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  1. Hi guys .No lotus. Filip glad you are ok .Looking back as we all do .Mistake .The car went well.You were made for each other .But Iam glad you are happy .Mike.
  2. Great rare. Car .Had a few love them .Glad it's being restored ....Mike
  3. cbclotus

    Would like a europa

    Great choice of cars .I like the Europa .Had a s2 many years ago .never see them on the road .Good luck .Mike
  4. yup the best man won .Good luck to the new owner .Mike
  5. Hi Dan .No worries .Mrs B was not that agreable with my bidding lol .Would of been nice to have met Mr k in person .Now only if he could find a running s3 na .for 6 grand .......Mike away with the fairies.
  6. Went out for a meal .me the Mrs and of course the hound .....watched me being the highest bidder ..thought cool .took the dog out for a wee .Only to find it's not mine .Good luck it looked a nice car .....Mike
  7. Hi Barry had a bid on the elite .would of done me and the hound ....looked a good buy ..Cheers Barry....Mike
  8. Hi Simon .Looks a great buy for some one not far off my old dry sump car 679w...Good luck ..Not that you need it ...Mike
  9. Thanks Kimbers and Filip .Hope you are both well ...Mike
  10. Have a great day .Mike
  11. Thank you Mike....Great couple of cars you have ...
  12. As above .Thanks one Michael to another ........
  13. Fantastic looking car .tucked up in a cosy garage .....Fab .Mike
  14. Thanks guys .Dont feel it .Feel the same as when I bought my s1 in 86 .god I am old ....Mike
  15. That's great John .Have fun ....Mike
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