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  1. cbclotus

    Clearing garage

    Also my treasured Esprit S1 ceramic rare, purchased about 30 years ago. Rather it went to an enthusiast, like you guys on here.
  2. cbclotus

    Clearing garage

    Get your wallet out Mr K .....
  3. cbclotus

    Clearing garage

    Hope it's ok to ask here ......selling 3 items, need to ask what anyone thinks they are worth? The print is a Ltd edition number 41/250. Signed by artist. Also signed by Caroline Munro. Also jigsaw puzzle unopened and two brand new styled by Giugiaro badges. Mike
  4. cbclotus

    Essex Random Images.......

    Hi Tocus .i was just about to say western models but you beat me to it ....Mike
  5. cbclotus

    The first UK wet sump Turbo.

    As above .What a car .inside looks brand new .well cared for ...Mike
  6. cbclotus


    That's really sad news .Met John .Allways thought what a clever guy .Mike
  7. cbclotus

    60th birthday present!

    Hope you had a great birthday Ian .Mike
  8. cbclotus

    Jensen Healey

    Good on you Pete .... Fab car the Jh first car to use the 907. Sorted a lot of the problems for lotus ....Very rare but you know that cool .....Mike
  9. cbclotus

    v8 gone

    Not sure ....lMike
  10. cbclotus

    v8 gone

    ok guys .My car got picked up today by its new owner .Bit more room in the garage .Little 1600 crossflow Marcos running better .took alarm out .Took out luminition .Now running better on points dizzy .sad to see the lotus go .but it needs a few more jobs done Mike
  11. cbclotus

    35 Years and counting. Life with an S1

    Hi Gordon .Great story .Fantastic you have owned the car for 35 years .Lots of memories together .Mike
  12. cbclotus

    Happy birthday TLF!

    Thanks for a great forum and all the work you have put I to it Bibs .Mike
  13. cbclotus

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    Good luck .Mike
  14. cbclotus


    Thanks Filip .We will see .Hope you are welll .Mike
  15. cbclotus


    Hi Dan .Deposit taken picking up the car when he has the time .i will tell him about the forum ...Mike