire that feeds the starter in the relay connector block - it started immediately no problems - so that cable (to the starter) is clearly ok. I then refitted the relay and tried with the key and 3 times it started ok then 4th time started clicking again and failed to start. Tried the direct battery connection again and fired up first time. Previous suggestions have been bad earth connection or faulty solenoid, but as it started instantly with a separate direct feed from the battery i dont see how either of these could be the problem. So instinctively it seems like the feed from the ignition might be the problem - next job is to get into the ignition and try running a temp cable from the ignition to the relay to rule out a break in the original cable. I have a feeling that wont solve it but you never know. Any thoughts or ideas would be most welcome
  16. regarding price and options, it seems there are quite a lot of people who dont really want all the options (and extra cost) that come with the FE. General speculation seems to be launch cars will have circa £15k worth of option but discounted to maybe £12k. Lots of people seem to be expecting / happy to pay maybe £5k for the options they want (full disclosure - I am in this camp) but not £12k for a load of options they dont. On that basis, this suggests there may be a large number of deposit dropouts or people deferring LE spec to get their own spec in the second wave (again this is me). However, I have been considering this: The launch cars will probably remain £60k base price (for the I4) as that is the figure that has been published and to increase immediately would cause a lot of bad publicity. So that gives an I4 LE purchase price at around £72k. First year of production will probably still be sold out even after dropouts. Year 2 - Lotus could reasonably put the price up by 5-10% as this will be for cars delivered 18mths to 2 years after the initial launch (and for sure the price of the comparable cayman will have increased in that time too). So by deferring the LE spec, you might then end up paying £63-65k for the base spec, plus your £5k options, making £68-70k anyway. So you might only save £2-4k on the LE spec cars, wait and extra year to get it and be missing £10k of options. My man maths therefore suggests, on balance, it probably remains better to stick with the LE car.
  17. 27 April 21 - TomE - UK - V6 manual 30 April 21 - Pugwash - UK V6 manual 15 May - JCR - Undecided 4 June 21 - DJW - undecided 23 June 21 - KJD - V6 manual 25 Jun 21 - scotty435 - V6 manual 28 June 21 - DaveC72 - i4 6 July 21 - Duncs - V6, but cost dependent. 7 July 21 Al_C - I4 8 July 21 - MJON - i4 8 July 21 - Wake - i4 (V6 cost dependant) 8 July 21 - Johnhoward - V6 Auto 8 July 21 (Goodwood Thursday) - JimH - i4 9 July Beady - I4 (probably) 12 July 21 - emstan - V6
  18. Contact your closest dealer and let them know you have placed a deposit - they will ask for the order reference then they will look after you from there
  19. c'mon Bibs - how many deposits now in total ? spill the beans
  20. ev04aaa - the stormtrooper first LE car - not seen it for a while 🙂
  21. Girl on the stand said the blue one was a demo version only and will be doing the rounds for all shows, displays etc over the rest of the year.
  22. I have now started to drive the Macan mummy wagon using paddles (rather than as an auto) to trial / get used to it
  23. In terms of deposit numbers - yesterday at FOS I was told they had taken 400 deposits on Thursday and had around 600 in total. That means around 200 via dealers beforehand, which sounds realistic. assuming a similar take up on fri/sat/sun then there may be up to 2000 at the end of the weekend. that’s an amazing start and must be better than anyone could have expected but I would guess 90%+ of those would be previous lotus owners of some sort. the majority of non lotus ‘fans’ are more likely to wait for the magazine tests and then actual test rides. so I suspect the next few months will then see just a trickle of further deposits until the press and demo cars arrive. the reaction of the press will then gave a big impact on the next wave of deposits. anyway I am now “in” Yes good to see you too - sorry I didn’t stay much to chat - I got there early for obvious reasons then had to go meet my “group” All 6 people I was with during the day we’re amazed the emira was only £60k when they saw it!
  24. 30mins into FOS and order placed. weak, I am !
  25. If we wait to try before we buy, then its gonna be a long wait. So, does any know what cars the AMG engine and DCT box are from? I can then go and take one for a test to see if I am ok with the DCT? I would prefer a manual and hated the IPS on the Evora but other DCT's I have tried have been ok and it IS the way forward.
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