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  1. where is my old stormtrooper now - EV04AAA? not seen her for a while - anyone on here know?
  2. my spec but minus privacy glass and with black interior (not brave enough to trust the samples for Tan). Love it
  3. Definitely change the wing - i think more people would be put off than those that like it, and the comments above seem to reflect that. Love the colour and price seems ok a few weeks ago but I detect prices are already dropping (a little) and I think will continue - economy, interest rates, energy bills, winter coming and emira deliveries may add to the evoras on sale. My last 400 is currently on PH at £47k albeit now with nearly 50k miles on it. good luck
  4. Parts supply - lack of right hand steering wheels 🤣
  5. I used Autotrader to sell my Defender a few weeks ago. paid extra for the 'unlimited' time advert (eg as long as it takes to sell) which i thought would be worth it with a slightly 'specialist car'. I had a few very low ball offers via emails without seeing that car, all of which I politely declined and eventually the first person to view it in person, bought it. I took a couple of months and I did lower the price a little and I ended up getting what I considered my 'lowest limit'
  6. Just expressing an opinion but I can see I could have been taken the wrong way- no offence intended. I love Evora, had 3 of them and genuinely thinking of pulling emira deposit to get one again until lotus sort out their sh** with the emira process .
  7. So why remove the link a few hours later ?
  8. I just got back from holiday and these things are still on the cache available to download. amateurish at best and whoever released them really should be sacked on the spot if done without senior approval.
  9. those wheels would be a reason for me NOT to buy it. each to their own but i would have to factor in the cost to replace them they are so ugly
  10. Perhaps somebody should start a “when I cancelled my order” thread
  11. It might be helpful to generate a list of the cars at each UK dealer (once they arrive) - assuming all v6 manual, key info being colour / sport or touring / leather v alcantara then it will easy to find the closest dealer with the colour / options we want to check out I am pretty sure if all dealers have 2 cars then they will all have a sport/touring option but the colour is the big one. In particular I need to know who has DV?
  12. I have just received an (unprompted) email update on my order - so i assume lots of you will be getting the same email today - check your junk folders! States a production date now confirmed of October. Does not mention delivery date so i assume this to be November. I believe I am in the second batch and was originally notified of July production / Aug delivery - so 3 months delay. hope this is helpful I will definitely be doing this- but will wait until after the test drives as I might also want to use that delay to make a spec change - if the spec changes results in an even longer delay, then who cares, waited long enough already. Higher risk is for Lotus that too may of us get bored and look elsewhere. Used prices starting to come down now too.
  13. I contacted CS late last week to get an idea of current delays - below is what I received : The factory is 6-8 weeks behind on their production schedule. We last updated you that your car was due for build in July, so it is now scheduled for 6-8 weeks later than that. This means your estimated build month will now be September. I am v6 Manual in DV with silver wheels I was expecting to hear it would be 2 months later than that given recent other feedback. my deposit was 9th July (am) hope this is helpful to others
  14. re Grahams car - it needs door lock and dash repair - whenever i am buying a used car, i assume each item costs £500 - so thats £1k extra that Its a private sale so no warranty - that's got to be worth £2k for peace of mind in the next 12 months so as a buyer i would now be looking and thinking almost £36k - what does that get me at a dealer? The market has definitely slowed for 'toys' I have my defender up for sale on autotrader - have had about 6 email enquiries in 3 wks but no viewings yet (although a couple of emails just offering me £3k less). Not desperate to sell yet as it will be funding towards the Emira 🤣
  15. I have no problem with the delays as it is a worldwide problem, but I really think its unlikely that anyone will receive a car before 1st Sept. I was originally 'month 2' so July, then delayed to August. As i am away in Aug i asked to delay handover to Sept to get a new reg plate and that was accepted, no problem. However if this now drops to say November+ as per Toms suggested2-3 months, the I really dont want a sports car turning up just in time to be put away for winter, so i will look to delay until 1st March for next spring. So pleased i bought the S1 Elise to play with this summer.
  16. A few quick thoughts from FOS yesterday. good- silver (sorry nimbus) looks stunning - personally I dont like silver cars so it’s not for me, but it does look amazing. Bad- red - in the shade very disappointing and bland - didn’t see it in sunlight. ugly- the red car with cream interior that everyone was sitting in - I sat in at the end of the day when the queues died down - the cream was already getting very discoloured presumably staining from everyone wearing jeans. Also both seats looked very ‘baggy’ - like they had done 100k miles - from a quality point of view this is a real concern - not sure if that is a recent production car or an old test car. good again- the rest of the interior looked great and steering wheel certainly not too thick. I spoke with one of the factory guys on sport v touring etc - his view was as a daily driver an i4 with touring would be his choice but v6 manual with sport and Goodyears for a weekend car. the eletre also looks stunning!
  17. Lack of DV pics is now beyond a joke
  18. Really positive review. and That DV - love it!
  19. So at this late stage, with v6 delivery in aug/ sept - if I want to change to an i4 FE do I slot into the queue in a similar early position (based on my first deposit) or do I now go to the back of the queue as punishment for procrastination? anyone know ?
  20. There are merits in all the various debates above. the emira has the wow factor in looks, and there was a hope that it would blow the competition away in the driving department too. That just hasn’t happened - it seems to be good, very good but not quite enough to be universally acclaimed as the best, and I think that’s why quite a few are disappointed. i put myself in section 3 of Evotions list and I will almost certainly still buy it but I can recognise its shortfalls. I bought an Evora launch edition which came out to probably better reviews than the Emira but a global financial downturn at the time surely had a big impact in sales at the time and it never recovered. I suspect many will drop out of deposits but I am pretty confident that there will be many new deposits to replace them. in reality most sports car buyers are not real enthusiasts otherwise ‘old lotus’ would have been profitable enough. most want something that looks good and handles well enough and makes the neighbours think they are doing well for themselves - hence to date they have largely bought a porker. Those buyers are unlikely to frequent these forums but I am sure the emira fits many of their needs on looks alone.
  21. No real reason but a quick snap of 'my fleet' after a bit of car washing today - the best of British.
  22. still no pictures of all the colours ? also does anyone have any realistic idea when the base car configuration / costs / options will go live ?
  23. just in Porsche dealer getting Macan serviced and took opportunity to have a chat about lead times: 718 Cayman GTS - order book is open but 18 mth delivery and they expect it to be replaced with an electric model in that sort of timescale anyway - so when you get it, its already redundant. Spyder verison - order book is closed didn't bother asking about GT4 911 convertible - 12 month delivery on all of them - you can get something that is essentially new , perhaps a few hundred miles at £20k over list price.
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