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  1. You may have picked up via another thread that I have finally sold my beloved LE Evora. Having owned and cherished it since new (6yrs), I have toyed with the idea of changing it a few times and increasingly so over the last couple of years. Generally through familiarisation leading to boredom I guess. My previous car was an Elise 111s which I had 3 yrs and only sold in readiness for the Evora. In the past I have always managed to see sense, or at least find a new project (usually in the house or garden) to divert my attention just in time, but after much soul searching I decided now
  2. Another one of my old car taken by Sparky within month 1, I love this one. James enjoy.... I am really, really depressed this week.
  3. Sadly it's true. After 6 years I have decided it's time for a change. The car is still fantastic and I think James will love it every bit as much as I have . For me the exciting search starts now..keep an eye out in the wanted section
  4. did mine last week, circa £400. got 2 other quotes both about £480
  5. Got dragged into Sainsburys the other day and found this in the toys...half price £ could I resist. Its about 15cm /6 inch in size and check out the back of the box good company Now to strip it down and paint it.
  6. £26,250. hate the colour but good spec. agree with most that it wont meet reserve
  7. Sorry for the delayed reply to these posts...busy at work, no time to play... Trevor, the labour cost is essentially little more than changing the clutch so as well documented its between £2.5-£3k depending on where you go (I had all the work done at Silverstone who were great as usual). As far as the gearbox goes, after some negotiation Lotus factory stepped in and agreed to provide a replacement gearbox at a very good deal. Prefer not to publicise exact details but I can confirm Lotus were excellent and deserve a big thanks. Whilst the car is over 5 yrs old now, the mileage is
  8. The string in my glovebox broke and I can't see where it fixes at the top. anyone had this problem or can anyone perhaps post a picture of the string in correct position. thanks
  9. Its been a long time, but the stormtrooper finally came home last weekend complete with new gearbox. If anyone unlucky enough to get the same symptoms alas the gearbox is shot. New clutch done at the same time and the old one was well towards the end of its life apparently. Nice to be back, just in time for winter...
  10. Just getting 6 yr service done and I asked about plugs - was told that they are due at 54k so no need I am at less than 30k.
  11. Getting new gearbox fitted..... should be home soon.
  12. Quick delivered to Silverstone yesterday...diagnosis awaited.
  13. quick update - just been out and started it up. now on tickover there is a definite whining noise which stops when the clutch pedal is pressed. From www research this morning that seems to suggest clutch release bearing. However when I put it into a gear, rev/1st/2nd/3rd/6th are all fine and the car pulls away. In 4th and 5th, the gear is not selecting at all and I just get a very loud and disturbing whizzing noise - I orginally thought it might be the clutch spinning but I guess it could be the gears spinning if not engaged ?
  14. some advice please. This morning, driving sensibly, put the car into 4th gear...and when I released the clutch pedal, there is a loud spinning noise and nothing happens. in 1st/2nd/3rd, the car still drives fine, no clutch slip and no noise. (reverse also seems to be ok still) In 4th/5th/6th when the clutch is pressed and gear selected, when the clutch pedal is then released, their is no pickup at all, just a loud spinning noise.. With the car stationary, the same thing happens - depress clutch, put into 4th gear and as soon as the pedal is released, there is just a loud spinn
  15. considering changing the big fat volvo (xc90) principally used by Mrs B to ferry around 2 x kids (3 and 4 yrs old - so no pushchairs now) plus dog. She likes the Evoque but don't want to spend that much on a new one and they seem to hold value very well so even early ones are still £25k+. Anyone have an evoque ? any feedback - good or bad points? any must have specs/ extras to look for? good / bad colours? running costs / service costs or any other ideas for an alternative. budget anywhere from £15-25k - new or used ok, no preference mileage circa 10k p/a cheers in advan
  16. which models come with no cargo net then ? I thought they all had one
  17. I have the CR box and I did a back to back test with a long box at one stage - I made a note of the revs at motorway speeds. In 6th gear: standard box: 70mph = approx. 1850 revs 80 mph = 2150/2200 revs CR box: 70 mph = 2500 revs 80mph = 2850 revs Additionally - on a long run / motorway - the CR box probably loses about 5mpg, perhaps slightly more than standard. But if that concerns anyone then surely you are looking at the wrong car in the first place Before I made my final choice (I bought from new) I spoke to a lotus engineer at the factory about the differences. His adv
  18. No doubt somebody will find a way to disconnect it then just reconnect at MOT time...
  19. on schedule for early get away - I am now refusing to answer the phone in case some bugger wants anything doing...
  20. I am going on the Jonathan Palmer driving activity at Bedford autodrome on Friday...a fantastic jolly through work. Would be nice to get the Evora out on the track at the end of the day but I expect the fun police will say no! Anyone done this before? Any highlights to look out for? Will feedback on the day afterwards if anyone is interested.
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