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  1. This week I said goodbye to Evora nr 2. The first LE version lasted over 6 yrs, the second 2013 S IPS just 18 mths. Loved the car but really never bonded with the IPS. My left left just got bored. I know it has gone to an enthusiastic good home and I am pretty sure the new owner will pop up and say hi on here soon.... Last time it took 6 months to find a replacement so I am hoping it will be a bit quicker this time around. An S Manual remains favourite although I still glance longingly at the Exige S and I am resisting taking a 400 out for a test drive.... for now.
  2. Beady

    Evora GT430

    lets play a game to pass the time - what page will this thread be on by the time the launch happens - I guess page 16
  3. Beady

    Evora GT430

    Maybe the launch will be this afternoon - perhaps at 4.50?
  4. I did the CAT training at Millbrook years ago - a full day in in my own 1st Evora - excellent training- pricey but worth every penny.
  5. I finally got around to tinkering at the weekend with my recently new toy. Wanted to clear the memory of previous phone connections and other random user settings etc and found the button marked 'restore factory settings' Please all stop laughing now..... Does anyone have, or know how to get the startup lotus logo that I have now lost. I just need the image to out onto a memory card to upload... thanks
  6. and here the garden of the villa we stayed in for Le Mans .....
  7. Interesting comparison of Ferrari California v MY13 Evora IPS (mine) interiors......
  8. the excitement of collecting my new baby tomorrow evening...and reading all the nice words of congrats on the forum.
  9. First time for me, going with a group via work and also staying at a chateau a few miles out. Don't fancy taking the new Evora just a few days after collecting it so opting for the safety (?) of the minibus.
  10. Thanks for all the great comments; all being well, will collect tomorrow eve so a nice drive home. It does indeed have the stupidly expensive headlining - matching cognac colour in a suede material - not an option I would have ticked on a purely cost basis but it does look great. To be honest I would never have selected Cognac as an interior colour from new but in the flesh it looks very classy and it compliments the Nightfall Blue perfectly. I also love the wheels and again the red calipers compliment to the overall colour scheme.
  11. It has taken a while, but thanks to a tip off from Bibs, here she is..... Collect later this week....more details to follow
  12. preferably Manual but I would consider an IPS
  13. Many of you will know I sold my Evora LE back in Feb via replying to a wanted ad. Well after months of procrastination and looking at options etc I can confirm I am looking for a Supercharged Evora from MY12 onwards, up to 2014. Must be 2+2 Colours: YES - White / Black / Blue / Green No - Yellow / orange / any silver or grey Maybe - Red / anything else In the absence of anything even remotely suitable over the last 2-3 months I am now on the verge of getting an Exige V6 instead - I would be happy with this but would prefer an Evora. If you are thinking
  14. Beady


  15. Has anyone removed the rear spoiler on a coupe for road use. if so have you found anything that looks neat to plug the holes in the engine cover ? just wondering about the aesthetics of changing a coupe to a roadster but keeping the options open to change back in future? wife doesn't like spoilers !
  16. Having sold my beloved Evora a few months ago I find myself looking at an Exige V6. I have tried a couple and love them, probably roadster but open minded Are there any specific issues / recalls / common faults etc to look out for or to ask about ? Probably looking at a 2014 model so should still have some warranty left. Will use as daily driver to station and back, except in depths of winter, then as weekend toy; mileage typically under 3k p/a. Didn't do a track day in Evora (as used to have motorbike) but may well do perhaps one (or 2 at most) a year if I have an exige.
  17. Lotus is the target yes - Evora S or Exige S favourites...budget wont run to 400. Just the one though. Although I fancy a restoration car (or maybe campervan) and I have indeed added extra concrete in the slab to take a car lift in future Still very sad about losing the stormtrooper but at least its clearly gone to very good home.
  18. 2 and a half weeks in now....the garage door openings ready and the man came to survey the openings today... still no car though...
  19. I am loving the special edition advertised for £150k on autotrader just now...
  20. Still car-less but at least the garage construction has now started.....this is the view from the have 3 months or so to find a car (or 2) to put in it...
  21. whats wrong with the red one at Strattons? Anyone seen it ? looks pretty nice and a decent price....a long way to go if there's a problem with it
  22. if it looks too good to be probably is. I take it this is the red one in question ?
  23. Drove past an Aston garage today so stopped to have a look - taking one out for a spin next Friday weather permitting. On looks and sound alone its awesome, even though 8 yrs old now, although interior showing signs of dating. quick straw poll: coupe or roadster ? I think the coupe is much prettier...and can a man really drive a soft-top sports car without looking like a tosser?
  24. Have always been a sucker for blondes
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