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  1. In fairness the vantage was so bad I wouldn’t consider it. the IPS fooled me on the test drive.
  2. "you get used to it" that's my point. Compared to any DSG the IPS is poor I also tried a Vantage with paddle shift - same old technology and also rubbish. by contrast we also have a Macan (sorry everyone) as family car - it is used as an auto for 99.9% of the time but the paddle shift is brilliant in comparison. If you never driven a modern double clutch paddle shift then the IPS is fine, or if you use it as an auto then its also fine. just my opinion
  3. Had both. LE brilliant but after driving an S you will be wanting more. IPS - ok if you leave it in auto mode but woeful using paddles - was ready to sell it after a couple of months but persevered for a year. manual S is what you need, or. 400 😎
  4. Car going in to dealer next Monday for a full inspection as it is now approaching 3 years old and I want to make sure any problems are captured before the Lotus warranty expires. I already have a list of minor things but wondered if anyone has any guidance on common things to look out for to make sure they don't get overlooked. thanks
  5. Noticed that my polarised ray banns make the LED/LCD (?) display vanish - cannot see the digital speed or any other digital readouts. Non polarised glasses seem fine. This in the 400; didn't notice it in the earlier cars. Anyone else noticed this problem ?
  6. Going back to Hethel to do the Gold course this Saturday 17th Aug.... anyone else going ?
  7. Prefer the outgoing font and the fact that the LOTUS text 'smiles' rather than being straight. Be interesting to see the new font in a curved style to compare. Also most modern designs are all very simple so this is probably in keeping with current trends. I suspect most people wouldn't even notice it
  8. did I hear correct....10 mins to a full charge? if that is reality then the goalposts have surely been moved massively
  9. Looks great what is holding the coke can ? am I missing something in mine?
  10. according to the various press releases I have read the 400 Hethel Ed should have some sort of plaque to confirm it is a H Ed. If this is correct then mine seemsto be missing....can anyone shed any light on this - is there a plaque and if so where ? thanks Pail
  11. Beady

    Morgans (lots)

    In Norwich last weekend to do the LDA Silver level on Saturday, so stayed over Friday and sat night with Mrs B. On the way we spotted several Morgans, turned out to be their annual gathering somewhere nearby. Quite a few were in our hotel car park that eve.....
  12. Did the Silver Level last weekend - xmas treat from Mrs B. Brilliant - booked to go back and do Gold in August - anyone in 2 minds about this, just do it.
  13. get a compression check done on each cylinder just in case the piston fail problem
  14. I never did discover the root cause. however a new short motor from lotus is circa £10k supplied but the identical item from Toyota is under £3k Didn't put me off in a 400
  15. The Stormtrooper has finally graduated to become Vader...… 400 Hethel Edition in motorsport black...collected it ! 😎
  16. all in good maths in full force.....
  17. Quick questions regarding a car I am looking at ahead of possible purchase (an MY11 Evora S). 1. Any idea of a budget to get back seats retrimmed in leather (currently cloth)? 2. is it possible to retrofit TPMS to a car that does not have it and if so any idea of budget 3. Ditto - cruise control thanks
  18. New&onesearchad=Used&page=1 help - whats wrong with this one ? something doesn't quite look right.. the interior seems to be a mix of SR and early pre MY12 cars...very confusing. shame about the corroded wheel nuts too lovely colour though
  19. David - YES the 111R is in fact for sale although not advertised is booked in for a front clam respray to get rid of the stone chips etc then it will be advertised after Easter, when I get back from hols - pm me if you are interested, it had new shocks all round pre-winter.
  20. I am pretty sure it was owned for a short time by a guy on here who may speak up. He is a serial lotus owner with a couple of elises, and an early NA evora - he sold the 400 about 12-15 mths ago when he bought my S IPS. He had only owned it a few months but found it a bit harder / less comfortable ? than his earlier NA so wanted to go back to an earlier model. Pretty high spec from what I recall
  21. so we all should buy a 911 then ?
  22. I had a warranty from Auto Protect on car bought from a main dealer. Needed to claim and they refused to pay out. In the end I referred to matter to the FSA who investigated and decided in my favour....but it took well over 6 months to eventually get resolved. Read the small print in the warranty and make sure you do everything it says (service dates, reporting the fault etc)
  23. Lee, Like many I have watched your thread with sadness over the last week. My deepest condolences and stay strong for yourself and the girls.
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