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  1. cbclotus

    Just broke 3,500 miles!!

    Hi Roy .great car enjoy .....Mike
  2. cbclotus

    Wife’s twigged.

    Nice Hope you both had a great night .....Cool .....Mike
  3. cbclotus

    My Esprit S1 import finally arrives!

    Glad your car is with you .good luck with the work ....Mike
  4. cbclotus

    Turbo Esprit!

    Hi Neil .Good luck glad you found one .it will be great. Mike
  5. cbclotus

    Sport 300 restoration

    That's great news .Fantastic car ......Mike
  6. cbclotus

    Essex Random Images.......

    Great pictures .Thanks for posting ....Mike
  7. cbclotus

    someone must have been really drunk...

    DI remember it also .looked a great car .Hey Dan you are a clever guy .would love to see some details on your Esprits ....Mike.
  8. cbclotus

    skiing's S3

    Hi Henry .Fine car the na s3 .Glad you have Sparky on board ......Mike
  9. Hi Daniel .Good luck with the work .Great colour s2 .Fab rare car ....Mike
  10. cbclotus

    anyone know about a V8 S60TUS?

    Fine looking car Marc .Cool ......Mike
  11. Nice work ..Great feeling if you can do these jobs yourself ..Looks fab ....
  12. Hi Lewelyn That's great glad you are enjoying the car .....Mike
  13. ok guys .Hope it's ok to ask here ...My work car Citroen c1 vibe .Has been playing up for a while .Key related .Now its wel lant truly up the creek .Key won't release turn in barrel .streering wheel stuck locked .oh dear spare key .any thoughts .....Mike .tried tapping the key etc .
  14. cbclotus

    Cooling fan help needed!

    Hi Chris .Sorry useless with spanners ....I am sure dome one will be along soon to help .....Mike
  15. cbclotus

    Great story teller

    As above from Dans post ....Thanks John there are a lot of greAt people into cars ....Mike