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  1. Hi Chris .Good luck with the work ahead .Fine looking car great colour .Mike
  2. cbclotus

    Many Thanks to Steve V8

    Very smart job .Fab .....Mike
  3. cbclotus

    V8 esprit

    Thanks guys .Dan I got them made up local to me .i thought if I put the turbo decals on fine ....But it's a v8 engined car .now to sort a few more gremlins .Mike
  4. cbclotus

    V8 esprit

    Well Guys just a quick hello , not really driven my car much .Waiting on getting more air through rad shroud. Also waiting for another mate to wire in control box to cut fans in and out at a set temperature , will also show current engine temperature.Put these decals on ...I like um .....Going to sell the Marcos ....Dog nearly had a heart attract last night ....she does not like fire work noise .Pigging car started to back fire through exhaust and spit back through carb .FFS.......Mike
  5. Looking very smart .Mr K .Good on you ..Mike
  6. cbclotus

    I feel like a 10 year old at Christmas time

    Hi Gavin .Good on you .Hope you enjoy the car again .met my wife when I owned a yellow s1 .....Mike
  7. Looking good . Very nice ...Mike
  8. cbclotus

    Threads stripping

    Hope it all works all for you Phil .....Mike
  9. cbclotus

    Sorry not lotus related ...

    Thanks Dan .its a brand new Webber carb .As I said Spanish built .ok's got to be fuel related or ingnition .....As my mate said simple engine.....He has one in a jago jeep .....Mike
  10. cbclotus

    Sorry not lotus related ...

    Yes .i agree Steve ..The previous owner had problems saying he thought it never ran as good as it should .it just ran a little better cleaner when we put the points dissy in .trying to bypass ingnition system on. The car .operarated on a switch from starter motor ..Thanks for all the replies .Mike
  11. cbclotus

    Sorry not lotus related ...

    ZOk guys thanks for the replies .car has a twin choke Webber fitted Spanish built .getting enough fuel .I will check what the coil is getting .it has the ballest resister fitted ..looked on eBay same resisters fitted supplied with luminition coil .Was going to take it to a local garage but have to wait for approx 2 mounths .tipton garage .The owner was I think a member of Jack Brabbom f1 years back .Thanks Mike
  12. Hi all .Just after some advice .Marcos 1600 ford cross flow engine .Could a car alarm .cause a weak spark on ignition .Reason car will not run on choke .But will run better on the throttle .we changed the distributter over to a points one .Car ran a little cleaner .on remote starter switch .mate thinks it's got a weak spark .plugs changed .carb getting plenty of fuel .luminition fitted .Clifford concept 300 system fitted since 2003 .mate thinks the alarm could be the cause .?Soory if it's in the wrong section ....Mike
  13. cbclotus

    Alternator/charge problem?

    Wow That looks fantastic ........Hope you are enjoying the car .....Mike
  14. cbclotus

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Thanks guys .i was going to get some v8 decals made up .It sort of reminds of the 47D .Europa ....Mike
  15. cbclotus

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Ok guys took the car out today for a spin with Mrs B....Drove fine .pulls well temperature stayed good .after buying lotus sender ....Still going to fit another control box to check temperature bought from car builders solution....Then going to get more air through shroud .Mrs B really enjoyed the car today ...And me .........put a lot of effort into this car .so the upshot is I think we will keep her ....Besides not one phone call ....So I think she wants to stay lol .I think it looks better with the lines ...Now to do the other side ....Mike