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  1. cbclotus

    Europa project

    Hi Dave .Keep at it .Rare car .My mistakes are to have sold my cars in the past .few Esprits .But would struggle to buy another .?i had one many years ago egx25j I think .s2 Mike
  2. Hi all .just wanted to say stay safe all .So to me it looks like Barry has all the eggs .Hi Mr K ......joking apart very scary times .Take care all .Mike ex esprit owner .now Marcos owner .oh forgot to mention tvr tasmin pinto engined owner .
  3. Thanks fantastic pictures .Mike
  4. Glad you are on it Mr K .Now get those spaminers out .Mike Don't let my Mrs see my grammar lol .Meant to say spanners Mike
  5. SHi Andy .wow fab car .Not many cars out there with different engines .I sold my last one it had a rover v8 conversion done many years ago ..sad in a way .Good on you .Mike.welcome also ....
  6. Hi MR K .Why not bypass the turbo and go na . .i will get my coat .....Hope you get it sorted fine looking car .Mike
  7. Got to say Sparky .Wished he was closer . I think he would have sorted a lot of problems I had with my rover v8 engined esprit.when I owned it .knows a lot about Esprits .And lotus engines 907 to turbos .Mike
  8. My wife has just told me off lol for my lack of grammar! Apologies.
  9. Hi all well the best thing I have are my memories of all the Esprits I have owned in the past .yellow s1 S2 S3 na dry sump turbo ex race car .....SE turbo Filips car now ..Hi also Filip .....All great cars .As we all .know very special .forgot my rover v8 esprit . Sadly sold it needing 2 nd gear doing .put a lot of effort in .but hey .....Now own a Marcos 1600 component built .Might be up for sale .And a slightly tatty tvr tasmin convertable with a 2 litre ford pinto ....One of approx 14 convertable left hopefully dog friendly .as we have another Jack Russell .and going to the rspca to look for another fog .Enough of me .untill you don't own a esprit you realise what a stunning car they all are .....Mike
  10. Hi Dave .Hope alls well .Like a lot of things looking back .My SE turbo was a fine car .one that my wife says I should of kept .yup she was right .now owned by Philip .nice guy .but they are all stunning cars .problem will be finding one .Good luck .Mike
  11. Merry Christmas to all .Mike ex esprit owner........
  12. cbclotus

    15 today!

    Happy 15 th.Great forum .Mike.
  13. Fantastic rare car .Wow love it have fun .....Mike
  14. Happy birthday .?Have ago of one.....Mike and family Hi Kimbers .My sausage fingers went mad .Happy birthday.......Mike
  15. Hi all not mine ..."Not been here for a while .Fab cars you all own Mike
  16. Hi Jason .From a past esprit owner .You have a fantastic looking car wow cool .Mike.
  17. cbclotus

    Selling up

    Hi Martin .Sorry to hear that ....Good luck with the car sale ....Mike
  18. As above Bibs ....Sorry to hear that.....Mike
  19. Fine looking car Dan .Stunning .....Mike
  20. Thanks again for your kind words ......Thank you all Mike and Mel .....
  21. Guys .You are all a good bunch .on this forum .Mike
  22. Once more. Thank you for your kind words
  23. Thanks for all your kind words .Did not sleep to well .Mike and Mel
  24. Just can't Belive she is not here waiting to go to bed with us .will miss her so much ....Mike and Mel .
  25. Thanks all . It's very quiet without her ......
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