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  1. On 01/05/2021 at 20:25, scotty435 said:

    I have been told dealers will have demo’s in there showrooms from mid July ready for potential customers to see in the flesh, spec, order for early 2022 delivery.

    Whoooaaa - in showrooms July 21 ?? I was expecting July 22 as they’re always late 

  2. We booked 8 tickets for FOS last yr for the Friday as a corporate jolly - i have been told they are valid for the same day this year - just awaiting formal need to get sorted with access to the lotus stand.😎


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  3. As a purchaser of an LE Evora, i am watching this with real interest and do have my name pencilled on the waiting list.

    The cheapest Evora was pitched at just under £50k at launch so i am thinking the new car to be circa £60-65k to tempt the Elise market to spend just a little more, then of course will be other more expensive variants.

    However Lotus will never increase sales volumes simply by getting existing customers to buy again -  they need to appeal to new customers which at the £60-70k mark can only really mean Cayman owners?

    15 hours ago, TomE said:

    Welcome Ali.  You can place a deposit now if you're super-keen ;) (I did a while back)

    Tom - did you do this via a dealer? If so, which one? I asked to be put on the waiting list but nobody mentioned an actual deposit


  4. last week i went into London, first time this year.

    I finally realised that for almost 30 yrs i have been leaving home at 6.30 am (ok a bit later when I used to lived a bit closer) and getting home anywhere between 7-8pm. So 5 days a week I simply work, no time really for anything else. Admittedly in recent years i have tended to work from home on a Friday but in truth that averages out at every other Friday across the year.

    The last year has finally made me realised this is no fun anymore so when we start going back to the office later in the year my plan is to work from home 3 days (4 if i can) and go into london max 2 days per week, but still working full time. I am lucky that i am one of 3 Partners owning a business so have that flexibility.

    I am 51 now and if i could afford to retire on a comparative income then I would do it tomorrow, no questions. Financially I think I need another 4-5 years to be able to do that.

    My current plan is to work full time 4-5 more years until circa 55 then step down to 2 days a week for perhaps a couple of years before getting out completely. Part of this partial slow down is due to having kids a bit later so I will be circa 60 before the youngest goes off  (hopefully) to uni.

    I have watched parents, in-laws and other older family and friends as they start to get older. Its seems to me that somewhere between 70-75 there is a slowdown in what you do and are able to do and quite honestly life is too short

    So 55-65/70 is 10-15 years of retirement with still enough energy to really enjoy the time

    the next 5-10 years (if you make it that far), you will do less and therefore need less money also.

    80+ and this activity (and so need for money) steps down again.

    If you can retire early then do it, you will always find things to fill your time and lift is just too short, who knows what tomorrow brings.









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  5. historically lotus have started with a cheaper / slower model then increased power/speed/ price.

    Speaking with a dealer a few months back they were expecting starting prices to start with a £6.. at launch (I recall the evora started with a 4 at launch but only just)

    i am expecting 2 seater only and if it looks the part and drives as a lotus should then i will be looking i expect many on this forum will.

    The problem Lotus have is converting buyers form other brands.



  6. google :onitsuka tiger

    not driving shoes as such but really thin soles so really good and look way cooler than puma.

    The Mexico ones are great

    search on facebook as they have regular sales - tend to be about £70-80 but £50-60 in sales.

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  7. Help

    I need to extend the cable length of my Ctek charge - the end section of the cable that attaches to the battery is only about 40cm long then it has a plug connector to connect to the charger (as attached pic)

    so I need to cut this cable and extend it to about 1.5-2m long - any guidance on what size / cable rating i need to use?

    Also if I am adding a pair of 55w spotlights - same question - what cable size? (not on the Lotus)

    Any help much appreciated








     Can anyone advise what size / rating cable i should use.


  8. 3 hours ago, DaveC72 said:


    Um.  Sorry, having owned both - yes you will.

    Agree it's down to personal taste, but here's my my oversimplified 10 cents:

    400 definitely quicker.  Honestly.  I did significant mileage in my S and the difference in the 400 was noticeable straight away, even for someone with my limited driving abilities.

    400 has a firmer ride (something about reducing the bump-steer in the S1), but still not as harsh as a "sports" car from any German brand - so not as comfortable for long journeys as the S1, but more comfortable than say, a 3 series with M suspension.

    400 has much more aggressive turn in, and more responsive to steering inputs (also from the bump-steer changes, as I understand it).

    S1 Cabin feels more luxurious, but the HVAC is significantly better in the 400 and the buttons are better positioned.

    S1 Seats are an order of magnitude more comfortable, but heavier.




    having had a launch edition manual 276hp, an S IPS 350hp and now a 400 manual i agree 100% on all the above. 400 a noticeable step up on speed but a firmer ride...

  9. 22 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Why would the selling dealer tell you that and then not follow through with more facts/information re what, when, etc?  

    It was in a non lotus / non specilaist sports car dealer (eg probably came via an auction) so the car looked at little 'out of place' in that dealer at the time (in april 19)

    I recall when i called them they said they 'were not aware' of any damage but on close inspection they advised me it looked like it had evidence of damage / paintwork repairs to rear drivers quarter.

    easiest solution would be to have it properly inspected by a main dealer - £250 for peace of mind.




  10. Our old 2008 mini has an advisory on the MOT for corrosion in the subframe.

    we have had it since new and it now has 90k, but still drives well.

    At that age on autotrader they seem to start at £2k, but i imagine this would be much less  with an advisory. 

    WBAC offer £1k at present (mot is until next March so plenty of time as they will take it with min 3 months mot i understand)

    Does anyone have any idea of time needed to change to subframe? (or idea of approx labour cost).

    I suspect by the time the subframe is out, the costs could increase quickly as it will be "sensible tho change the clutch at the same time."..etc ...etc

    It may get though again next year, who knows, but eventually it will fail so trying to gauge if its worth keeping and fixing or getting rid. It's used a third car / station car so does limited mileage these days but Mrs B has emotional attachment.

    needless to say this would all be garage work, not done by me as i think its beyond my limited ability



  11. Re-roofed the garden shed, hired a rotovator and laid down a load of grass seed, cleared out the shed and garage, filled some cracks around the house and finally put this up on the wall, a year or so after Mrs B bought it....



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  12. wow this was meant as a tongue in cheek post really. 

    I have a saying, that if you have to ask a question then you already know the answer, but i was interested in peoples take on it

    I have been at home since starting to work from home last Monday and have only nipped out a couple of time locally to buy provisions (and didnt even take the lotus then).

    Lets hope this thing passes quicker than many of us fear so we can all get out again



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