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  1. Want to know the mains and big end torque settings for a 1990 se turbo. Cheers
  2. Don't know why you think there is a wheat(grain) shortage. In fact it's quite the opposite. Also prices are around £200 per tonne. The recently built bio fuel plant on teeside has shut down until wheat prices fall, as it's proving to expensive to produce. Can't really see it reopening as it's only cost effective to produce when buying for around £130 per tonne. Can't see it ever getting back down to this price.
  3. have you checked that the inersha switch is pushed in
  4. my car handles crap the bump steer is unbelivable. i have finally found someone local who says he can set it up to the correct factory settings. i am now looking for a good selection of front and back shims. any idea where the best place is to get some?
  5. sick of seeing this ad. must be 2 months or more now trying to sell. keeps trying different prices!!!!
  6. Don't know yet. Deffo not going if the weathers like last year
  7. yea finally got the bulk of my farm work done. been mega busy since about this time last year. need to get this steering sorted its a bit scary. hows things with you & the tangerine dream machine.
  8. can anyone help me out. Got a 1990 SE and the steering is awful. i seem to get a lot of bump steer and at speed it starts to wander( very scary) ive fitted new upper wish bone ball joints new dampers and messed about with the shims but nothing changes. ive got the S4 wheels on, but to be honest it was the same with the stock wheels. ive checked and double checked for any wear, cant find any. does any one know of any good geometry places in the north east. need to get to the bottom of this as its not fun to drive. ps does anybody think it could be the steering rack???
  9. i would defenetly not try fitting a new seal without the alignment tool. i found this out the hard way by having to take the gearbox back out after not using the tool the first time. get a new seal and gaskit from sjs and he will prob hire you the tool for a small charge
  10. not taken the esprit out in ages, its parked up gathering dust been to busy to wash it never mind drive it. hopefully will have more time on my hands in the spring
  11. yes it has been done. seen a s1 with one fitted not sure how he fitted it to the chassis. the guys from hartlepool, met him briefly at a local show. he used to race carts several years ago and said the esprit was a great towing vehicle
  12. no dont use booster pack. the small wire on the starter (think its red white stripe) is the ign feed used to send a 12v signal to the starter solenoid when you turn your ign key. you can short a screwdriver from the large cables off your starter (these are 12v and direct from battery) thus giving the required 12v. or use a length of wire direct from + side on battery and toutch the other end onto the starter solenoid terminal. might be a bit akward to get to but it will let you know if the starter is ok or not.
  13. sounds like starter wire broke/come off starter or relay wiring fault. try jumping the starter by putting a possitive straight to the starter. if this wont start it its the starter whats at fault
  14. Heyup Robin

    I have a 88 Turbo with a similar sounding problem to yours in the fuel pump thread. One day I lost power on a run, car won't go over 3000 revs and starts popping and spluttering. No power up hills but ticks over fine. Sound familiar ? I had a look at the fuel pump, and it appears to work and pumps out fuel very quickly, but I'm wondering if it's got a proble...

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