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  1. does anyone have any insight - when the dealer demo cars finally arrive (May?) will these all be v6 or will there also be i4?
  2. my laptop intercepted a virus about 5 mins after clicking the link to those photos....coincidence?
  3. agree this probably would make a difference in my personal selection.....but they didn't do that did they - they called it Sport (and its a sports car)
  4. did you spot "Emira" writen in the top of the headlights (Similar to on the early Evora headlights) - forgot to take a pic.
  5. Have to agree I am with Ade on this one - its a Lotus so default should always be Sport. My instinct is that most of us mere mortals probably would not notice the difference anyway, on track or road, but psychologically it has to be Sport!
  6. A quick poll which I thought might be interesting
  7. Paid the next deposit today. sticking with v6 manual at present with Sports Suspension. Close call between red and green and unlikely to fully commit until I have seen an actual full car in the colour. Would also like to drive v6 and i4 to compare before finally committing, but happy to continue the place in the queue for now as nothing really to lose.
  8. Went to Silverstone last night, great evening with all the main factory people there to talk to. I wanted to wait until one of the later dates in case more info became available or possibly another full size car in another colour. The the new paint sample “car models” were much more helpful than the discs. I had narrowed colours down to red or green and I am now back to green as first choice- yes it’s too dark but in bright light the green does come out. on second viewing (after Goodwood), I was less blown away than first time and I am still not 100% sold on the FE. there was a new shape Aston in the car park and I did look longingly at that! I will be confirming the 2nd deposit this week,in green but unlikely to commit fully until I see a full/ real car in my colour choice and possibly driven both the v6 and i4 for comparison. Happy to drop down the queue to wait for this.
  9. After 5th nov, has there been any indication when the deposits an specs become binding / non refundable ?
  10. funny ours is blue and gets the same reaction, Mrs B was horrified when she first started driving it.
  11. Also just had my call today. Deposit paid 8.30am Fri 9th July at Goodwood. Sadly it was a short call as most of the questions have already been answered on the forum. At this stage I don't want a v6, although I might well change my mind on that if I knew a bit more about the i4. So i am losing my place in the immediate queue due to lack on info. The caller was very nice, polite and tried to be helpful but they don't know anything on the i4 and anything they might try and tell you is clearly just speculation. I assume if I change my mind and spec the V6 before 5/11 then i will retain my place so I might do that once I have seen the car again at Silverstone in a few weeks. However, there is an absence of real information, the website says Autumn 22 but there is now hearsay that it may be 23 and the truth is I am losing interest. As a Lotus fan (3 Evora and 2 Elise in the last 15 years), this is a real shame - If I am reaching this point then I can only imagine what the newcomers to Lotus might be thinking. Maybe seeing it again will resurrect my enthusiasm but at this stage have gone back to browsing autotrader and pistonheads for maybe an Alpine or an Exige S for the next 18mths. 😕
  12. we also have a macan mummy wagon... with the official porker tracker option, I find the 'find my car' great on the odd occasion at large event car parks. One of us routinely forgets the fob, probably once a month in year one, now once every 3 months in year 3 - they phone us to check that all is ok and put the alert system on hold for a short time. no hassle.
  13. When i bought my Evora LE in 2009 (one of the first 50 or so in UK), i struggled with insurance as it was so new, most companies didnt have it on their system. All quotes I got NEEDED a tracker. My last Evora 400 (2 years old when i got it) did NOT need a tracker for insurance. If its not needed for insurance purposes then the question you have to ask is - if it gets stolen, do i really want it back anyway or would i rather have the money?
  14. what's that square 'button' under the gear-lever space - is it usb charger ? makes me laugh the car on show has the dct box that cannot be ordered yet and date still unknown
  15. I was 8th too, 8am…getting excited now
  16. yep shame green is so dark it destroys the lines of the car
  17. at the risk of controversy, the majority of early adopters and so those at the launch yesterday, and across the next month are largely likely to be lotus fans and so there is no need to impress them...they are already sold. Upping the game needs to come in the next phase - convincing those to swap from other brands.
  18. err that's Lotus i think.... and real cars
  19. i guess the next question then is what impact that has on own spec V6 cars. eg could own spec V6 now be available later in 2022 anyone have any insight into total number of deposits taken so far? then if 50% of those wanted i4 it would give an idea of V6 buyers v likely 2022 production numbers
  20. if the red is indeed like fire red then i quite like it. sounds like green as closer to epsom green? any news on when more colours might be available ?
  21. i am struggling to pick a colour based on these samples. The blue doesn't stand out in the samples but looks stunning in the flesh and the 'dark grey' looks almost black in real life but much light on the samples - this really illustrates the risk if you cannot see the whole car in your colour. agree red is much brighter than expected and the green much darker. bring on motorsport green or evora 'hethel edition' blue
  22. Noted a post on Fb page today from somebody who had a call today and was advised current split is about 50/50 v6 v i4 - good question to ask. had a call from an 03 nr this morning - disappointed it turned out to be from O2
  23. If the I4 FE is autumn, with winter approaching then i am to wait another 6 months and get a custom spec instead the big risk, more so for “new” lotus buyers is that is a long time to wait so might then get something else in the meantime. the big sell to non lotus enthusiasts right now might wane in 12-18 months when other shiny new alternative might also be available.
  24. Just a thought - we have all assumed the i4 will be cheaper than the V6 but did anyone ever get this confirmed or is it still hearsay? The Lotus Cars Emira page lists the base car at £59,995 but does not state the engine. The First Edition states "From" £75.995 which is of course the V6 when you delve into configure. This kind of suggests the i4 LE may actually be higher?
  25. HaHa- i see that did sound like a really dumb statement on my part - I meant the V6 will be discontinued and the i4 will remain, which seems to be the commonly accepted view. However its a fair point - so if you have to wait until 23 for a base car, when is the Electric sports car due?
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