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  1. Following factory visit yesterday, i was advised that the first 2 gears are the same (as aready noted above), so 0-6 time is not affected. gears 3/4/5/6 in the close ratio box are closer together so that 6th gear in the close ratio box is the same as 5th in the standard box. So a bit more sporty and with more gear changes but the sacrifice is higher revs when cruising on a motorway as you are cruising at what would be 5th gear in the standard box. I am also debating this option - not available on the launch edition i am told. I have had similiar deliberations as i had originally se
  2. answers to Q's and a few other notes: 2+0 will lead to a delay in delivery and general feedback (from dealers) seems to be that these are going to be a problem to resell later. Without the premium pack : Seats are still leather but black only, no choice of colours. Other areas that are leather in the premium pack will be alcantara instead (eg lower half of door panels,sides of footwell, centre console housing gear lver / handbrake etc) Armrest is also not provided. A few other minor items but these seems to be the main items. A few other notes that may be helpful: Without the
  3. Short notice i realise but i am goint to the factory today and wondered if anyone has any questions they might like me to tactfully ask while i am there. Will pick up any posts on blackberry en route so anything pre 11.00am should be ok. i will post news of the visit tonight...
  4. Having deliberated about this for a long time, I finally committed to the Evora Saturday. I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone else has done, now finally having had a chance to drive the car...
  5. Firstly a huge thanks to Guy for giving me ample time in the his demonstrator on Tuesday. Having finally driven the Evora and being very impressed, i decided to call in at my local Porsche dealer on the way home to try out a new 911 C2 to get a direct comparison for myself. I have to say that the launch spec Evora still seems too expensive - by the time i had specced up the Porsche it was only +
  6. saw the demo Evora at Castle Lotus at the weekend. whilst the car is stunning - my personal opinion is that carbon grey doesn't do any favours to the car - far too dull sorry.
  7. Beady

    second evora ??

    my neighbour saw a silver Evora on the back of a transporter on the northern section of the M25 today - guessing it is another dealer demo car...any ideas on where it may have been heading ?
  8. a couple of quotes from this review: 'Maybe even the best drivers' car money can buy' 'it simply eclipses anything else available for less than
  9. another breif but positive review
  10. having discussed the potential reviews with the other half over last weekend and what the journos might say my expectations were: a. fantastic handling b little underpowered c. interior not as good as the likes of porshce / audi etc a & c were always really a 'a given' in reality. To date there seems to be no real issues with being underpowered which is a great and finally commmiting to a sub 5 sec 0-60 is another real bonus. cant wait to get a chance to drive it, which i suspect will finally push me into buying it Anyone interested in a nice 2003 111S which i now need to sel
  11. i am sure we would all be intetested to hear why... anyone know?
  12. I spoke with my local dealer yesterday (whilst getting yet another new number plate for the elise...) who said they expected the press cars launch to be at end of May and dealer/demo cars to be early june. This is a good month later than we have been talking about on this forum. Are they badly informed or just being reluctant to release the any information at present?
  13. Just wondered if anyone 'in the know' has any ideas on dates for the press cars to be released and when we might expect to see any independant reviews ?
  14. i chose my current elise because it is great to drive. whilst the evora is cleary much more refined, for me lotus is about a driving experience. i would not want to pay for all the toys in the tech pack. the sport pack and gearbox are critical though and they seem pretty reasonable. still think the starting price is just a bit high, however if the reviews give it the thumbs up then i expect i will get one - but at present i am happy to wait a few extra months until the mags reveal all...
  15. i think a valid point is being made here. Lotus do have a lot of brand loyalty and i would not consider an Audi TT over an elise let alone an evora. The cayman is also something of a red herring - my interest in the evora is because it allows me to trade up my elise for something that will also fit the boy in the back, which is not possible in a cayman. However i suspect that the majority of buyers at this price bracket will read the reviews, take a test drive and then decide on what is the best car for them rather than going on pure loyalty. If the magazine reviews do put the evora agai
  16. I am in a similar positon - in that thinking about it but wating to see the finished article, price, press reviews. Have seen it, sat in it and fallen in love. Heart say just get your name down but the head says wait. Most concerned by recent ruffle on this forum a few weeks ago at the possibility that the promised 0-60 in sub 5 secs might actually turn out to be 5.5 secs?? - any more news on this ?? also cannot justify
  17. have EV04A AA just waiting for the car now....
  18. I have a 111s and love it dearly. Have sat in an Evora at a 1 day showing at my local dealer recently and was very tempted to put down a deposit. With a better economic outlook i possibly would have done but given the economy it is madness to expect a people to pay a
  19. does anyone have any idea on dates for : announcement of prices / press demos / first demo models in dealers / first deliveries of cars / current waiting time for new orders placed /etc.
  20. went to a dealer launch last week to have a look in the flesh - they had a few head office bods designers/engineers to talf to they reackoned it did the nurburgring in under 8 mins. what are the times for the elise/exige?
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