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  1. I am desperately trying to keep the afternoon free so I can get away early and get there for the first time in ages.
  2. I bought a new original spec one for about £100 from a local car audio specialist (that were recommended to me by the main dealer as easier than getting one from their own suppliers) and then paid Silverstone Lotus about £100 to fit it. £650 is bullxxxx
  3. Not clear how long you have owned the car but if less than say 6 months then it seems to me the complaint is probably with the seller not the manufacturer. The dealers make a good £5k + on a used car so perhaps the dealer should be contributing something to this - free labour charge for example. If you have owned for over 12 months then I think the dealer would certainly be clear of any responsibility Also the general opinion that a warranty period is all you get is nonsense. Sale of goods acts mean goods have to be fit for purpose. even after a warranty has expired. You are perfectly e
  4. On the off chance that anyone on here is IT savvy, a question / request for opinion. We are looking to move office soon and our small business server is now virtually antique. so do we get a new server or go bravely to the cloud. There are 16 of us but growing steadly. We moved emails off our server and into microsoft 360 last year and this was v successful. any thoughts . anyone in a smallish business using the cloud for all file storage who could offer opinion? Any IT support people you can recommend we speak to (we are based in London). Cheers.
  5. Beady

    Lotus Evora 400

    5 foot tall at most in the back.. To allow anyone to sit properly in the back, the seats have to be so far forward it is then impossible to drive or quite uncomfortable for a front passenger. In reality a rear passenger may prefer to sit sideways with legs up on the seat.
  6. Beady

    Lotus Evora 400

    OOOOooooooo I like........ Interesting choice of colour, does this mean that silver is back ?
  7. Just ordered a new battery, will fit it at the weekend. Idiot question incoming - does it arrive ready charged or do I have to charge it?? Last time I got motorbike battery I had to add the acid and leave it a few hours...
  8. bought mine from the forum shop - highly recommended, perfect snug fit and nice soft inner lining
  9. I think it was about £2k extra. aspen white (mine) was about £1k I probably have all the old brochures / price lists etc in a box at home from when I bought new (how sad am I) - if you want exact figure I can try and dig it out ?
  10. isn't the national speed limit 60 on single carriageways anyway...hardly much difference. occasionally I may touch 61, downhill, allegedly...
  11. yes I meant can you get the coupe without the rear wing (sorry)...then just add soft-top... lets face it your unlikely to be doing the sort of speeds the soft-top will come off, on uk roads... and you do it on track with the soft top then you deserve all you get.
  12. Could you just order the roadster without the rear wing?? Or does the nanny state prevent this?
  13. Update - windscreen finally been replaced. Done by the AA through the insurers, but done at Lotus Silverstone under their watchful eye and assistance. All good.
  14. Front end of my car had armourfend when new which included the headlights. So far no peeling problems, 5 yrs old in 2 weeks
  15. Kimbers, as an intro, I am a chartered surveyor (but not a building surveyor) so have a bit of a clue what I am taking about. I do loads of work on grade 2 listed buildings (and also grade 1 - nightmare) mainly in London. It sounds as though the existing / previous owner has made the changes without getting the necessary approvals - you need approval to change the windows for example. The planners CAN make you reinstate all previous unapproved changes (as somebody noted above)! In reality they usually don't but could if they wanted to. So first of all ask for all the previous pl
  16. Beady

    twin evoras

    what is the record for most matching evoras together excluding Lotus events or dealers?
  17. Beady

    2 white evoras

    in the station car park today.... one was mine.... usually there are about a dozen + porkers on any day. Must have caused some confusion to the regulars today.
  18. It looks like there is a new air vent at the base of the rear screen
  19. Oct 2009 from of the early Launch Editions. 21k miles on it now Get cold feet about changing it every 6 months but cannot really find anything else that is anywhere near as good that would tempt me at a similar price. Previously had an Elise 111s and did about 20k in about 3-4yrs
  20. I have picked up a large stone chip on the windscreen. I have not had anyone look at it yet but my instinct is that it is too large to repair (it is out of line of sight for MOT though) In the past few years I have had 3 windscreens replaced on various cars by the usual insurance arranged windscreen replacement companies (you know who they are). All 3 have given me problems - 2 leaked afterwards and the third damage paintwork (which I got sorted via their insurers after some hassle). I have looked at my insurance and to use anyone other than the insurers approved company, they will
  21. 2 weeks in and the decat sounds fantastic with the Lotus sports exhaust. Should have done it ages ago. K&N filter next I think
  22. I bought the original spec alpine camera and got the dealer to fit it. all perfect now. no more jetwash!
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