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  1. cbclotus

    15 today!

    Happy 15 th.Great forum .Mike.
  2. Fantastic rare car .Wow love it have fun .....Mike
  3. Happy birthday .?Have ago of one.....Mike and family Hi Kimbers .My sausage fingers went mad .Happy birthday.......Mike
  4. Hi all not mine ..."Not been here for a while .Fab cars you all own Mike
  5. Hi Jason .From a past esprit owner .You have a fantastic looking car wow cool .Mike.
  6. cbclotus

    Selling up

    Hi Martin .Sorry to hear that ....Good luck with the car sale ....Mike
  7. As above Bibs ....Sorry to hear that.....Mike
  8. Fine looking car Dan .Stunning .....Mike
  9. Thanks again for your kind words ......Thank you all Mike and Mel .....
  10. Guys .You are all a good bunch .on this forum .Mike
  11. Once more. Thank you for your kind words
  12. Thanks for all your kind words .Did not sleep to well .Mike and Mel
  13. Just can't Belive she is not here waiting to go to bed with us .will miss her so much ....Mike and Mel .
  14. Thanks all . It's very quiet without her ......
  15. Guys, our darling Jack Russell Georgie was diagnosed in January with Bladder Cancer. We frantically read all the material we could on canine TCC and soon realised that unfortunately there was no cure and that this would be a short time frame. We were devastated that gradually the tumour filled her bladder and we had to either let her go to the end and die a painful death or make the decision to end her life. Today was that day. We let the vet put her to sleep.The best twelve years of our lives. Our sleeping partner, walking companion and best friend. Our beloved Georgie, our girl. Devastated is an understatement. Mike and Mel
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